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Notice to the Foundation, Multiversal Iteration 2N:

By order of Eternal President Girard Niang: Earth, Multiversal Iteration 4V, has been severed from ☽☽☽ jurisdiction and left to its own devices. Further involvement on the part of the ☽☽☽ Humanity Defense Corps would have only exacerbated the situation and led to cross-dimensional casualties.

As an additional means to ensure eternal quarantine, JALAKÅRA Himself has whispered the hymn of silent flesh into Iteration 4V. While regrettable, this action was a product of absolute necessity, and executed to protect the multi-dimensional majority of humans. Fortunately, extraterrestrial life in 4V continues to thrive.

We will now provide you with 4V's document SCP-4839,1 if only as a warning. We know your cause is just — but for your own sake, know when to stop.

You are watched. You are Protected. You are loved.


Kullervo counter specifications for SCP-4839

Item #: SCP-4839

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Black

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the large volume of SCP-4839 in existence, Mass Containment Zone-4839, hereafter MCZ-4839, has been constructed within SCP-2400. MCZ-4839 is composed of two warehouses for storage of SCP-4839, living quarters for staff, and barracks for guards. Each warehouse will be equipped with a Kullervo Suppressor, thereby neutralizing the dangerous effects of contained instances.

Items that carry SCP-4839 are to be contained as-is. Living instances are to be accommodated with nutrition and other sustenance. Deceased instances are to be contained, as well.

Acquisition of additional SCP-4839 is to be carried out through the use of Kullervo Detectors, available at every major Foundation site. Any usage of Kullervo Detectors that deviates from the provided instruction manual is grounds for immediate termination of employment with the Foundation and the administration of Class-C amnestics.

Though SCP-4839 poses no threat while contained, it is estimated that only 4% of SCP-4839 in existence is currently under containment. Failure to contain at least 70% of SCP-4839 by 12/2/2065 will result in a ZK-class reality failure scenario.

Description: SCP-4839 is a subatomic particle that can only be detected with a Barton-Salas Kullervo Detector2. It is discovered SCP-4839 cannot be transferred from its host object, and does not affect the object’s mass.

It is extradimensional in origin, and is believed to be the catalyst of another reality’s forced assimilation of our own.3

So far, SCP-4839 has been discovered in the following objects:

Source Acquisition Strategy Cover Strategy
Julep-brand window-mounted air conditioners manufactured after 1986 Julep Electric seized by the Foundation and dissolved. A product recall is in effect. Asbestos contamination.
The Bangka slow loris (Nycticebus bancanus) All wild instances, approximately 70% previously captive specimens, and approximately 40% of deceased specimens have been captured and contained. The species is extinct in the wild due to climate change.
The works of the Italian baroque painter, Artemisia Gentileschi Captured in raids; owners amnesticized. Lost in a warehouse fire.
Leaves of the Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba) Acquisition ongoing. Complete containment would prove impractical; at most, 70% of live and deceased specimens can be contained. A virus from the Mesozoic Era that preyed upon ginkgo plants has been released from Arctic permafrost due to climate change.

More items may be added to this list, pending the discovery of SCP-4839 elsewhere.

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