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Item #: SCP-4847

Object Class: Keter

Area-██ prior to Foundation presence

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-4847 is uncontained. The Foundation has installed a subterranean containment facility under an uninhabited island in the North Atlantic ocean (designated Area-██) in preparation of SCP-4847's containment. Area-██ has been constructed around a central gigafauna containment cell, fitted with 12 Scranton Reality Anchors and 8 Tachyon Disruptor Engines. The single blast door leading to the containment cell is to be permanently sealed upon SCP-4847's containment.

In the event of containment breach, all on-site personnel are to immediately initiate Procedure 39-Mobilov and notify O5 command of the breach. MTF units Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits") and Iota-3 ("Tomorrow Never Comes") are to be immediately dispatched to Area-██.

Description: SCP-4847 is understood to be a reality-altering entity of unknown origin. SCP-4847 is reported to be able to manipulate its physical form using its abilities; as such, SCP-4847 has no definitive physical description. However, it has been reported to consistently mask its form under cloud cover or light refraction.

SCP-4847 is reported to have breached containment on 2018/11/22 after causing extensive damage to Site-391, where it was being contained. Given the circumstances surrounding SCP-4847's discovery, much of the information regarding SCP-4847 has been recorded from memory by members of Division Requiem; as such, certain elements of SCP-4847 may be inaccurate.

Site-39 was initially discovered during MTF investigation of distress signals from an unknown location on a secured Foundation network. Upon arrival at signal origin, MTF units located a partially destroyed facility; further investigation revealed numerous Foundation-style components, including one large containment cell containing multiple Scranton Reality Anchors exhibiting various amounts of damage. Notably, this was the only containment cell located at the facility.

During the Site-39 investigation, MTF units discovered a contingent of 22 researchers in the ruins of the facility. Given that, at the time, Site-39 was not a registered Foundation installation, all researchers encountered were temporarily designated SCP-4847-1 through 22 and detained at Site-██ for interrogation. All of the researchers were carrying identification labelling them as Foundation personnel, although only 6 were recorded in Foundation databases as employed researchers. However, these 6 researchers were confirmed as working at other sites at the time; they were quickly brought in to aid with questioning.

Genetic testing of 6 pre-existing researchers and their Site-39 counterparts revealed identical genome sequences between each pair, indicating that they are, in essence, the same person; although, all 6 of the Site-39 counterparts showed marked signs of ageing compared to their pre-existing versions.

Analysis of three partially-fragmented information drives recovered from Site-39 revealed documents ranging in date from 2040/██/██ to 2044/██/██. When questioned about the date, all 22 researchers believed themselves to be in the year 2044. These answers, combined with the information drives, researcher identification, and genetic sequencing, has lead the Foundation to believe that SCP-4847, Site-39, and the 22 researchers are all from a prospective point in time. This has lead to the hypothesis that SCP-4847 has an understanding of, and the ability to manipulate the temporal continuum. In an attempt to nullify further temporal relocation, the 22 researchers (Now known as Division Requiem) have worked with the Foundation to develop technology for this cause.

Document 4847-DR-TDE00: The Tachyon Disruptor Engine (TDE) is an experimental collaborative effort between Division Requiem and Foundation staff intended to limit localised temporal instability. Based on current models of special relativity, the TDE is theorised to "lock" pockets of space-time by prohibiting superluminal molecular speeds in the surrounding vicinity. Particles in the TDE field of effect should be unable to be energised to the point of superluminal velocity, thus preventing manipulation of the temporal continuum. Due to the nature of reality-altering anomalies, conjunctive use of the TDE with Scranton Reality Anchors is necessary. Testing of the TDEs on other temporal anomalies is currently pending.

Although the veracity of statements made by the Division Requiem cannot be proven, it currently serves as the most explicable reason for Site-39's sudden appearance. Furthermore, whilst Division Requiem is permitted to collaborate with current Foundation researchers on matters relating to SCP-4847 (under constant supervision), the Foundation is still considering the possibility that Division Requiem is a fraudulent contingent with motives detrimental to the Foundation.

Since the limit and scope of SCP-4847's abilities is unknown, O5 command is treating SCP-4847 as at least a Class III reality-altering anomaly, and hypothetically capable of inducing a CK-class Reality Restructuring or ZK-class Reality Failure event.

Administrator Note:

Yes, we are aware that the previous distress call indicates that SCP-4847 may no longer be present in our timeline. However, if SCP-4847 is sapient enough to communicate with other versions of itself, and they all congregate into our point on the timeline… Well, the implication is there. The Foundation will continue to prepare for SCP-4847's containment regardless of whether or not it currently exists in our point in time.
- O5-█

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