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Item#: 4838
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Candace Harker's house (second from left), the location of the first known SCP-4838 event.

Special Containment Procedures: No containment is necessary.

Description: SCP-4838 refers to a series of paranormal incidents which affected Candace Harker, a 27-year-old woman from Gloucester, England. Beginning on 2017/02/19, a collection of artifacts manifested about her person, starting in her home.

The received items were all signed by a "Robert Green". Harker and a man of that name were romantically involved for a brief period of time, prior to his disappearance on 2016/11/07. SCP-4838 instances are believed to be singularly cognitohazardous: despite their innocuous or even heartwarming content, Candace Harker developed paranoia and identified the sender as having hostile intent. Countermemetic therapy had limited effectiveness, as symptoms resumed within one to three hours.

Addendum 4838-1: Timeline of SCP-4838 events

A Foundation bot flagged Candace Harker's repeated attempts to contact local police, and two field agents were dispatched to her residence. Harker explained the nature of the anomaly and noted that police had summarily ignored her complaints of harassment. She surrendered the following instances:

Date: 2017/02/19
Medium: Typed letter
Discovery: Mailbox

I've missed you. I hope you haven't forgotten me.

It's been about a year, are you well?

Date: 2017/02/20
Medium: Handwritten letter, return address at a nearby lake
Discovery: Mailbox

I saw a pheasant outside my window today, it reminded me of how peaceful things can be. You like pheasants too, right?

Date: 2017/02/20
Medium: Handwritten sticky note
Discovery: Mailbox

Oh right, how could I forget! You prefer mallards. They're sweet birds as well, like you.

Date: 2017/02/21
Medium: Handwritten note
Discovery: Mailbox

I often admire pictures of you. To me, you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

The agents reported back to Site-70 command and attached a camera to the interior of the mailbox to witness the next manifestation of SCP-4838.

Date: 2017/02/22
Medium: Handwritten letter
Discovery: Doormat

I know this is a hard time for us, but I truly do love you. We are strong, we'll make it through this.

With Harker's consent, the agents set up an extensive series of surveillance cameras within her house to better determine the origin of SCP-4838 instances.

Date: 2017/02/23
Medium: Handwritten letter
Discovery: Coffee table, just out of sight of a camera

You can't run away from the truth. I'm here for you, I want to protect you during these hard times.

Date: 2017/02/24
Medium: Typewriter on parchment
Discovery: Attached to the ceiling

I'm glad we are as close as we are. I appreciate that you open up to me like this.

Following failure to directly observe or contain any SCP-4838 instances, Site-70 command approved humanoid containment of Candace Harker to determine if the anomaly was an artifact of the domicile itself.

Date: 2017/02/25
Medium: Typewriter on parchment
Discovery: Nondescript package sent to Site-70

Just wanted to say you look very beautiful today.
(A bouquet of flowers was also present.)

Date: 2017/02/26
Medium: Typewritter on parchment
Discovery: On Harker's chest when she awoke

I love you dearly, never forget that.

Because the phenomenon was associated with Harker's person, the decision was made to maintain her containment until a means of neutralizing or managing the anomaly could be found.

Harker repeatedly expressed terror during psychological evaluations, despite being situated within a secure Foundation facility. She refused to consume prescribed mood-improving medicine.

Date: 2017/02/27
Medium: Dried mess of ink on parchment
Discovery: During lunch in the Site-70 mess hall

Sharing a meal with you always brightens up my day.

Date: 2017/02/28
Medium: Motor oil
Discovery: Bed

It's been so long since we've been together, I miss you sweetie.

Date: 2017/03/01
Medium: Written in blueberry juice
Discovery: Bathroom wall

I hope you are doing well, my love. I cooked our favorite meal and enjoyed it. I wish you could've been here too.

Date: 2017/03/02
Medium: Formed from stray hairs
Discovery: Site-70 break room sofa

Remember I will always love you.

Due to Harker's deteriorating mental health, the decision was made to keep her wholly confined within her cell until a suitable countermemetic treatment could be carried out.

Date: 2017/03/03
Medium: Dirt and dust
Discovery: Cell floor

It's been a tough day, but seeing your smiling face fills me with sunlight and happiness.

Date: 2017/03/04
Medium: Harker's menstrual blood
Discovery: Bathroom mirror

You are the best thing to have happened to me.

Date: 2017/03/05
Medium: Tar drippings on standard rations
Discovery: During Harker's morning meal

Love you honey, I'm coming home from work. We'll be together soon. :)

Addendum 4838-2: Incident 4838-FINAL

On 2017/03/06, surveillance systems within Site-70 experienced an outage, and all security personnel became unconscious. Following breach recovery, it was discovered that Candace Harker's chamber had been forced open. Harker herself was found lying against the wall, deceased. Signs of a struggle were present, such as torn clothing, scattered bloodstains, and the presence of numerous lacerations on her corpse.

Notably, Harker's entrails were arranged to spell "I will always be there to protect you". Since the incident, no further SCP-4838 events have occurred.

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