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SCP-4865 at the time of discovery

Item #: SCP-4865

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4865 is to be contained in a standard storage locker, and is to be retrieved solely for the use of testing. When being used, SCP-4865 does not require any specific location for use. Testing may be performed by Class-D Personnel or Level Three Site Personnel.

All objects produced by SCP-4865 are to be documented, along with the subject who retrieved the item, and their date of birth. Contraband obtained using the object must be handed over. Failure to comply will result in a fixed term suspension from activities, depending on how serious the contraband is.

Any objects that fall in the slot of SCP-4865-1 are to be retrieved from the interior of SCP-4865.

Description: SCP-4865 is a stainless steel safe measuring 11.4 centimetres wide, 9.8 centimetres deep and 18 centimetres in height. The door to the safe measures 9 centimetres by 15.2 centimetres. There is no sign of branding present on the exterior. There is a standard key lock on the safe door that requires a key, as well a standard dial lock. On the top portion of the safe door is a money counter, and there is a coin slot on the top of the door. All of these are made from identified materials. The lock is broken.

The bottom of SCP-4865 is extremely corroded, yet has not lost any of its structural strength. The corrosion also has an effect on what SCP-4865 is placed upon, however it usually does not suffer effects from the corrosion.

When SCP-4865 is opened normally, the interior of SCP-4865 is empty, and coated in a thick layer of dust. Attempts to remove the dust using standard furniture polish and a duster have succeeded, but when reused, the dust returns.

When the money counter is changed to the birthday of the person wishing to open the safe, in the DD/MM format, and the door to the safe opened, an object desired by that person will be located within the safe. The person will feel extreme elation at this point regardless of the emotion they were experiencing prior to this event, though it is unknown as to whether or not this a natural reaction. It is also unknown how SCP-4865 selects what to give the person who opens it. The reason for this is currently the subject of ongoing research.

SCP-4865 was recovered during September 1992, in Flockton, West Yorkshire, England, when a child brought £3,000 to his school, for purposes of donation to charity. The staff suspected the parents of theft, based upon the fact that the parents were well known to be in poverty and living in a house free of rent. When brought in for questioning, the parents denied knowledge about the money's existence. When teachers questioned the student, they revealed that the money was obtained in a safe, bought by their friend as a birthday present. Once the police were informed, undercover agents seized the safe for means of containment.

When personnel questioned the mother of the friend who initially gifted SCP-4865, she stated that it had been purchased from a local shop in the village. When investigated, the shop did indeed sell several identical copies of SCP-4865, however none of them suffered from the corrosion effect; none of them showed anomalous effects either. Attempts to locate the manufacturer of SCP-4865 concluded following Test 4865-C.

Addendum 1: A log of nineteen objects obtained from SCP-4865 has been included below. These are labelled SCP-4865-A to SCP-4865-S.

Designated name of object Subject tested Date of birthday Output Addendum
SCP-4865-A D-9124 August 26th Two kilograms of various Class-A drugs, including cocaine and opium D-9124 attempted to consume the outputted narcotics, but was prevented. Subsequent tests to confirm the purity of the drugs returned with inconclusive results.
SCP-4865-B D-9124 August 26th One loaded revolver. D-9124 self terminated. Containment procedures were revised following this incident. D-9124 was incinerated, and his ashes donated to his extended family in Oregon.
SCP-4865-C D-2135 May 7th £100,000 in £50 notes. This confirmed that the currency outputted by SCP-4865 will be in Pound Sterling despite not currently being located within the United Kingdom.
SCP-4865-D Doctor Hope December 14th Coordinates for a house in Birmingham, UK Doctor Hope's husband was declared missing after a break in, suspected of being taken hostage. The coordinates given allowed for his rescue, without any deaths. SCP-4865 is currently pending request by Dr Hope for use locating missing people.
SCP-4865-E D-1009 July 12th A letter from D-1009's son, discussing how much he missed him D-1009 had an explicit fear about the safety of his son. He was allowed to keep the letter to maintain a calm state.
SCP-4865-F D-1034 September 18th A complete set of false teeth, made from stainless steel. D-1034 was not allowed to keep them despite his various protests, as his previous false teeth were wearing away. A new set of teeth were subsequently made following this.
SCP-4865-G D-1034 September 18th A DVD copy of a previously unknown snuff film, involving the murder and cannibalism of five girls estimated to be under the age of 6. While watching the footage, each of the researchers were noted to feel extreme euphoria despite the graphic content they were viewing. After observation, they all requested amnestics, citing vivid auditory hallucinations while watching the footage.
SCP-4865-H D-1034 September 18th A kilogram of various confectionery items. Each of the items were tested, which returned them as safe to consume, and were promptly divided between the various researchers and other site personnel.
SCP-4865-I D-1034 September 18th A confectionery item covered in powder. The researchers, upon testing SCP-4865-I were subjected to severe poisoning by fluorine gas. Two of the three researchers were severely injured as a result.
SCP-4865-J D-1034 September 18th A large vial of arsenic D-1034 successfully consumed the arsenic, however researchers were able to stabilize the subject until medical personnel arrived. Testing involving D-1034 was permanently suspended.
SCP-4865-K Doctor Alas December 22nd A turtle shell After examination, Doctor Alas was allowed to take this home. It remains there, currently a decoration in his son's bedroom.
SCP-4865-L Doctor Tong May 28th A small box containing a wedding ring The ring was identified as Doctor Tong's own wedding ring, which he lost while cleaning his house.
SCP-4865-M Doctor Square September 19th A standard Level 3 keycard Dr. Square had lost his keycard at the time, and was concerned about being reprimanded for doing so. Following this, containment procedures were revised to prevent SCP-4865 from being used to find lost objects.
SCP-4865-N D-8235 January 31st An electric toothbrush Upon the toothbrush being observed, D-8235 proceeded to brush her teeth without any explanation. When questioned, she said that "the fat man," a figment of her imagination, had ordered her to do so.
SCP-4865-O D-2003 October 11th A list of numbers, reading 21, 29, 15, 18, 23 and 53 These numbers were later discovered to be the winning lottery numbers for the draw on the same day, albeit 17 minutes prior.
SCP-4865-P D-2003 October 11th A model of a Boeing-767, constructed from plastic, and painted with acrylics. Upon throwing the plane, researchers discovered it flew a lot farther than expected. The longest distance recorded measured 197 metres.
SCP-4865-Q D-2003 October 11th One toffee apple, coated in popping candy. The item was confirmed to be safe and returned to D-2003, who had been requesting it for several hours. Upon consuming a small section of the toffee apple, D-2003's mouth exploded and tore the skin at the cheeks. Upon examination of the popping candy, high quantities of cesium were discovered. It is presumed that when saliva came in to contact to the cesium, it reacted. There is no known reason as to why the popping candy contained this element, nor for how it was not detected.
SCP-4865-R Doctor Square September 19th A digital camera, with several SD cards. There was no footage on the SD cards, nor on the camera. There was a small note on the camera reading "When the walls fall, take a shot."
SCP-4865-S D-1987 January 3rd A skinned dog's ear, containing a large volume of pus and blood The blood emitted a sweet aroma, and was later discovered to contain scents from various air freshening products.

Addendum 2: In August, 2014, researchers approved a test in which a camera would be placed in SCP-4865, to observe if anything appeared in the interior of SCP-4865 during that time. The camera was inserted by D-1095, who also monitored the footage as a precaution, and to ensure that he could retrieve the camera afterwards. During this time, he was monitored by Doctor ██████. The following file contains a transcript of the conversation between both of them.

Addendum 3: In October 2014, researchers approved a test in which a small remote controlled vehicle would be placed within SCP-4865, in order to observe the light, and if it led anywhere. The camera was monitored by Doctor ██████, who also instructed where the vehicle was to move to. The following is a file relating to the test.

Addendum 4: In December 2014, researchers approved a supposedly final test in which a meeting between Doctor ██████ and Saint Milo through cameras would occur. This would involve Doctor ██████ asking several questions about how SCP-4865 operates.

Addendum 5: In March 2015, researchers decided to revoke their previous statement that Test-4865-C was to be the final one conducted on the item, and approved a test to inspect the corrosion on SCP-4865. Doctor Nits was designated to monitor the experiment, which would involve a segment of corrosion, which had been removed from the previous locker SCP-4865 was contained in, being applied to various objects, including human skin, to ensure the safety during cleaning processes.

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