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This file is currently restricted by order of the Foundation Regional Council of Latin America to personnel working outside of the council’ s jurisdiction. It is quarantined to all personnel in Central and South America. You are viewing a revised version, with sensitive and/or cognitohazardous data censored. You have access to all segments of this file with Level LA/4875/2 or lower requirements.

This quarantine is to continue indefinitely

You lost your childhood. What else is there to lose? Go on ahead, step through.

Item #: SCP-4875

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Persons theorized to be carriers for SCP-4875 are to be covertly tested on the Affective Neuroscience Personality Scale, and thereafter monitored if results rate them highly. Should subjects attempt to behave in a way consistent with SCP-4875, they are to be restrained and immobilized indefinitely or until amnesticized.

A Foundation-operated bot (ESTIBEN.aic) is to monitor internet traffic in Central and South America for conjunctive references to disappearances, missing persons, cameras and smartphones, deserts, nostalgia, depression, and cityscapes. ESTIBEN.aic is also to search video-sharing websites and social media for media containing depictions and/or recordings of SCP-4875-1. ESTIBEN.aic is to then notify Mobile Task Force Ni-13 ("Triskaidekaphobia"), who are authorized to amnesticize involved individuals and take physical evidence to Facility-571 for study.

No personnel assigned to either SCP-4875 or MTF Ni-13 are to originate or hold citizenship in the Republic of Chile, the Republic of Peru, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, or the Argentine Republic.
It is recommended that personnel assigned to these positions should not have spent any time in these nations prior to assignment.

Update 12/13/2016: As of the events on 9/13/2016, should a subject affected by SCP-4875 be found, MTF Ni-13 is authorized to terminate on sight, and to distribute Class-C amnestics to all individuals connected with the subject.

No personnel stationed at Facility-57 are to have spent any time in the affected nations, including nonessential Level 0 janitorial, clerical, or catering staff. No personnel are allowed to leave the campus of Facility-57, and are to be blindfolded when traveling through the rest of the country. Due to their responsibilities entailing them leaving the site regularly, members of MTF Ni-13 are to undergo biweekly psychological evaluations and therapy designed to reduce feelings of connection to their surrounding environment, families, and colleagues, as well as a therapeutic regimen of low-grade Class-A amnestics.



Still from video footage taken within SCP-4875-1. This image contains potential memetic or cognitohazardous properties to unauthorized personnel

Description: SCP-4875 is a theorized inactive compulsive effect residing within 13% of the population of Latin American countries. The country with the highest range of affected subjects is Chile, at 65% of cases originating there, with 25% originating from surrounding nations and the remaining 10% distributed throughout the rest of South, Central, and North America. SCP-4875 is activated through strong feelings of nostalgia, connection, and melancholy, with strong brain activity in the inferior frontal gyrus, substantia nigra, and cerebellum. All subjects rate highly on the Affective Neuroscience Personality Scale, which measures a person’s tendency towards sadness, even if previous applications of the test showed that they did not rate highly.

Once sufficient brain activity occurs, subjects affected by SCP-4875 experience a compulsion to walk away from their position toward an indeterminate central point, estimated by Foundation mathematicians to be located in the Atacama Desert. Subjects also experience several failures in the parts of the brain that deal with perception and fight-or-flight response, often speaking and reacting in a similar way to each other. After a minumum of thirty minutes of travel, the subject spontaneously enters SCP-4875-1, still affected by SCP-4875. Should affected individuals be unable to move, they will enter SCP-4875-1 after a similar thirty minute period. Subjects who are able to move but do not are unable to enter SCP-4875-1; all subjects must voluntarily move or be unable to.

SCP-4875-1 is an extra-dimensional location of indefinite size, with geology and weather patterns resembling that of the Atacama Desert. Radio, internet and satellite communication do not penetrate SCP-4875-1. It has variable characteristics, the most common being massive topographical anomalies, inconsistent geometry, a sky displaying both unknown constellations and light green hue, and a large number of worn-down buildings and structures constructed from a iron, steel, and an unknown metallic material. Some of these structures roughly match patterns of buildings in the Chilean city of Santiago. Individuals affected by SCP-4875 do not seem to be alarmed by these characteristics, save an attitude of docility and mild curiosity due to the perceptive failures. Direct footage of SCP-4875-1 has a moderate memetic effect, occasionally triggering more cases of SCP-4875. [REDACTED].

Between three minutes to two hours of travel within SCP-4875-1, all items present on the affected subject (e.g. phones, cameras, wallets, currency, etc.) will return to their last location prior entering SCP-4875-1, with the exception of clothing. All subjects affected by SCP-4875 are irrecoverable, and do not remanifest at any point.

SCP-4875-2 is an unknown hostile entity residing within SCP-4875-1. It is presumed to be sapient.


Addendum 1 - Discovery: SCP-4875 was discovered on 2011/08/31, following the disappearance of Argentinian high school student Luca █████████. A cellphone was recovered in a public park three miles away by his family containing a 5 minute, 33 second long recording of the interior of SCP-4875-1, transcribed below. The original video was uploaded by the subject’s family to YouTube, gaining 660,750 views and triggering approximately twelve more SCP-4875 cases.



[0:00]: (Camera shows a distant view of the park with benches and trees. The image bobs up and down, likely due to the subject walking.)

[0:10]: (Camera focuses on a distant view of several tall metallic structures protruding from sand dunes. They are in a state of bad disrepair. The view shudders and blurs briefly before stabilizing,)

[0:15]: And…we're here. Very well.

[0:20]: Y'know? This reminds me of those times when I went with Valentín to school. There always was this wind, and a lot of dust between the school and us. It was fun. We talked lots and… (Ten second pause. Camera blurs, and focuses down on some dust on the subject's shoes.) What a pity he's not here anymore, right? What a goddamn shame. Ah, not a day goes by that I don't miss that asshole. Playing football, and gaming, and…

[0:44]: (Camera looks up to the horizon again. A clearer view of the metallic structures can be seen. They are towers constructed from rusted steel with numerous windows. Several are clustered around each other, with the outermost appearing more heavily degraded than the central ones. They have a number of inscriptions and symbols engraved, some of which correspond with real world logos, some of which are unknown. Text seen consists of the “Lorem ipsum” placeholder text.)

[0:59]: This collar I have, this… (Camera points down around to show the chest of the subject, from which a necklace with a cross hangs. Notably, the left arm of the cross is broken.) This was his.

[1:13]: (The wind picks up, creating a small sandstorm.) Now is when the van would come, the yellow Vitara. (Subject stops. He holds out the necklace with his right hand in front of the camera.) It’s because of the impact. It crashed hard, and he, uh, well, he got to be the cheese in the sandwich, so to say…heh.

[1:51]: (Subject is close to a previously unseen metal cabin, supported around five meters above ground by metal pillars. The pillars are encircled by metal stairs, ending at the door of the cabin.)

[1:56:] I really don’t know why I’m thinking about these kinds of things.

[2:17]: (Subject walks up the stairs, and the wind dies down. Throughout the ascension, the camera views thirteen structures similar to the stilted cabin in the distance, all on a large flat plain leading to the base of a mesa or butte. The wind picks up again. When the camera focuses again on the cabin, a sheet of metal can be seen detaching from it and being carried away by the wind. The subject observes the cabin silently for around a minute.)

[3:39]: Solemnity… (Subject hangs the necklace from a doorknob in the cabin's door. The wind pulls it, but it stays in place. The camera abruptly ducks, and turns around to observe the dunes and towers in the other direction.) This place is nice. I could see myself living here, between the sand and metal. Between the ground and sword. Very nice. Valentín, very nice.

[4:12]: (Camera moves slightly, and a bigger metal tower can be seen from afar. It is wider than the others, and has a more heavily rusted appearance except for the very top which seems to shine intensely.)

[4:20]: (Subject throws himself from the stairs to the ground, and there is a loud wet crunch.)

[4:22]: (The camera focuses on a break in the subject’s leg, initially zooming on the bone protuding through the wound before looking at the blood pooling in the dirt. There is no audible reaction. After ten seconds camera swings around towards the shining structure. Subject begins slowly pulling himself upwards, and begins slowly limp-crawling towards the structure)

[4:23]: Gravedigger, gravedigger, release him from this earth, won’t you? Can I stay here for him? It would be a comfort.

[7:50]: (Subject continues limp-crawling until recording ends.)


Addendum 2 - Incidents:

Childhood is the greatest gift. Taking it away from a child is crime.
I'll give them their childhood back. I'll allow them to live.

Addendum 3 - Recovered Recording:

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