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Item #: SCP-4842

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4842-1 is to be contained in an anechoic locker at Site-28.

Manifestations of SCP-4842-2 are contained in an anechoic display with a specialized internal microphone; a Foundation agent embedded in the local anartist scene is to maintain this display under the guise of it being an art installation. As SCP-4842-2 instances cease all anomalous activity after playing, it is to be removed from its location and recycled as needed.

Description: SCP-4842-1 is a boombox which operates at maximum volume for its model without the need for a power source. The only recording that has played since its discovery and subsequent containment are field recordings of trains passing nearby the microphone. The recording lasts for 30 minutes and 29 seconds. After it finishes, the recording loops and plays again. SCP-4842-1 was discovered and initially cataloged as AO-17-051902 on 01/05/2015. It was reclassified as SCP-4842-1 following Recording-4842-Beta.1

SCP-4842-2 is a boombox which manifests at 40°██'██.█"N 74°██'██.█"W once every 177 days, thereafter playing at maximum volume without the need for a power source. Recordings played from SCP-4842-2 vary in content and length; two individuals are present on all recordings, identified as Jensen Kortland and Alix Cuthbertson. Interviews with the individuals in question have revealed that neither are aware of SCP-4842 or its associated phenomena, and that neither have visited the state of ████████, having lived on Martha's Vineyard together since April 7th, 2013.

Addendum 4842-B: List of transcribed SCP-4842-2 recordings

Audio of Recording 4842-Epsilon (12/02/2017): Recording 4842-Epsilon was recorded and thereafter transferred to Site-28's Digital Recordings Archive by Researcher Jeffery Ash. If the player below will not function for you, you can access the audio via this link.

Addendum 4842-D: Starting on 05/28/2018, all recordings played from SCP-4842-2 have been instances of Recording 4842-Epsilon, with apparent worsening sound quality each manifestation.

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