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Item #: SCP-4872

Object Class: Insectoid

Containment Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-4872 are to be kept inside of a sealed chamber at Site-17. SCP-4872 is to be fed a diet of compost from non-anomalous sources. The population of this chamber is never to exceed 50 instances of SCP-4872. Interaction with SCP-4872 is not to take place without wearing a sealed, padded suit.

SCP-4872's containment cell is to be inspected biweekly in order to search for openings. A secondary containment cell has been erected surrounding the primary chamber in order to prevent leaks. In the event that an instance of SCP-4872 is unaccounted for, personnel are to evacuate the general area while Foundation personnel fumigate areas of the site believed to be infected.

Description: SCP-4872 is a species of arthropod closely related to Tachypodoiulus niger, or the White legged Snake Millipede. Like their relatives, SCP-4872 are pale brown in coloration and can grow up to a length of 2.5 centimeters. However, SCP-4872 is distinguished by the growth of large fangs, the secretion of venom, and predation behaviors. Although SCP-4872 are capable of sustaining themselves from decaying plant life, their preferred prey are humans.

SCP-4872 are capable of temporarily collapsing their bodily organs, allowing them to fit into spaces that they otherwise would not be able to access. In addition, the venom of SCP-4872 has anaesthetic properties, which can cause numbness at the point of injection.

Behavior: The habitat of SCP-4872 are generally urban districts and suburban centers, such as schools, apartments, and churches. SCP-4872 will attempt to crawl into to a person's belongings and then infiltrate their home. Generally, SCP-4872 targets individuals between 8 and 12 years of age.

Once SCP-4872 has selected a target, it will attempt to make its way to the brain. This is usually done while the victim is asleep. SCP-4872 will inject its venom near the neck area, and then create an incision large enough for it to fit through. Once it reaches the brain, it will inject venom into the pre-frontal lobe, the occipital lobe, and other areas dedicated to sensory stimulus and memory.

This will put the victim into a temporary coma. However, the venom of SCP-4872 also has hallucinogenic properties. SCP-4872 takes advantage of the brain activity supplied by this to lay its eggs in the folds of the brain. Four weeks later, the eggs will hatch and the larvae will leave its host through the host's ears, nose, mouth, eyes, and occasionally the incision through which they entered.

Shortly after SCP-4872 and its larvae evacuate, the subject will wake up. These subjects report experiencing between 10 and 20 years of time while in their coma.

Addendum 4872-1: Affected Subject Interview


Interviewer: Researcher Calvin

Interviewee: James Smith

<Begin Log>

Researcher Calvin: Could you please tell me what you dreamed about?

James Smith: I, it was pretty weird.

Researcher Calvin: How was it weird?

James Smith: I don't know.

Researcher Calvin: Okay, where were you?

James Smith: I was in school, but then I graduated, and then I was in college.

Researcher Calvin: What's the last thing you remember.

James Smith: Uh… the last thing I remember— I… I was talking to this— this— this girl, and I leaned in to kiss, but… err, nevermind.

Researcher Calvin: I see. For the record, how old are you?

James Smith: I'm ten and a half.

Researcher Calvin: Splendid. Can you tell me about your current life?

James Smith: I just… go to school and play videogames.

Researcher Calvin: I think that's most of the useful information we can get here. Thank you, James. Do you have any more questions?

James Smith: Was Kelly real?

Researcher Calvin: We haven't found anyone named "Kelly Thompson" that fit how you described her.

James Smith: …oh. Is there a way to go back into the dream?

Researcher Calvin: I'm sorry, there isn't.

<End Log>

Addendum 4872-2: DNA Analysis

A D-class subject was exposed to SCP-4872 and allowed to enter the coma state. During the process, D-29810's skull was surgically opened and the eggs belonging to the SCP-4872 instance were removed. SCP-4872 responded by injecting its venom into the brain stem, putting D-29810 into a permanent coma. It is of note that D-29810 owned a Philadelphia pizzeria, and was arrested after several counts of manslaughter. During his coma, he was heard muttering about an unidentified seamstress and their supposed children.

The DNA recovered from the eggs did not match typical arthropod DNA; rather, the DNA resembled human DNA. Comparison to Foundation-cached DNA databases indicated that some of the eggs had matches to real persons. For instance, a 50% match to an Alabama seamstress, a 40% match to a Philadelphia criminal case lawyer, a 43% match to a Philadelphia dog trainer, and a 12% match to the current mayor of Philadelphia.

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