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Item #: SCP-4861

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-4861 does not yet exist, it is not currently under containment. Following negotiations with GoI-2378 ("Paradisus"), preliminary containment procedures will be devised if possible.

Description: SCP-4861 will be an entity resembling an animate human nervous system which will appear floating over an as-of-yet unknown European city on 12/11/2030. Thirty seconds following its initial appearance, SCP-4861 will release a wave of hostile psionic energy, resulting in the brain death of every sapient organism within a five kilometer range, and will repeat this action every thirty seconds indefinitely.

Information provided to the Foundation suggests that this will result in a total of 11,752 casualties and a partial Broken Masquerade scenario.

Intelligence on SCP-4861 was given to the Foundation as part of the Lambert Peace Agreement with GoI-2378 ("Paradisus"), a version of the Foundation originating from the year 2100. Following the final cessation of hostilities between the two organizations, negotiations officially began regarding a full intelligence exchange on SCP-4861 so that containment procedures could be devised prior to its appearance. (See Addendum 4861-1)

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