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Item #: SCP-4889

Object Class: Euclid

Early Containment Procedures: The forested area that SCP-4889 is located in is surrounded by two-meter tall chain-link fencing in a 120 meter radius from its exact location. Foundation interaction is currently restricted to remote observation until more information about SCP-4889-A is known and a safe method of capture for it is proposed. Secondary containment objectives include identifying SCP-4889-A's origin and known relatives.

Description: SCP-4889 refers to a snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus) 49 cm in length. It is located approximately 9 km northeast of Lake Cavanaugh in Washington State.

SCP-4889 is unable to leave the rock it stands on; the bottom of its paws are fused to the rock by unknown means. In addition, SCP-4889 possesses a regenerative trait, being able to replace lost tissue and organs.

SCP-4889-A is a human of indeterminate age, though it is presumed to be in its mid-twenties. Its clothing has not changed since its discovery.

Approximately 2 hours after snowfall in the area SCP-4889 resides in, SCP-4889-A will appear and devour SCP-4889 alive. This process varies in length, ranging from 30-120 minutes. Approximately 30 minutes after, SCP-4889 will begin regenerating its organs and rebuilding torn muscle and flesh, as well as regaining consciousness.

As inferred from observation, SCP-4889-A seems to do this out of survival, although it is also possible that it is doing so as ritual.

Observation Log: Below is recorded footage taken via discreet cameras and microphones in the forest surrounding SCP-4889.


Date: February 9th, 2019


SCP-4889 is still. Little activity for approximately three minutes. A soft crunching noise can be heard approaching from the west. SCP-4889-A enters the frame, moving past the trees and towards SCP-4889. SCP-4889-A has a noticeable limp, putting more weight on its right leg.

SCP-4889-A slows its pace into a halt.

SCP-4889-A looks around all directions.

It is still for approximately 30 seconds before approaching SCP-4889. SCP-4889 attempts to move from its stone but fails. SCP-4889-A crouches down and shushes it, putting its left hand on SCP-4889's back and petting it. SCP-4889 ceases moving, save for visibly quick breaths.

SCP-4889-A puts its other hand on SCP-4889 and feels its body, paying little attention to the paws and rear end.

SCP-4889-A: You're a little bigger tonight, I see. Must've been several days since the last snow. Or maybe little meat left over. Yeah… Probably that.

SCP-4889-A feels around SCP-4889's ears.

SCP-4889-A: Still soft. I've always liked your ears.

SCP-4889-A makes a noise suggesting the retracting of saliva. SCP-4889 is visibly startled by this.

SCP-4889-A: Oh! Sorry, sorry. Didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry. Shh shh sshhhh. It's okay.

SCP-4889-A repeats these phrases for approximately 40 seconds, then sits directly in front of SCP-4889.

Everything is still for approximately twenty seconds.

SCP-4889-A: Brother came to visit me. Said that he's almost done with college. I told you about that, right? … I think I did. I didn't say anything; I don't really want to. He knows that — I know he knows that.

SCP-4889-A retracts its hands and rests them on its knees.

SCP-4889-A: … It's not why he came, though. Told me dad started coughing up again. He said… He said it's because…

SCP-4889-A rubs its left leg with both hands.

SCP-4889-A: … Because it's my fault. But how is it my fault if I don't know how much I should eat?

SCP-4889-A takes a few deep breaths.

SCP-4889-A: I told him, "You act like you've got it harder than me." …

Everything is still for a brief moment. SCP-4889-A laughs lightly.

SCP-4889-A: He didn't like that. Not one bit. But… But what am I supposed to do, right? He ain't helping me. Dad definitely ain't helping me. If he's so "alive and well", then where is he, huh? … And you know what he said?

SCP-4889-A rubs its left leg.

SCP-4889-A: "I'm sorry." That's all he ever says when he has to do this. But he doesn't mean it. I know he doesn't mean it.

SCP-4889-A sits quietly for a moment. It reaches out and pets SCP-4889.

SCP-4889-A: They should be thanking me. I did more for them than they'll ever do for me.

SCP-4889-A lifts its hands off of SCP-4889. It is still for approximately 20 seconds. SCP-4889-A shifts onto its knees and lowers its head. Mumbling is heard, but cannot be understood. It slowly bends down and holds its face in its hands.

Everything is still for approximately five minutes.

SCP-4889-A sharply inhales from its nose. SCP-4889 is visibly startled by this.

SCP-4889-A draws a thin knife from its boot. It stabs the blade into SCP-4889.

SCP-4889 screams.

SCP-4889-A: Stop. Please stop.

SCP-4889-A places its free hand on SCP-4889 and begins carving through the muscle. SCP-4889 continues to scream, struggling to move.

SCP-4889-A: … Please just stop.

SCP-4889-A pulls out chunks of muscle and organs from SCP-4889 while it shrieks. SCP-4889-A tugs the muscle away from their connective tissues and places a few pieces into its mouth. SCP-4889 screams louder.

SCP-4889-A: I said stop crying!

SCP-4889-A bats its fist down on SCP-4889's skull and neck four times, each time making contact with the stone it is resting on. It does not lift up its neck. SCP-4889-A sets down the meat on the stone and lifts up SCP-4889's head.

SCP-4889's cries are muffled by SCP-4889-A's closed fist. It beats on the skull ten more times.

SCP-4889-A: … I'm sorry.

SCP-4889-A lets go of SCP-4889 and it falls limp. SCP-4889-A resumes its previous position after 30 seconds. It looks at the viscera on the stone and hesitantly picks out a piece of flesh. It then proceeds to eat it slowly. While chewing, it carves out more meat from SCP-4889. This continues for approximately 39 minutes. SCP-4889 and SCP-4889-A are silent during this time.


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