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Item #: SCP-4873

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Both instances of SCP-4873 are outfitted with GPS tracking devices, and locked inside a steel box in a standard object containment chamber. SCP-4873 instances are not to be handled without approval from a researcher with Level 3 Clearance or higher. If SCP-4873 is removed from its box, it must be returned through the use of a robotic arm. In the event that SCP-4873 is handled accidentally, GPS tracking and global Foundation surveillance systems will be used to determine the identity of SCP-4873-2. SCP-4873-2 is then to be extracted by an MTF squadron.

Description: SCP-4873 refers to a pair of Colt-45 Peacemaker revolvers with black and white etchings, dubbed SCP-4873-A and SCP-4873-B respectively. Both SCP-4873 instances show no composition differences from a standard Colt-45 revolver. The revolvers seem to be relatively new.

SCP-4873's anomalous properties occur when a person picks up an SCP-4873 instance. Upon picking it up, the other instance will immediately de-manifest and an 4873-GS event will occur. 4873-GS events generally follow the same pattern:

  • Contact: The subject, now designated SCP-4873-1, will pick up an SCP-4873 instance. Six .45 caliber bullets will appear in the chambers of both SCP-4873 instances. The SCP-4873 instance the subject did not pick up will de-manifest, and then re-manifest immediately afterward, near an individual that SCP-4873-1 considers an enemy or adversary.
  • 1-5 minutes after contact: The targeted individual, now designated SCP-4873-2, will be compelled to pick up the second revolver. They will immediately begin travelling to SCP-4873-1's current location through any means necessary. While travelling, SCP-4873-2 instances display abnormal levels of resilience, but can still die from certain injuries.
  • 10-20 minutes after contact: SCP-4873 will begin to affect the minds of SCP-4873-1 and SCP-4873-2. Both will begin to speak in American-West style accents, and various western-themed items may manifest in possession of the two.
  • 20 minutes - 24 hours after contact: SCP-4873-2 will arrive at SCP-4873-1's location. SCP-4873-2 will always arrive within 24 hours, regardless of the distance between the two. Upon arriving, SCP-4873-2 will make an abrupt entrance, usually by kicking open the door of a building SCP-4873-1 is in. The two will then briefly argue, before SCP-4873-2 challenges SCP-4873-1 to a duel. The reasoning for the duel is usually arbitrary. SCP-4873-1 will always accept the offer, and the two will wait until the sun touches the horizon at the given point of the duel.
  • 20 minutes - 48 hours after contact: When the time of the duel arrives, SCP-4873-1 and SCP-4873-2 will travel towards the location of the duel. The location is seemingly selected at random, but usually involves flat, level terrain. Around this time, tumbleweeds will manifest in the general vicinity of the two. This occurs regardless of climate and season.
  • Duel: After arriving, SCP-4873-1 and SCP-4873-2 will take positions facing each other and duel. The outcome of the duel is always random, even if either subject has had previous firearm experience. After the duel, the surviving subject will drop their revolver and walk into the sunset. Five to ten minutes later, the remaining subject will resume normal behavior with no memory of the incident.
Addendum-4873-A: Testing Logs
SCP-4873-1 SCP-4873-2 Notes Results
D-21568 D-21568's childhood bully Subject was transported to Point Nemo1 for testing, to see how far SCP-4873-2 would pursue SCP-4873-1. After approximately 20 hours SCP-4873-2 arrived at Point Nemo, swimming all the way from the coast of South America. The duel proceeded as normal, with SCP-4873-2 emerging victorious. Subject was given Class-A amnestics and returned to their home.
D-35287 Agent Swanson D-35287 had attempted escape numerous times, and was apprehended by Agent Swanson in several of said attempts. After the realization that Agent Swanson was targeted, efforts were made to keep the two separated. When these efforts failed, D-35287 was terminated by Agent Watson using his service pistol.
D-13579 D-13579's father Subject openly stated that they were abused by their father as a child. D-13579's father was monitored closely to observe the behavior of SCP-4873-2 instances. D-13579 was sealed inside a door-less chamber, to see if SCP-4873-2 would attempt to enter a door-less room. SCP-4873-2 retrieved the revolver from underneath a pillow in his bedroom and immediately proceeded to D-13579's location. On the way, SCP-4873-2 visited a costume store, and purchased cowboy-themed attire. SCP-4873-2 arrived wearing said attire, and delivered a kick with an estimated force of 5,000 newtons to the facility wall. The wall was blown open and SCP-4873-2 proceeded into the testing chamber. The duel proceeded as normal. SCP-4873-2 emerged victorious, was given Class A amnestics, and returned to their home. Costume was kept by Researcher Fredrick.
D-67839 D-67839 Subject was instructed to pick up both revolvers simultaneously, to observe the effect it would have on subjects. D-67839 stared off into space for a few minutes, before muttering: "Trust nobody, not even yourself." D-67839 promptly shot themself in the head. Attempts to resuscitate D-67839 were unsuccessful, and they expired shortly after.
D-56289 D-56298's former boss To see if the outcome of a duel could be affected, D-56289 was outfitted with a bulletproof vest, a military-grade helmet, and explosive-tipped rounds. Automated turrets were stationed nearby to terminate D-56289 should they attempt escape. Duel proceeded as normal, with SCP-4873-2 emerging victorious. Inspection of D-56289's body revealed a bullet wound in their chest, despite the bulletproof armor remaining undamaged. Inspection of D-56289's revolver revealed that the explosive-tipped rounds had been replaced by regular .45 caliber rounds. SCP-4873-2 was administered Class-A amnestics and returned to their home.
D-23542 / Agent Watson D-23542's ex-wife Armed personnel were stationed in the chamber with D-23542 and instructed to remove D-23542's revolver through any means necessary. Attempts to remove the revolver while holstered were ineffective. D-23542 was instructed to unholster their revolver, which they did reluctantly. Agent Watson grabbed the revolver, only to have its anomalous effects transfer to him. D-23542 and Agent Watson proceeded to fight over the revolver, while nearby agents opened fire. D-23542 and Agent Watson were both terminated.
D-47592 D-16349 N/A See Addendum 4873-B

Addendum-4873-B: 4873-GS Event

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