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Item #: SCP-4871

Containment Classification: Euclid

Special Containment Protocols: SCP-4871 is contained within the eastern humanoid containment cell on level two, at Site-34. The bed within this cell has been modified to be better suited for sleeping on one's front and sides, rather than on the back. Meals are to be provided twice per day, with one additional meal to be provided if requested.

SCP-4871 is to be provided with simple metalworking tools for a period of four hours every other day, alongside any materials requested. A notepad and pencil are additionally provided at all times. Metallic repair and maintenance kits are to be kept adjacent to the nearest medical supplies cabinet (located within Storage Cupboard 2E1) to repair any damage accrued by SCP-4871's outer shell. SCP-4871 is allowed face to face visitation in addition to standard interviews, if required by site psychiatrists.

Description: SCP-4871 is a humanoid entity which bears a strong physical resemblance to Foundation employed general researcher Krona Midaeus, with several mechanical augmentations of unknown origin. SCP-4871 first arrived in Foundation containment at Site-57, and has been moved to Site-34 for research purposes.

SCP-4871 does not exhibit any external anomalous capabilities; however due to its primarily steel alloy composition, it can be assumed that SCP-4871 has augmented strength to support such a structure. It is also considered likely that whatever process lead to its creation was anomalous to some degree.

SCP-4871 suffers from a severe God complex, and has constructed a narrative for itself in which it was deified under the guidance of an entity it variously refers to as either "the Triumvirate," "Protector" or "Scarlet." To date, SCP-4871 has failed to manifest any pluripotentcy.

To date, SCP-4871 has not attempted to breach containment of its own volition, nor sought to meet with Researcher Midaeus.

Addendum 4871/A: Containment Breach Supplementary Report, 2021-10-19

Due to an unrecognised anomalous destructive charge (ADC) formerly belonging to a local para-criminal being activated while in storage (see primary report), containment was compromised within the eastern containment wing of Site-34. Due to the on-site containment policy, the only motile anomaly affected by this breach was SCP-4871.

SCP-4871 was unable to be immediately apprehended, but was later recovered peacefully from ███████, a minor comics, film and television convention. Due to the visibility of the incident, as well as the unknown amount of potentially affected individuals, amnestic use has been deemed wasteful. Instead, a cover story has been fabricated that SCP-4871 is a character from a work of fiction.

This cover has been reinforced by way of inserting a ten part limited series graphic novel into the publishing calendar of the Foundation front company "South California Publishing". This has been sold locally to moderate success, and the full series is available by request from the Site-34 library.

In addition to this, a steel armour suit resembling SCP-4871 has been commissioned for use by Researcher Midaeus, whose public employment profile has been updated to reflect that of a professional costume roleplayer.

Addendum 4871/B: Weaponisation Experimentation Order Proposal

Stated Problem: The anomalous world is filled with a remarkable quantity of objects, entities and organisations that pose serious risk to Foundation interests and personnel. Anomalous task forces such as [DATA EXPUNGED] have shown a marked increase in the ratio of successful mission objectives to lost personnel; however directly augmenting personnel is dangerous, and rogue agents have been shown to be capable of causing more direct harm than the objects they are intended to combat.

Supplementary Information: Enhancing mundane materials such as steel and polymers is an inexact process; however the work of Researcher Midaeus with SCP-914 has confirmed a method of imposing intent to the object.

Anomalous materials research, particularly at Sites -64 and -87, has lead to new raw materials with numerous applications, in addition to mass production and replication methods for anomalous materials that have been reclaimed by the Foundation.

Research has already been undertaken into the application of temporary effects onto users of anomalous objects (see research logs for SCP-3714, SCP-4737, and SCP-268), which may aid users of Foundation produced objects.

Funding for creation of new equipment at Site-34 and in the South-West United States region as a whole is strictly limited outside of containment protocols, which necessitates the reuse of previous projects for any proposals.

Proposed Solution: An anomalous version of the SCP-4871 inspired armour suit (hereafter designated the "GODDESS" suit) may be developed, utilising advanced and enhanced materials in place of mild steel. This suit would feature short range physical weapons in place of the already fitted cosmetic wings, alongside more advanced strength assistance systems.

Enhanced materials may be used in the construction of this suit to reduce weight, improve durability, improve thermal resistance, and/or impart additional abilities upon the user. The first test suit would be piloted by Researcher Midaeus before being introduced to a wider array of users. This is due to her experience in using the mundane version of the suit.

[Methodology and further has been truncated for brevity, and may be found by request at the Site-34 library. Document included here by request of its author, Doctor Scarlet Innessdaughter]

Addendum 4871/C: Face-to-Face Interview

Interviewed: SCP-4871

Interviewer: Researcher Krona Midaeus

Foreword: The SCP-4871 project has stagnated, and so more direct interview methods have been authorised. This marks the first direct interview between Researcher Midaeus and SCP-4871, as well as the first time that SCP-4871 has been made aware of its similarity to Researcher Midaeus. Researcher Midaeus is not wearing the GODDESS armour during this interview.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Midaeus enters the interview chamber, SCP-4871 stands abruptly.

Researcher Midaeus: Eyup, don't get up on my account.

SCP-4871: …Your appearance is very familiar to me, yet I cannot place it.

Researcher Midaeus places a polished brass mirror on the table, which is soon taken by SCP-4871

4871: Ah, I see. You've made yourself to look like me. A fitting form of worship, I should think.

Midaeus: Watch it. I looked like this long before you turned up on the scene.

4871: I'm afraid that's quite impossible. Only one avatar was forged for me, and I am the one using it.

Midaeus: Tough. I've a few new questions for you to answer.

4871: Speak then, idol. Provided they are not as tiresome as the questions that you asked of me when hidden from view.

Midaeus: Does the name "Krona Midaeus" ring any bells?

4871: You have asked that before, and I told you no.

Midaeus: How about if I told you it's my name?

SCP-4871 stands from its seat, and circles the table. Security staff begin to intercept, but are waved back by Researcher Midaeus.

Midaeus: Like what you see?

4871: It makes sense, I suppose. It certainly suits you far better than it would suit me.

Researcher Midaeus also stands, and begins to inspect SCP-4871's outer bodywork directly.

4871: What are you doing, idol?

Midaeus: Investigating your bodywork, of course. Gotta see the differences.

This continues for some time, with Researcher Midaeus directing SCP-4871 to move in various ways to aid in her analysis.

Midaeus: Y'know, in the grand scheme of things, we know nowt about you as a person.

4871: This is by design, I do not wish for those beneath me to know too much.

Midaeus: Aye, fair do's. How 'bout hobbies then? Must be dull in that cell, bet you'd like some books or something.

4871: Actually, I am a fan of watchmaking. Mechanical design is one of my three pillars.

Midaeus: Three pillars?

4871: Correct, alongside Chaos and Order.

Midaeus: Bit strange, chaos and order.

4871: By taking these three concepts into myself, I was able to grow to apotheosis. They are the pillars that hold me to godhood, and to which my worshipers should aspire.

Researcher Midaeus stops her investigation, having taken several pages worth of notes, and stands up. SCP-4871 returns to its seat.

Midaeus: …Are these pillars… unique?

4871: No, my sister chose other pillars.

Midaeus: Would you tell me about your sister?

4871: No… No I don't think I will.

Interview terminated after this point, as no more useful information was obtained

<End Log>

Addendum 4871/D: Further Weaponisation Proposal

Project Proposal:_ The most recent interview with SCP-4871 has gleaned the information that integration of some nature with the concepts of Order and Chaos, as well as physical integration with mechanical components, can lead to a sharp spike in anomalous ability. It is believed that a successful test subject would gain semi-significant pluripotency from such a fusion, similar to low level reality warpers.

The Foundation could easily call for the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigations' Unusual Incidents Unit for integration of concepts into a subject, as they have great experience with the manipulation of metaphysical traits. Physical integration with mechanical components can be done surgically through non-anomalous means, ideally using a subject that has already been fitted with the previous generation of SCP-4871 based anomalous armament, specifically the GODDESS armour.

As such, it is recommended that the Foundation attempts to recruit Researcher Krona Midaeus, the GODDESS armour's primary test candidate, for this purpose.

- Doctor Scarlet Innessdaughter, SCP Foundation
Secure, Contain, Protect

Following an Ethics Committee appeal, this line of research has been terminated with admonishment directed at Dr. Innessdaughter.

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