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SCP-4881 prior to Foundation acquisition.

Item #: SCP-4881

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter around SCP-4881 has been established to prevent unauthorised access. Civilians are permitted to access SCP-4881 if they are under its influence. Methods of reversing SCP-4881's anomalous effects are ongoing.

Testing with D-Class personnel is forbidden. All SCP-4881 test subject pairs must volunteer, and must be content with experiencing SCP-4881's effects for the remainder of their lives.

Description: SCP-4881 is a probabilistic anomaly originating from a Salix babylonica1 tree. If two individuals enter beneath the canopy of SCP-4881 while maintaining physical contact2 and, without leaving the canopy, engrave their initials into SCP-4881 by penetrating the outer layer of bark, the two will never experience separation from one another for a duration greater than one year.

More specifically, upon the day of SCP-4881's first catkin formation every year, a situation will arise where both individuals will inevitably meet; no actions taken to date have succeeded in separating the two.

In the event that one of the two individuals die, SCP-4881 itself will take their place. The remaining individual will therefore return to SCP-4881 annually.

Addendum 4881-A: Complete List of Engravings

Inscription Additional detail Status
RFM + HMA 4 ever N/A Unknown
Pam & Howard N/A Criteria not met
Heidari B + Anna J

Inscription made inside of a heart-shape

1999/03/20: Appended "I miss you"

1999/03/20: Anna J visited SCP-4881
SD ██3 Second pair of initials were scratched out Scott Davis visited SCP-4881 only once
Brian Browning x Amy Wong Volunteer Foundation scientists Alive
Brian Browning x Amy Browning Multiple small hearts surround the engraving Criteria already met

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