Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4836 is contained in a standard Anomalous Object Storage Locker at Site-76. Testing must be observed by at least two Level 4 research personnel. Amnestics are to be administered after all tests to avoid emotional attachment to the object.

Description: SCP-4836 is a stuffed children's toy, styled after a Care Bear, with a symbol of a clock embroidered on its stomach. When secured to the chest of a person who has one or fewer living biological parents, SCP-4836's effect is triggered. If the holder imagines a time period or event during their childhood in which the deceased parent was present1, their consciousness is able to experience that event or time period with perfect accuracy. The subject's body enters a comatose state when this effect is triggered and, although the body continues to age and grow, the muscles do not atrophy as would be expected during a coma. Past events are experienced in a 1:1 temporal ratio; a re-lived birthday celebration could last several hours, whereas a re-lived vacation could last one to two weeks. See test logs for further examples.

A cloth tag sewn to the seam on the left leg reads: "Happy 4th Birthday Ryan, my baby bear. Anywhere, anytime, hold this close and we'll never be apart."

Discovery: SCP-4836 was discovered on April 19th, 2008 at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, where 20-year-old Ryan Hoffstead regained consciousness after being in a comatose state for ten years. Hospital records state that Ryan did not show any signs of brain damage or any other documented causes of a coma.

It was additionally noted that Ryan had not released his grip on a stuffed bear for the entire duration of his decade-long stay. Ryan was taken into Foundation custody and transferred to Site-11 under the guise of specialized medical care.

After ascertaining the effects of SCP-4836 (See Interview Log 4836-R), it was transferred to Site-76. Ryan was given a series of amnestic treatments and enrolled in remedial education courses to facilitate reintegration into society2.

During attempts to locate Ryan's family, Foundation agents retrieved a death certificate from Oklahoma County records confirming his mother Cynthia Hoffstead's death due to a vehicle collision in January 1998. The location of Ryan's father, Gregory Hoffstead, is currently unknown.

Addendum 4836-J1: The following is an entry found in Ryan's journal, dated two days before his admission to Mercy hospital. It was recovered from his residence. His room appeared to have remained undisturbed since his hospitalization.

Addendum 4836-J2: The following is the final entry from a journal that Ryan was asked to keep as part of his rehabilitation. Dr. Parsons requested he keep a journal in order to monitor any residual emotional attachment to the anomaly. This entry prompted Dr. Parsons to clear Ryan for reintegration.

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