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This file was discovered on ██/03/2020 occupying the slot designated "SCP-4862". The information contained within regarding SCP-4862 has been thoroughly investigated and determined to be fictional. This file has been locked and archived in order to avoid further misinformation.

SCP-4862 does not exist; all individuals referenced do not exist.


Clearwater Union High School.

Item #: SCP-4862

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All public records of Clearwater Union High School have been expunged. The building itself has been cordoned off and all but one of the side entrances have been sealed.

Monthly expeditions are to be made in order to record any topographical abnormalities present in SCP-4862. These expeditions are to be conducted by one D-Class personnel who is overseen by a Level-3 Researcher.

L.O.S.T.1 individuals should not be recovered.

Description: SCP-4862 is the basement level of the now abandoned Clearwater Union High School, which has been perpetually expanding since March 1st, 2003. Each level of expansion manifests as a recreation of the second floor of the building, followed by the first floor and the basement.

The entrance to each level is a reinforced steel vault door which originally allowed access to a fallout shelter constructed beneath the school. While the space this shelter occupied is physically inaccessible, thermal imaging has revealed that six seven sources of heat are present in the room at any given time.2

Individuals entering SCP-4862 are subject to several psychological and physiological symptoms.

  • Cluster headaches which last <1 minute. Occurs 1-3 times an hour.
  • Dryness in the upper throat. Causes slight pain when breathing.
  • Large rashes on the back of the thighs and knees. Dark green in color.
  • Circular lesions on the upper chest and face. Leaks a black, viscous fluid occasionally.
  • Hallucinations.

These symptoms intensify the further an individual travels in SCP-4862 and the longer an individual spends within Clearwater Union High School itself. After one hour of exposure, subjects have reported topographical abnormalities which are inconsistent with the Foundation's current understanding of SCP-4862. Due to the epistemological dangers present in the task, these claims can not be verified.

Addendum 4862/1: Exploration Log (Summarized)


DATE: 10/04/2009 | 10:04 - 14:01

PERSONNEL INVOLVED: D-11339, Sr. Researcher Erie Wattson (Command)

PURPOSE: Ten weeks prior, D-57991 became critically injured whilst exploring the 99th level of SCP-4862. They were later declared L.O.S.T. Future explorations would record a "distortion" affecting the entirety of the 99th level, apparently caused by D-57991, which prevented entry into further levels. D-11339 was sent to document the abnormality and any additional abnormalities affecting SCP-4862.


[10:04] D-11339 checks that their recording equipment — a digital microphone system and body-worn camera — is in working condition. They descend the first 9 levels, occasionally recording their surroundings. There are no differences between the levels apart from an inconsistent number of classrooms on the first floor and the presence of garbage. The latter of which gradually becomes more prevalent as D-11339 descends.

[10:39] D-11339 experiences their first cluster headache upon reaching the 22nd level. Command recommends that D-11339 rest before continuing their descent. They enter an unlocked classroom and document its interior. The desks are scattered across the floor, as if they had been thrown across the room. The windows are boarded up and sealed with concrete. D-11339 reports hearing multiple sets of footsteps above them. Command reminds them that hallucinations are a symptom of SCP-4862.

[10:55] D-11339 reaches the 38th level. Signs of decay are now more apparent: numerous windows are broken, cracks are present in the doors along with long black stains, and rust coats the walls and floor. D-11339 claims that they are experiencing scopaesthesia. They request an additional staff member to maintain their safety. Command denies this request at the current moment.

[11:10] While descending from the first floor to the basement, D-11339 trips and falls down a staircase, causing minor injuries. D-11339 states that they do not feel any pain from the injury, but discovers a laceration on their lower stomach which extends down to the side of their thigh. The source of this injury is unknown; it was likely not caused by the fall.

[11:52] Ψ-Alpha is detected within the 1st level of SCP-4862.

[12:01] A loud cracking sound is heard. Command notifies D-11339 of this, who confirms that they also heard the sound. D-11339 is asked if they were distressed by the sound. They state that they were not. A loud snapping sound is heard. D-11339 is asked if they were distressed by the sound. They state that they were. Their response is noted.

[12:33] Command asks D-11339 to enter a classroom and remain within it for a period of 5 minutes. D-11339 expresses reluctance at the task, but accepts. They enter an unlocked classroom and document its interior. All of the furniture is missing save for a small television in the center of the room, which is displaying static. The phrase "LEAVE BY MARCH 1" is written in red spray-paint on the wall. D-11339 expresses confusion at this.

[12:33] Ψ-Alpha is detected within the basement of the 50th level. The entryway to the 51st level is now blocked by large mounds of debris and garbage. A puddle of blackwater dribbles across the floor.

[12:38] As D-11339 prepares to leave, the television begins airing an audio recording of a college lecture in which the professor explains the conditions which led to the creation of the Roman god Tiberinus. Overlayed on top of the video is a map of Watson Lake, AZ, with an "X" marked on the shoreline next to a small stretch of road. D-11339 becomes distressed and flees from the room against the orders of Command.

[12:45] Command informs D-11339 that they are nearing the 99th level. They do not comment on this. Command reminds D-11339 of the symptoms of SCP-4862, and asks if they have experienced any of them. D-11339 states that they have not. Command questions the validity of their claim due to the length of time D-11339 has spent within Clearwater Union High School. D-11339 laughs before issuing another denial.

[12:59] Ψ-Alpha is detected within the 90th level. A current of blackwater follows, flowing down the stairs and sinking through the floor to the next level.

[13:13] D-11339 examines themselves in a bathroom mirror to check if their injuries require medical attention. The camera feed shows an obscured figure within the reflection of the mirror, leaning out from one of the stalls. D-11339 stares at this figure for 3 minutes before leaving abruptly. When questioned by Command, D-11339 claims that they had not seen the figure.

[13:27] All communications are lost temporarily. While attempting to regain contact, audio of sloshing liquid and static are captured. A series of stock footage clips flash on the feed periodically: a public swimming pool with only one occupant, an old playground swingset, Doom (1993), an apparent album cover depicting a child kidnapping with the word "CODE:PINK" written in the top-right corner, an upside-down sunset, and a lifeguard training video which depicts a child drowning alone in a pool.

[13:33] Communications are re-established. D-11339 examines a crack in the ceiling which is leaking a black liquid onto their uniform, staining it. They are reminded that lesions are a symptom of SCP-4862. D-11339 denies that they are suffering from lesions, and requests immediate extraction. Audio of D-11339 laughing is heard. Command notifies D-11339 of this, who denies that they heard the sound. Command determines this answer to be deceitful.

[13:46] Ψ-Alpha is seen, standing at the end of a hallway.

[13:52] D-11339 successfully accesses the 95th level. D-11339 successfully accesses the 96th level. D-11339 successfully accesses the 97th level. D-11339 successfully accesses the 98th level. Command declares D-11339 to be L.O.S.T.

[13:58] Ψ-Alpha successfully accesses the 99th level. It is completely submerged in blackwater, making it nearly inaccessible. Ψ-Alpha wades into the pool, and swims to a fallout shelter located within the basement. There, they discover six bodies which all possess circular lacerations which leak out a black liquid. They are responsible for the level becoming inaccessible. Ψ-Alpha states that one of the bodies bears a strong resemblance to D-11339, who they believe held positive feelings towards them. Ψ-Alpha is reminded that hallucinations are a symptom of SCP-4862. Ψ-Alpha reaffirms that this statement is true, and awaits further instruction.

[14:01] All communication is lost.


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