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3/4869 LEVEL 3/4869
Item #: SCP-4869

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-4869 has been neutralized, no containment procedures are necessary. The defunct procedures have been archived for posterity.

Description: SCP-4869 was a humanoid brain and brain stem capable of communicating via anomalously generated sound waves. SCP-4869 possessed cognition and sapience comparable to that of a middle-aged adult human as well as its own fully formed personal identity. Although SCP-4869's knowledge of history conformed to normalcy, none of the events it claimed to have subjectively experienced were verified as having occurred. See Addendum.1 and Addendum.2 for additional details.

Dateline 2011-11-02, SCP-4869 spontaneously manifested in Pataphysics Room #104 within the Research & Development wing of Site-19. Foundation personnel present at the time of manifestation were engaged in research for [Project Codename: TYCHE] and had been utilizing room #104 for several weeks. Internal sensors reported a brief, non-harmful spike in gamma radiation immediately prior to the manifestation of SCP-4869 but were unable to record any other precursor events. No additional extrasensory perceptual warnings were reported by any involved personnel.

SCP-4869 initially manifested within a 20-liter container of distilled water where its sudden appearance caused the displacement of water and subsequent damage to electronics and paper records within the room. Upon recognizing the biological nature of SCP-4869 and assessing it for signs of life, the object was transported into an electrolytic solution upon which containment was oriented.

Dateline 2011-11-05. An interview was scheduled with SCP-4869 conducted by Containment Specialist Dr. Eates. Due to its immobile nature and low threat, non-hostile classification, the interview took place within the containment chamber of SCP-4869 and has been transcribed for the record.

Dateline 2011-11-06. Approximately 24-hours after the view interview, Containment Specialist Eates conducted a second interview after the search for the provided address had been carried out.

Dateline 2011-11-09. Dr. Eates returned for a third interview with SCP-4869. A second reconnaissance team was dispatched to Pasadena in an attempt to confirm the story of SCP-4869 but no additional relevant details were uncovered from their search.

At the request of Containment Specialist Dr. Eates, a number of quality of life adjustments were approved for SCP-4869's containment procedures including access to Site-19's music library and audiobooks as well as other non-classified materials. On 2011-11-15, SCP-4869 made a request for ongoing social interaction in order to occupy its time and this request was initially granted up to a maximum of 120 minutes per day.

On 2011-11-25, Dr. Eates petitioned the Ethics Committee for an exception to the standard time limit of social interaction for non-hostile humanoid entities. This exception was granted contingent upon SCP-4869's continued good behavior.

Dateline 2011-12-08. Preceded by a short burst of gamma radiation, SCP-4869 demanifested. The object is to be reclassified as Neutralized with a 90-day contingency for potential rediscovery.

Dateline 2012-02-15. Pataphysics Researcher Dr. Michelle Wilkes requested an interview with Containment Specialist Eates regarding the decommissioning of SCP-4869. This request for an interview was granted by Dr. Eates.

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