Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. A common location for SCP-4877 occurrences.

Item #: SCP-4877

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All individuals who demonstrate understanding of SCP-4877 are to be questioned. Once all possible information regarding SCP-4877 has been extracted, these individuals are to be amnestized and released. Any pictures, videos or other media depicting or describing SCP-4877 are to be removed by Foundation webcrawlers.

Should individuals who have been linked to SCP-4877 disappear for longer than seven days, a duplicate body is to be prepared in order to fake the individual's death under the cover story that they died after falling from a great height.

Description: SCP-4877 is a phenomenon which can reduce the force of gravity that is applied to an individual during free fall. The exact circumstances needed to trigger this phenomenon are not well understood; however, initial research suggests the following:

  • SCP-4877 can be triggered by any individual.
  • The individual must be in free fall.
  • The individual must be consciously attempting to trigger SCP-4877.
  • The individual must close their eyes.

It is believed that there are additional requirements, both physically and mentally, that are fulfilled prior to a successful triggering of SCP-4877. Due to the lack of concrete resources regarding SCP-4877, the Foundation has been unable to confirm the exact steps necessary.

Discovery: SCP-4877 was brought to the Foundation's attention following the posting of a video to YouTube which gained approximately 30,000 views in under an hour.

<00:00> Black screen. Centered caption: "Flight Classes: Final Exam".

<00:04> Boy stands at the edge of a cliff by the sea. Late teens, long black hair, slim frame. Several young men and women are on the edge of the camera frame, talking; more linger off-screen. The wind flapping against the microphone drowns out all other sounds.

<00:10> A bald man in his mid-forties enters the frame. He wears a Hawaiian shirt and sweat pants. The man approaches and places his hands on the boy's shoulders. The two exchange words that are drowned out by the wind.

<00:44> The man smiles, pats the boy's back, and exits the frame.

<01:08> Camera pans over the edge of the cliff. Waves crash against rocks that jut out of the water. Camera pans back to the boy.

<01:14> The boy runs and jumps off of the cliff.

<01:20> The boy is impaled on the rocks.

<01:23> Camera pans back to the audience gathered at the edge of the cliff. The audience applauds. Their expressions remain neutral.

<01:30> - Black screen. Caption reads, "Join OneLeap Today!"

<01:32> - Video ends.


Flyer advertising OneLeap.

The video was taken down by YouTube soon after gaining popularity for violating its community guidelines. Initially the video was not marked as anomalous, but due to the strange behavior demonstrated, a fledgling investigation was conducted by Junior Researcher Abagail Lin.

Lin identified the location of the video to be the southern edge of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. After determining that the cliff is approximately 120m tall, Lin noted that the fall from the video lasted almost a second longer than it should have.

Addendum SCP-4877-1: Following the formal designation of the phenomenon observed in the posted video as SCP-4877, Researcher Lin identified the boy as seventeen-year-old Aston Cucher. An Garda Síochána1 confirmed that Cucher had indeed died during the incident. Additional details regarding the events shown in the video were not disclosed to law enforcement officials to guarantee they would not interfere in a Foundation investigation.

Lin also identified the bald man who spoke to Cucher as Rainbow2. After obtaining his address and contact information, Researcher Lin volunteered to interview Rainbow under the guise of a civilian seeking to learn about OneLeap.

<Begin Log>

Lin enters the coffee shop where she agreed to meet with Rainbow. He is seated at a table for two near the window, drinking out of a mug. Lin stops next to the table.

Lin: Umm… hello. Are you uh, Rainbow?

Rainbow turns to face Lin, but appears to look past her.

Rainbow: And you— you must be the one they call Catherine.3 Good airwaves.

Lin: Can I take a seat?

Rainbow: Vibe out however you like. Sitting, standing, jumping jacks. Just let yourself be comfortable. Good airwaves.

Lin sits down. Rainbow does not make eye contact with her.

Lin: So uhh, I guess I saw that video you guys posted a week ago and I got interested. But I'm still not totally sure what you do…

Rainbow: There's no use in doing things. We're all about feeling things. Like good airwaves.

Lin: I'm not sure I follow.

Rainbow: That's the sound of someone thinking with their head, instead of their internal dioxceline receptors.

Rainbow takes a pen from his shirt pocket and uses it to scribble an address and a time on a napkin. When he finishes, Rainbow makes eye contact with Lin for the first time.

Rainbow: Leap before you look, my gal. Good airwaves.

Rainbow stands up from the table and staggers out of the coffee shop.

<End Log>

Due to the lack of information gathered by the interview, Project Lead Dr. Teller decided that an investigation would be formed to infiltrate the OneLeap group and gather information. Usual protocol dictates that field agents are to be selected for extended field work; however, Researcher Lin was chosen due to her expected presence by Rainbow.

Addendum SCP-4877-2: The following is a series of field reports submitted by Researcher Lin during her investigation of OneLeap:

Report #: 1

Date: 4/13/2019

I just got back from the first meeting. I'll try to describe everything that happened but a lot of it is from memory… I forgot to bring a notebook, or even the microphone.4

We met in this back room at a run down community center. I think someone brought snacks. Honestly, it reminded me of how my dad described his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, except everyone was quieter.

I don't remember exactly how many people were there. I think it was around sixteen? Maybe closer to twenty? I should've talked to them while we waited for Rainbow. He was late, but everyone acted like that was the norm.

When the meeting started we all sat around in a circle on the ground, except Rainbow who used a folding chair. He started by reading something out of this little notebook he kept in his shirt pocket. I don't remember what he said. I was too nervous just trying to fit in.

I didn't forget my alias though. Rainbow had all the new people stand up and introduce themselves to the group. I think they thought my stutter was from nerves rather than trying to remember the right name. I wasn't the only new girl though. Her first name was Olivia, but I forgot her last name.

I don't really know why I'm doing this. I mean, I know why, but I'm more cut out for the lab.

I'll make sure I'm more thorough with my next report, sorry.

Addendum SCP-4877-3: Following Report 9, Researcher Lin's mission was considered completed, and Lin was ordered to return to her post at Site-24. After 12 hours without confirmation from Lin about her return, MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") were deployed to Dublin to recover Researcher Lin. The apartment that was rented for the mission was found unoccupied, with Lin's belongings inside. The following materials were recovered from Researcher Lin's computer:

Foreword: The following file was titled "rainbow_interview_2.mp3". It appeared to be recorded on Researcher Lin's smart phone.

<Begin Transcript>

Background conversation can be heard, indicating that this was recorded in a public location.

Lin: Sorry to bother you, I'm sure you're busy.

Rainbow: No worries, my gal. All good vibes today.

Lin: I just wanted to know, why did you let Olivia graduate early?

Rainbow: Feeling jumpy?

Lin: No! I don't want to rush it. I'm just curious.

Rainbow: There's what you're looking for.

Lin: Umm… I'm not sure I understand.

Rainbow: Olivia was a smart gal. Caught on quick. Good airwaves.

Lin: So there was something special about her?

Rainbow: Special? Who really is special? I don't think she's any more special than you are.

Lin: Are you saying I could graduate?

Rainbow: I don't know. I just give the grades. Do you think you can graduate?


Lin: I think I understand now. Thank you so much!

Rainbow: Leap before you look my gal. Good airwaves.

<End Transcript>

Foreword: The following file was titled "01103_STREAM_v0491.mp4", which is the same naming convention as used by videos streamed from Foundation-distributed field cameras. Researcher Lin had been provided with one such camera for the purpose of her mission.

<Begin Transcript>

Video shows the edge of a cliff. There appears to be no one else around. The sky is dark, however cloud cover obscures the sky.

Lin: Ok, so I think I've figured it out. And I'm going to see what's up there. It's part of my job, and like, I just know I can do it. It's hard to explain. I don't know where I got the conviction from all the sudden, but it's there now. And I don't want it to slip away from me.

Lin takes a deep breath, and prepares to run toward the edge.

Lin: [under her breath] one leap, one leap, one leap…

Lin runs toward the cliff edge and jumps. She begins floating upwards.

Lin: One leap, one leap, one leap!

Lin's body flattens out, and she spreads her arms. Her laughter can be heard over the sound of wind against the microphone. After three minutes, Lin enters a cloud.

Lin: Can— can I open my eyes now?

Estimates of Lin's speed predict that she should have left the cloud cover by this point, however the fog continues. A light can be seen up ahead.

Lin: I can feel the updraft pushing me somewhere. I think I'm flying. I don't want to look.

Lin nears the light, a silhouette can be seen against the light, but its features cannot be distinguished.

Walsh: Catherine? Is that you?

Lin: Olivia? I'm sorry I can't tell what's where. I haven't opened my eyes yet.

Walsh: It's ok! No need to apologize. Good airwaves.

Lin: Good airwaves!

The figure extends its hand.

Walsh: Reach out and grab my hand, I'll pull you up!

Lin: Got it.

Lin reaches out her hand toward the figure's. The figure grabs on and appears to pull Lin so they are facing each other. Due to the light behind the figure, no features can be distinguished.

Lin: Your hand feels cold. Are you ok?

Walsh: I'm vibing out. Looks like you've found your wings.

Lin: Yeah, I have. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around it all.

Walsh: Well, you're here now my gal.

Lin releases the figure's hand. They both hover in the air.

Lin: You're doing that thing where you sound like Rainbow again.

Walsh: Oh right. I guess he's just rubbed off on me.

Lin: I have so much I want to say. I can't believe you're here as well! I was worried it'd just be me and the clouds.

Walsh: Well, this is the way it turned out.

Lin: It's almost like a dream. I never want to wake up. We can even follow-through on our weekly coffees.

Walsh: Coffees?

Lin: Yeah… we said we were going to try to meet up once a week to just talk.

Walsh: Oh right! Sorry, it just slipped my mind.

Lin: You are Olivia, right?

Walsh: Do you not believe me?

Lin opens her eyes.

Lin: You— you don't look like Olivia.

<End Transcript>

Researcher Lin's body was found impaled upon the rocks at the bottom of the Cliffs of Moher. Attempts to locate Rainbow or any other members mentioned in Lin's previous reports have been unsuccessful. Containment of all individuals associated with OneLeap is considered a Level 4 priority.

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