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From: MRoberts4@Scipnet (Agent Macie Roberts, Classification Level Nx-56/4886; Employee Number 4947)
To: CStephens6@Scipnet (Director Cian Stephens; Classification Level XF-4; Employee Number 1048)
Re: SCP-4886, URGENT
Date: 21/06/1990

We have a problem.


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Threat Level: Orange


Nx-56, with SCP-4886 visible in the background.

Special Containment Procedures: An Exclusion Zone has been established around the legal boundaries of SCP-4886. It is surrounded by a 3 meter high chain-link fence. Nearby residents believe it to be the private property of Agent Jonathan Lancelot; assigned personnel are to act accordingly. An Interior Zone has been established 1 kilometer from the Exclusion Zone's edge, surrounded by a fortified perimeter. Personnel are restricted from entering this Interior Zone outside of deep cleaning operations.

SCP-4886-A's population is managed by Task Force He-2 ("Yogi's Nightmare"). TF-ה2 is responsible for enforcing existing anti-trespassing measures, as well as neutralizing SCP-4886-A found outside of SCP-4886's Interior Zone (excluding human births, which are to be handled by appropriate medical personnel). Civilians attacked by SCP-4886-A are to undergo Class-A Amnestic treatment under the guise of trauma therapy.

As per the Nexus-56 interaction protocols, the Foundation has taken over Summerstone's law enforcement and parks services agencies. Civilians are aware of SCP-4886-A's existence, and have been encouraged to report sightings through the appropriate channels. Standard disinformation protocols have been implemented.


Screen capture from a field recording taken within the Interior Zone.

Description: SCP-4886 is Willinggami Woods, a forest surrounded by the town of Summerstone, Wales. It is a temperate rainforest, with a largely-endemic ecosystem that has been threatened by SCP-4886-A.

SCP-4886-A is the collective designation for animaloid entities found within SCP-4886. Physiologically, instances are diverse, though many bear a superficial resemblance to members of the phylum Platyhelminthes (otherwise known as "flatworms"). They are aggressive and invasive, having nearly destroyed Summerstone's ecosystem prior to Foundation involvement.

Instances of SCP-4886-A can impregnate animals of sufficient physiological similarity. This occurs regardless of the animal's sex. Initial surveys found that in roughly 64% of cases, subjects give birth to non-anomalous members of its species; subjects otherwise give birth to an SCP-4886-A instance. Despite this, instances show low fertility levels, intraspecies sterility, and high miscarriage rates unsuitable for its population growth.

Although largely confined to the center of SCP-4886, SCP-4886-A's population will infrequently swell to and beyond its borders.


Initial containment began on 18/07/1975 following increased Nexus engagement efforts as part of the Delta-Unseelie project.

Prior to discovery, SCP-4886 had been owned by a succession of private individuals, having traditionally been willed to a protégé of the previous owner. Such owners were traditionally tasked with protecting Summerstone from SCP-4886-A.

At the time, SCP-4886 was under the ownership of Jonathan Geirstein Lancelot, a 24-year-old law enforcement officer that had been willed the property three years prior by the late Anthony Bram Lindell. Mr. Lancelot's familiarity with SCP-4886 and his proficiency in hunting SCP-4886-A proved vital to initial containment efforts, leading to his employment in an official capacity.

Research into the history of SCP-4886 has proven inconclusive; SCP-4886-A appears to have been present for as long as the local population can remember. Attacks, while infrequent enough that few large-scale depopulation efforts were executed, were accepted and expected by local residents.

With the assistance of Agent Lancelot, modern containment efforts were finalized on 21/12/1975.

On 06/08/1989, a decision was made to perform a deep-cleaning excursion into SCP-4886, with the intention of discovering and curtailing the primary source of SCP-4886-A's population. This decision was made in the wake of a string of attacks against the population of Summerstone beginning on 01/08/1989.


An instance of SCP-4886-A gnawing on a bone.

These attacks were notable for their complexity, often occurring in locations that SCP-4886-A had not been thought capable of entering (such as private residences). Evidence suggested that SCP-4886-A had advanced to the point of rudimentary sapience, having demonstrated proficiency in controlled arson, lock-picking, and burglary.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon ("Lights in the Dark") was brought in to assist TF-ה2 in containment efforts. The joint task force was split into three groups; one was responsible for finding and neutralizing SCP-4886-A's primary source, while the other two dealt with thinning the population.

The primary team (henceforth referred to as H2E1) consisted of the following personnel:

  • Agent Jonathan Lancelot: Head of TF-ה2. Experience in law enforcement and game hunting, grew up in Nx-56.
  • Agent Ji-Young Hae: Primary tracker for MTF-ε. Former private investigator with experience in game hunting.
  • Agent Dexter Norman: Agent of MTF-ε. Former bodyguard.
  • Agent Griffeth Glines: Agent of TF-ה2. Experience in law enforcement and information security, citizen of Nx-56.
  • Dr. Chatur Goyal: Research specialist of MTF-ε. PhD in ecology, field researcher on loan from Cardiff University.

The following logs have been excerpted for the sake of brevity.

Following the events of 11/08/1989, MTF-ε was temporarily stationed in Nx-56 in the interests of budget. MTF-ε would remain in Nx-56 until 15/08/1989, when Foundation Overwatch redeployed it in response to sightings of URA-173.

On 01/10/1989, Agent Hae registered an anomalous pregnancy with the Site-17 medical center. Agent Hae reported a lack of sexual activity or contact with male reproductive systems, nor sufficient interaction with natal anomalies to warrant contamination. Regardless, preliminary tests proved inconclusive. Following standard questioning procedures, Agent Hae was considered eligible for Boleyn Program enrollment.4

Agent Hae was reassigned to a low-stress position and periodically administered prenatal physicals, as standard. No fetal anomalies were detected during this time, although it was determined that Agent Hae was carrying twins.

Agent Hae went into labor on 08/05/1990, delivering on 09/05/1990 at 06:15 and 06:19. The attending obstetrician logged the following:

To the Foundation's knowledge, Agent Hae lacked a history of contact with SCP-4886-A sufficient to induce pregnancy. However, Agent Hae was in no condition to be interrogated further at the time. RAISA therefore initiated a covert investigation into the events following MTF-ε's arrival at Nx-56.

Initially, the investigation returned little: several security logs relating to Agent Hae were missing from the archive. RAISA auditors noted, however, several inconsistencies in the timeframes and durations of lost logs. Metadata analysis further indicated that several of the logs surrounding the missing sections had been submitted to SCiPNet a day or more after they had been taken. In light of this, RAISA theorized that the events surrounding Agent Hae's pregnancy had been deliberately obfuscated by a hostile actor with access to Foundation resources.

Agent Hae's records indicated that she had not been amnesticized for years prior; however, hair and body-fat tests indicated the presence of AMN-A0134, a Class-A Amnestic compound commonly employed by authorized members of the Nx-56 containment team. With this in mind, RAISA auditors reexamined the available footage to determine activities of personnel authorized for AMN-A0134 usage between 11/08/1989 and 15/08/1989.

Upon further review, all such personnel were accounted for, with the exception of Agent Lancelot.




Following the events of Incidents 4886-AN-Hae and 4886-AO, both the Nx-56 and SCP-4886 projects have been transferred into the custody of GBWLTB-Site-17. Furthermore, I would like to personally apologize on behalf of the SCP-4886 containment team.

Mr. Lancelot had been instrumental in the establishment of SCP-4886's containment, as an agent, containment specialist, and consultant. If not for his work, Summerstone's ecosystem may have been permanently destroyed. The SCP-4886 containment team naturally afforded him an unprecedented level of freedom.

The Nx-56 site management had been aware of reported problematic behavior from Mr. Lancelot (and, to an extent, other members of Task Force He-2), and elected to deal with such matters privately. It was not, however, aware of the full extent of Mr. Lancelot's repugnant actions as revealed during Incident 4886-AO. For such a grave oversight, I am thoroughly ashamed.


~ Dr. Evelyn Havaldar


Threat Level: Red


See Video Log 4886-AO.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4886 is uncontained.

Personnel formerly allocated to the management of Nx-56-EX are tasked with escalating disinformation campaigns in order to remove SCP-4886-A from the collective knowledge of Summerstone. To this end, SCP-4886-EX has been acquired by Allen Snitches, a Foundation front company. Deforestation efforts are underway, both to recoup financial losses and assist in disinformation.

Provisional Task Force Ji ("Red Dragon") has been tasked with the capture of SCP-4886. PTF-ぢ consists primarily of asexual/celibate personnel with experience in forensics, tracking, and criminal profiling. Reports of Platyhelminthes-adjacent entities are to be immediately investigated by PTF-ぢ, with priority given to sightings in Northern Europe and the Anglosphere.

Once captured, SCP-4886 is to be contained in a Type-A Humanoid Containment Cell in Site-17. For ease of identification, SCP-4886 is to be fitted with its former disguise, which has been surgically castrated and tattooed with identifying symbols. SCP-4886 is considered in breach of containment as long as it remains outside this disguise.

Instances of SCP-4886-A are to be neutralized as soon as possible. Development of obstetric equipment capable of identifying SCP-4886-A prior to birth is underway.

Description: SCP-4886 is an entity that previously identified itself as Jonathan Geirstein Lancelot. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

The following is known of SCP-4886:

  • SCP-4886 is sapient, fluent in English, Welsh, and Finnish.
  • SCP-4886 was capable of impersonating a human through unknown means.
  • SCP-4886 is aware of the Foundation's existence and, to an extent, its operating structure.
  • Over the span of fifteen years, SCP-4886 displayed proficiency in hunting, tracking, firearm usage, and amnestic administration.
  • SCP-4886 is verifiably responsible for the death or disappearance of at least 5 Foundation personnel.
  • SCP-4886 is capable of impregnating humans.

The following is suspected of SCP-4886:

  • SCP-4886 may have been directly responsible for the death or disappearance of 70+ persons over the span of at least twenty years, many of which have been falsely attributed to SCP-4886-A.
  • SCP-4886 may be capable of impregnating all animals with which it can copulate, regardless of sex.
  • SCP-4886 may have been the primary source of SCP-4886-A, cultivating its population and spread.
  • SCP-4886 may be capable of creating a new disguise in absence of its previous one.

SCP-4886-A are a series of highly aggressive animaloid entities thought to have been a product of SCP-4886-EX. Following Incident 4886-AO, the Foundation has been forced to reevaluate their nature.

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