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Item #: SCP-4843

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4843 is currently buried 24 meters underground in its original gravesite at Aspen Grove Cemetery in Burlington, Iowa. The disappearance of the Essermink family has been explained by Cover Story-109 "Witness Protection". Family members not found within SCP-4843 have been amnesticized.

Description: SCP-4843 is the coffin of Gerald Essermink, a drag racing enthusiast interred in Burlington, Iowa. SCP-4843 is surrounded by a tough shell, estimated to be 18 meters in diameter.

SCP-4843's shell is composed of organic and non-organic materials divided between five distinct layers. It restores any displaced mass after a period of four days. Sample collections show that restored materials are identical each regeneration.

Below is a description of the shell surrounding SCP-4843 by layer.

Layer Description
Outermost Layer A combination of wood, glass, electrical wire, brick, and carpet. Approximately 12 meters thick.
Layer 2 A combination of metal and rubber, as well as painted fiberglass. Approximately 3 meters thick.
Layer 3 Miscellaneous racing paraphernalia, including model cars, flags, photographs, and video games. Approximately 1 meter thick.
Innermost Layer Several corpses, ranging from ages 10 to 90, in various stages of decomposition. Return studies have indicated that the corpses are in stasis and do not decompose any further. Approximately 2 meters thick.
Core SCP-4843. Inside contains the body of Mr. Essermink and several photos. Photos depict Mr. Essermink in various tourist locations and speedways, as well as with his spouse and grandchildren.1

Discovery: SCP-4843 had gained its anomalous properties on May 6th, 2012, one week after Mr. Essermink's burial. It was at this time that its shell rapidly began to form around it, disrupting the surrounding graves in Aspen Grove Cemetery and attracting the attention of the Foundation. Containment Protocols were enacted immediately to hide SCP-4843 from public view while Disinformation Campaign "IN MEMORIAM" was initiated citywide. Due to its massive size, SCP-4843 could not be located elsewhere discreetly, thus the decision was made to bury it further in Aspen Grove Cemetery.

According to multiple civilians and witnesses, numerous direct relatives of Mr. Essermink suddenly disappeared around the same time as SCP-4843's emergence, as well as three race cars and a cabin personally built by Mr. Essermink.

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