We will live and die as if we never were, in a thousand thousand scattered places.

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Item #: SCP-4858

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: An armed perimeter has been set up around SCP-4858. Guards and researchers are to be on-site at all times to deal with potential SCP-4858-A manifestations. All intruders and SCP-4858-A instances are to be detained, ideally before they are able to react and activate a suicide device.

Description: SCP-4858 is a ruined shrine in Kidal Region, Mali. It is of unknown construction and design, and is believed to have been built in the 4th millenium BCE, apparently for the worship of an unknown deity named Sap'e'ha.

Around the base of the shrine, inscriptions can be found written in English, French, Tuareg, Literary Arabic and an unknown dialect of Aramaic. These inscriptions have been variously dated to between the 4th millenium BCE and the 1st century CE. Several bricks found in the vicinity of SCP-4858 have been dated to the 9th millenium BCE, thousands of years before the technology which would have allowed their construction was available.

At entirely random moments, a single humanoid figure (hereafter referred to as an SCP-4858-A instance) will appear to manifest inside SCP-4858. SCP-4858-A instances typically expire shortly after arrival, due to severe burn wounds; of the 4% who do not, all have committed suicide shortly after being taken into Foundation custody through cyanide pills hidden in the mouth. Multiple SCP-4858-A instances often appear in short succession; genetic testing has revealed that these clusters ordinarily form family groups.

In cases where burn wounds occur, any clothing and items the SCP-4858-A manifestation has on its person will ordinarily be destroyed, although there are a small number of cases where objects have survived. The causes of this are unknown. SCP-4858-A manifestations frequently manifest while holding print books or manuscripts, although these have never survived intact.

On several occasions, individuals have been observed approaching and observing SCP-4858; they often appear to be in a state of extreme distress. Attempts to capture these humanoids ordinarily fail; only 4 have ever been apprehended, and have all committed suicide by the same method as the SCP-4858-A instances.

SCP-4858 was first discovered by the Foundation on 10/12/1972, following reports of "people emerging from the desert" in nearby villages. SCP-4858-A manifestations notably dropped in frequency following Foundation containment, with the 1515 manifestations reported in 1973 falling to just 13 by 1976 and only 5 since 2010.

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