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Item #: SCP-4860

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4860 is currently contained in cryogenic storage within its original packaging. Personnel are to avoid damaging or otherwise interfering with any thaumic seals when handling SCP-4860 for research or transport. Research of these seals has been designated an Ekhi-class priority.

Description: SCP-4860 is the body of an adolescent human male of Eastern European descent suspended in thaumo-cryogenic stasis inside a large wooden crate. Due to the poorly understood nature of its stasis, it is currently unfeasible to ascertain if SCP-4860 is alive. Local Hume measurements and other diagnostic tests indicate that SCP-4860 is a reality bender of Class IV or greater.

SCP-4860 was retrieved from Low Earth Orbit via drone following the detection of a spike in EVE levels and rapid Hume fluctuations. A cardboard box containing several files was also retrieved alongside SCP-4860, but had inadvertently dumped over half its contents into orbit due to poor packaging. The files and internal documentation, while decidedly non-anomalous, were compiled in a language identified as Sylvanian Alexandrian, the lingua franca of the extrauniversal instutition known as Alexylva University.

These files contained information pertaining to SCP-4860, of which several translated instances have been attached below. Lexical gaps between English and Sylvanian Alexandrian have been patched with Rosetta.aic, and are subject to improvements in the future. Dates have also been converted to Gregorian Calendar format for accessibility.

Salutations, Vice Chancellor Allgrass of Alexylva

We have received your request to requisition Ottokar for vivisection and biological studies. I am pleased to inform you that the Alexerican Triumvirate have approved of this transfer, of which you will hopefully find this letter attached to.

The materials will be delivered to you via a new service offered by the Phitransimun Combine. They're marketing it as the most secure postal bridges in the entire industry, so it should be in safe hands. Barca Magnus knows how much we paid for a subscription.

I trust you will find these new materials enlightening to your institution. May it hasten your pursuit of knowledge as it has ours. A word of advice: try not to loosen the chains too much. It wouldn't do to have all our efforts be snubbed by the wrath of a god.

Your fellow academician and learned friend, Magister Anaximander of Alexerica


Foreword: Analysis and cross-referencing of the previous and current baseline seem to indicate that Ottokar made changes non-consecutively, jumping backwards and forwards in no particular sequence. We're still trying to figure out how he managed to avoid temporal backlash, as well as safeguard the occurrence of altered events in the face of severe butterfly effects from alterations further back in the timeline. It is also not known if all of the following alterations were intentional or arose from neglected butterfly effects.

Original Event Altered Event
The Empire does not exist, and did not exist. Over a hundred sovereign states exist throughout Africa and Eurasia. The Empire spans from Hibernia and Mauretania to Zipang and Chryse Insulasia, with numerous vassals and client states in the present day.
The Alexylva University does not exist, nor does the concept of Alexandrian institutions of higher learning. An Alexandrian institution of higher learning exists for every Imperial province and administrative area.
Kadmos Atsadi Calanico is elected as the first Cherokee President of the Union of Cartecalla in 1888CE. Cadmus Julius Sylvanius Calanicus is coronated as the first Cherokee Augustus of the Empire in 1888CE.
The Migratory Period in Europa gives rise to the Gothic invasions that lead to the fragmentation of the First Carthaginian Empire and the formation of the Franconian Kingdom in Callut Hasalemut. The Empire fails to repel invasions of unpacified Goths and Slavs only in the frontier provinces of Venedia and Ruthenia. Rome would reclaim these territories and begin pacification campaigns a century later.
The Republic of Baratanac defeats the Kingdom of Rome 3-0 in the finals of the 2020 Barca Cup championship. The Empire defeats the Imperial Province of Britannia 30-0 in the finals of the 2020 Caesar Cup, winning the championship.



Friends, fellow scholars, we stand on the precipice of a New Age.

On the Ides of this December, a shack appeared in the main courtyard of our prestigious Alexerica University, bringing strange fluctuations in the surrounding fabric of existence. Within this shack lay a young man, comatic and feverish, surrounded by computer towers and papyrus sheaves. We identified the youth to be as follows, and brought him into our custody.

Profile ID: 00184714
Name: Alexander Ottokar
Race: Sarmatian Gothic (Occidental)
Status: Slave (Beta House)

An unremarkable slave according to our records, Ottokar has, seemingly overnight, achieved an uncharacteristic aura of inexplicable power hitherto unseen on our campus. A power strong enough to command authority over the order of the world. This made investigation into Ottokar an absolute priority. Given his peculiar arrival and condition, our scholars inferred him to be a stranger to our reality. However, as all our scholars would know, a proper study never ends at an inference.

Combing through his shack, we came into possession of several writings of his. Outlandish criticisms of imaginary circumstances, and the unpatriotic yet unabashed romanticisms of a history lesser to our own, written in such persuasive fervor that one would have followed Ottokar to any war he desired. Even while compiling this report, I admit that I seem to harbor contempt for those who would be enemies of the sons and daughters of Rome. My mind wanders to the Phoenician, the Hun, the Pict, the Sogdian, in spite of their pacification or destruction in centuries past. It almost distracts me from the shame of being inspired by a slave.

Our suspicions of an extrauniversal origin became unfounded upon the sudden appearance of numerous deepwell archives hidden in the bowels of our institution, harboring a wealth of intriguing information. Curiously, these archives seemed to contextualize the many maps and manifestos penned by Ottokar and confirmed him to be a local, albeit an anachronistic one. His Mundus of extraction, so to speak, bore many differences to our baseline. I have no doubt that most of you have already laid eyes on the Labors of Ottokar, an ongoing effort to compile his many deeds from the variations between the old and present world.

Presently, our consensus is that Ottokar was, or is, far more capable than commanding authority over the order of the world. He has commanded authority over the order of time and history itself, becoming a remnant of a reality that never was. A God has been born amongst us, nurturing our glorious present into existence in spite of his barbarian birth. For this, he has been afforded the best care our facilities can offer, and is only a matter of time before he is in optimal condition for further study, his comatic condition notwithstanding.

We would be right to canonize him into scripture. Glory to Ottokar.



Original Event Altered Event
The Mandate of Heaven is held by the Zhou Empire, and encompasses the entirety of Serica. The Mandate of Heaven is seized and destroyed during the Fourth Serican War. Serica is currently administrated as a client state, and so hosts an Alexandria Serica University.
Australia is split between multiple states borne of the colonial ambitions of Carthage and other powers in the XVIII Century. The numerous states that do exist in Australia live under the protection and fear of a Mongolic Khanate allied to Rome. Butterfly effect strongly suspected.
Hannon the Elder discovers Cartecalla in 145BCE. His son Hannon the Younger would go on to establish a trading outpost there circa 127BCE after the death of the Elder Hannon. Alexandria Amazonia is discovered in 120CE by Imperial expeditionary fleets, while Alexandria Insularia Aquae and Alexandria Sylvanos are discovered in the following months.
Multiple recorded instances of Alexander the Great founding and renaming cities in the Indian subcontinent exist, although none are referred to as such in the modern day. Over 80 instances of cities named for Alexander the Great/Alexander Ottokar(?) are currently exist in the Indian subcontinent.
The Battle of the Metarus in the 2nd Punic War ends in a Carthaginian victory. Rome is razed to the ground weeks later by Hannibal as revenge for the death of his brother Hasdrubal, who was transmuted into spiders by a Roman eigenweapon at the Metarus. Rome never recovers from the 2nd Punic War. The outcome of the battle is unchanged, however Hasdrubal's death is inadvertently avoided by the sudden deactivation of all eigenweapons by what is believed to be a thaumo-electric pulse.

Afterword: It is inferred that Ottokar had exhausted himself in executing his labors, leading to his collapse during his attempted alteration of the Battle of the Metarus. With thaumo-electric pulses being a common symptom of high stress and overworking in thaumaturges, it's more than likely his actions there were unintentional. No further changes to the timeline were recorded earlier than this.

In the end, Ottokar was unable to fulfil what he desired most: Roman ascendancy over Carthage. And yet, it happened anyway. While Rome was pacified over the course of subsequent campaigns and was eventually integrated into Carthage proper, Roman culture and identity persisted, their continued existence sanctioned and tolerated by the Shofets in Carthage. Rome played the long game, supported by geniuses of the likes of Caesar, Fluvius, and Theodosia, who had far superior foresight than the very being who serendipitously engineered these circumstances by brute forcing impossible victories and discoveries.

I wonder what Ottokar would think about Rome growing into the corpus of Carthage from within itself, before breaking out and rising like a magnificent phoenix? Would he feel proud seeing an Empire that rejects his very race stand tall? The strange barbarian ways of the old world are wholly incompatible with our noble customs, after all.

We owe everything to the final folly of Ottokar, and for the sake of our world—may Ottokar never complete his Labors.

Barca Magnus willing, he shall rest forevermore.


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