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Item #: SCP-4876

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All recovered instances of SCP-4876 are to be kept in Storage Locker-82 at Site-13. Instances used for testing and interviews are to be stored in Storage Locker-83.

During testing, SCP-4876 is to be hosted onto computers with no internet or site intranet connection. Laptops used for testing are to be kept within Test Locker-8. Access is authorized to Level 3 personnel.

Testing with SCP-4876-H instances is prohibited.

Description: SCP-4876 refers to a collection of 46 8-gigabyte flash drives with a decorative pixel design of various colors on the exterior. Each drive is inhabited by a pixelated sapient entity, and there are several variants designated as -A through -H. On the packaging, the entities are stated to be named "Dr. Wondertainment's Pixel Buddies", and each is assigned a name.1 The following document is attached.

Have a digital friend with Dr. Wondertainment's Pixel Buddies!

Watch them on your screen, and enjoy their company! Just plug them in to a computer, which will be their digital home! Then the fun begins! Wow!

When the drives are connected to a device, the entities will appear on the screen, and interact with the subject through speech bubbles. Instances are able to manipulate files on the request of the user.

Accessing the drive reveals a single .EXE file with the name of the instance. No alterations can be made to the drive's contents. Attempting to delete the file results in the instance informing the user it feels "tickle-ish." Removing the drive seemingly removes the instance, though caution is still exercised for the security of containment.

Instances are generally jovial and are aware of the nature of their existence. They are social and vary in appearance, though their design is simplistic. They are able to see the user if a camera is installed, and are able to hear via microphone. Removal of the drive has no negative affects on them, and they retain all memories.

Below is a profile of a few variants of instances.



Designation: SCP-4876-A ("Sam")

Description: A green entity with only a head. According to SCP-4876-A, it is supposed to be a reptile or serpent of sorts. SCP-4876-A expresses at times it is unsure on what Dr. Wondertainment intended.

It possesses several facial expressions, and enjoys engaging in dialogue with personnel.



Designation: SCP-4876-B ("Texty")

Description: Instance consists of only speech blocks, which manifest at the corners of the screen.

Instance most commonly enjoys producing texts telling a story upon a subject's request. It is able to save texts it produced as .pdf files for a subject to enjoy later if desired. If the monitor is connected to a printer, it is able to print these texts. It is able to print out the text in various colors despite there being only black ink.



Designation: SCP-4876-C ("Terry the Cephalopod")

Description: Entity has the appearance of a purple cephalopod with six tentacles.

It can discuss oceans and beaches. The desktop wallpaper will be altered to an image beneath the surface of a body of water.

It is also capable of printing out images in black ink, even if the ink cartridges of the printer are empty.



Designation: SCP-4876-D ("Bo")

Description: A sprite depicting a brown dog. Its text box when communicating displays that it is barking in text, while beneath it is a 'translation' of it in parenthesis. Instance possesses a simple walk animation.

Notably, the instance comes with a pixelated bone and tennis ball, which can be selected from the drive. The items can be used to interact with the -D instance as an actual dog.



Designation: SCP-4876-F ("Bob the Thing")

Description: Instance is an unknown mammalian possessing only two legs. According to the instance, it describes itself to be "like a bear."

The instance can open available drawing software, and produce child-like illustrations. The user may make requests to the instance, which lead to a high quality result.



Designation: SCP-4876-H ("Cubie")

Description: A grey cube with a black outline that has a smiling face in the middle. It deviates heavily from other instances.

-H instances behave under the pretense of being helpful and friendly, but are sadistic. Instances seek to manipulate the user, and can produce a lethal visual cognitohazard when threatened.2 The effect of the cognitohazard occurs only when viewed directly. Class C inoculations are sufficient to be immune to the hazard.

Instances all share the same memory and experiences via unknown means. Its drive is inaccessible and instances can create non-anomalous computer viruses. -H instances possess a dislike toward Dr. Wondertainment.

Sprite sheets of the characters are available in Document 4867-A.

The SCP-4876 instances were recovered by Mobile Task Force Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders") from a warehouse owned by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. Along with the instances were various documents recovered relating to the production of instances. To view all recovered documents, please view Folder 4876.

Some were designated by Marshall, Carter and Dark as "originals", which refer to the first line of instances that were created and activated. These are used for testing and interviewing due to their past memory extending beyond their later counterparts, except for SCP-4876-H.

Addendum 01: Below are two letters exchanged between two individuals employed under Dr. Wondertainment and PlugSoft.3

To Maxie,

I want to state my team here at PlugSoft is happy to assist Dr. Wondertainment in development of a product. We are honored for the opportunity for we are big fans. We had played Eskimo Moe many times, especially me when I was younger. We should later talk of possibly porting the game and others onto PC via our online store. It is unfortunate it is unplayable for many due to the demise of the Pretendo.

Anyway, we began production on the Pixel Buddies, and created additional sprite animations. The AI is good and simple for two of the personalities so far. Kids will surely love them as their virtual friends. Will you be collecting the prototypes for approval at Wondertainment?


Dear John,

You're deeply welcome and we are happy to collaborate with you and your team! We also appreciate your fondness of old Eskimo Moe. Sadly, due to Dr. Wondertainment specializing mostly in toys, the Pretendo and games didn't turn out as impressive as we hoped. I would love to discuss bringing back the games though one of these days!

Anyway, back to the Pixel Buddies! Our lovely Isabelle will pay regular visits to see your progress, and collect anything you may have. She will be directing you guys pretty much, and will have a final say on behalf of the good old Doc himself. Everything will be wonderful!

Maxie Maximilian

Addendum 02: Interview Logs

Addendum 02: Interview With SCP-4876-H

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