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Item #: SCP-4890

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4890 is to be kept within Storage Locker-23 at Site-13. Testing is to be performed in Testing Chamber 17 under the approval of Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-4890 is a hardcover children's pop-up book titled "Dr. Wondertainment's Guide to History" with a stylized W at the center of the cover. On the back of the cover of the book, there is a small pocket holding SCP-4890-1. SCP-4890-1 is a 0.147 meters tall origami depicting an individual with a purple suit, bow tie, and hat along with a cane. On the torso piece, is a small stylized W.

SCP-4890's anomalous properties occur when the object is opened by a sapient being indoors. The room that SCP-4890 is opened in will morph to a seemingly infinite purple space. An invisible barrier matching the measurements of the room originally will prevent any exploration, and a door will be present to allow exit or entry into the altered environment. As this occurs, SCP-4890-1 will activate by being shrouded in a large puff of smoke instantaneously to become 1.4 meters tall and animate.

SCP-4890-1 is sapient and capable of vocalization in English. It speaks in a mostly enthusiastic tone and identifies itself as "Dr. Papertainment" to personnel. SCP-4890-1 possesses control of the infinite space by altering the surrounding space to appear as historic periods or events and acts as a guide in regards to what is presented. Although, sometimes details mentioned by SCP-4890-1 can be inaccurate, ridiculous, or lack any evidence of ever occurring. Individuals present may make requests to SCP-4890-1 to view a specific time period or it will automatically select one. See Addendum 01 and Addendum 02.

As the environment alters, the pages of SCP-4890 will flip to reveal a page displaying an image corresponding to the forming surroundings. It also unknown how many pages SCP-4890 contains and efforts at determining it has been inconclusive.

SCP-4890 was found on 7/14/2009 at a library located in Lincoln, Nebraska by Foundation agents during an unrelated investigation.

Addendum 01: The following transcript was of Dr. Galesburg interacting with SCP-4890-1 within Testing Chamber 12 during earlier testing.

Addendum 02: Test Logs

Addendum 03: Level 4 clearance required

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