Item #: SCP-4874

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4874 is contained in a steel-lined object locker installed with a standard radio surveillance unit.

Description: SCP-4874 is an adult human heart within a blue backpack, designated SCP-4874-A. The heart shows no signs of decomposition. All attempts to remove SCP-4874 from SCP-4874-A have failed.

SCP-4874 is sapient and capable of emitting radio waves within a 30-meter radius. The anomaly communicates exclusively via SMS messages. Examples of recorded messages can be found in the Addendum.



SCP-4874 was discovered in the Milwaukee Intermodal Train Station of Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 12th, 2019. Reporting agents recieved the following SMS messages during recovery of the object:

Excuse me, I'm just waiting for a… a friend.

She could get here any minute.

I like her. Y'know, 'like-like' her. I suppose one could call it… love. Actually, I might be too young for that.


But could you please let me stay here? I just want to see her again. I've been waiting so long.


Upon containment of SCP-4874, the anomaly fell into a silent state, refusing to respond to researchers.

A leather-bound journal was discovered within SCP-4874-B, as transcribed below. Notably, some pages were ripped out.


Just when I was getting used to California, my dad announced we have to move. Again! Wish I could fucking stay, but business calls!

So now we're up north, freezing in Milwaukee. At least I've invented a new little game for myself: firework or gunshot? Not sure, but the high crime rates don't lie!

I shouldn't be so mad. We do need money, but it's frustrating.

Ugh. At least my dad enrolled me in a nice school. Well, nice as Milwaukee gets, anyways. I've only got a bit of Senior year left, so it doesn't really matter much that I moved, I was gonna have to say bye to my old friends anyways. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some cool people.



I hate myself.

Okay, so today I didn't really do any schoolwork. I basically just talked to teachers, got my supplies together, and got a tour from a student.

A female student.

Who's like, six feet tall.

And has glasses.

And is in a band.

Excuse me while I scream.

Her name was Anyia, and she shot me a peace sign when the principal introduced her to me, and I just about melted.

She gave me her number as I was leaving, but I haven't worked up the courage to message her yet.

I think this is gonna be a good year, though.


Anyia introduced me to her other friends today. They're nice— one of them had a Switch, so I gave them my friend code, and everyone else at the table teased us. "You gave them your friend code? You must really like them, huh?"

I laughed until I cried, and then Anyia patted me on the head and I collapsed, flustered. I swear to God, I'm going to have a heart attack from her eventually.

I also texted her today!!! We talked about Milwaukee, and how we wanna go somewhere else, all that stuff. She bought up that some things are nice, though. Like the zoo, and the museums.

So now we're going to Discovery World this weekend. Little science museum for little kids, probably, but she says she enjoys the aquarium there. It's not a date. I don't think it's a date.

…I'm terrible at picking up signs, aren't I?




I barely slept yesterday, Anyia and I were texting all night. Her parents don't know she's lesbian, and I told her mine don't either, so we're going to have to be a little bit secret about us.

Just Sappho and her friend. Her girlfriend.

I have a girlfriend.

How the hell did this even happen?


Anyia put her arm around me at the lunch table. Her friends were catching on— one of them even winked at me.

Our relationship was made a lot more obvious when she looked down and kissed me in front of everyone.

I. Am. Going. To. Have. A. Heart. Attack.


I went to one of Anyia's band concerts today, and she looked down and grinned at me in the audience before singing a song.

A song about two girls. I was one of the girls.

It was about us.

I'm gonna melt! I'm gonna turn into a liquid physically!

Gah, I really like her. She's so talented and… I can't really do anything.

Maybe I can sell my diaries later in my life. "Autobiography of a Flustered Gay."

It'd definitely sell out.


Anyia hates New Years. Her friends were having a party, but we decided to stay at her house instead. She says she hates all the traditions, the ball dropping, the countdowns, the fireworks. It's just another year, another number in our short history.

So she didn't kiss me at midnight.

But that was okay, because we cuddled instead.


Anyia's band is doing super good, at least by high-school band standards. They finally got enough good songs together for an album. And what do you know, the song about her and I has the highest view count. She's really happy about it. I am too.

In other news, I came out to my dad. He was accepting, said he's happy I found someone. Confessed that he was nervous I hated him for making us move around so much. There was a lot of crying, but a lot of hugging too.


Anyia's been weird recently. She hasn't been wanting to go on as many dates, saying she needs space… I think something's wrong.

Or maybe I've just been clingy. I don't know.

I hope she's okay, though… I need her. She's… well, it sounds cheesy, but…

She's my everything.


I'm so fucking angry. Not at anyone in particular. At the world.

Anyia's mom is sick. ALS. So her family is moving to— get this— CALIFORNIA. Says there's some experimental treatments they're interested in. But…

Why does the world hate me?

It's not… it's not terrible. We can still talk. But it'll be different.

I just hope she'll be okay. I hope I'll be too.


I've felt so empty without her here. I hope she comes back soon.

We're texting a lot, but it's not the same. I just want to hug her.

I'm so tired.


She's coming back. I'll finally be able to talk to her. Hear her voice. I won't have to deal with texting anymore.

I just want to see her again.


Anyia isn't here. But she'll find me. My heart hurts, but I just have to wait for her.

She'll come eventually. I know she will.

I need to eat. But I can't leave, what if she comes back and I'm not here? I'm too scared.

I'll be fine. My body feels too weak anyways. But my heart?

My heart's still burning strong. And when she arrives, it'll all be worth it.

I don't matter. I just need her.

Hopefully she'll come soon…

Incident Report 4874-1

On January 6th, 2020, onsite personel recieved the following SMS messages from SCP-4874:

you're gone, aren't you?

you'd be here by now

i've been waiting for forever

i miss being with you

you probably don't miss me

can't you spare me a minute of your fucking time?

no no no im sorry

im sorry i shouldnt have swore i just

im sorry

im sorry

please, im sorry, can you tell im really sorry?


i just

let's go home. my home.

doesnt that sound nice?

ill see you there

i love you


Following the incident, SCP-4874 disappeared, replaced by a single photograph of two women on a beach. One of these women has been identified as Anyia Gray, who had gone missing in August of 2019 after a train heading towards Milwaukee Intermodal Train Station derailed in Nebraska.

Reclassification to Neutralized pending.

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