It was all ahead of you. That sunset curve over the horizon. Don't you remember?

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Rows upon rows of empty seats line the hall. You've made sure only you're here tonight—the others are all off on business, or caught up in their work. You made sure to register a week's holiday after the business down in Magaluf—your sheer exhaustion needs to be tended to.

In the few months since your promotion, you haven't had much time to yourself. But there have been things you've been curious about for a long time, things beyond your particular remit. You made a requisition request for a file, stuck in a filing cabinet in one of the more obscure parts of Site-01. It's pretty clear that it's something most people would like to forget.

The reel begins to play—all automated, of course. Grains flicker across the screen, before bursting into an image. It's a high-school playing field. The year must be about 1975, 76. There's no audio, and the image flickers and distorts at inconvenient moment, but the forms are all clear. They're playing—rugby? American football? Something like that. It's not quite right.

The camera stretches, and moves around. A smiling group of people, spectators, all wave at the camera. Their movements are not constructed, or acted, or precise—they're messy and uncertain, giggling and youthful. People. Real people, sitting right in front of you. Right?

You look down at the document, but you can't quite concentrate. You remember school, don't you? Your experience was different—different place, different time—but you remember it. The disciplined format of time, the early pangs of heartache, the promise of all your dreams before you. An infinity of youth, shaped by your name. It was all ahead of you. That sunset curve over the horizon.

You do remember, right?

Don't you remember?



The following file is Level 5/4833 classified.

Unauthorised access will result in immediate termination.

Item #: SCP-4833 Level 5/4833
Object Class: Keter Classified


Location of Incident 4833-8C.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4833 activity is currently being monitored by MTF Eta-11 "Savage Beasts". Eta-11 will immediately respond to any reported incidents, ascertain the situation and attempt to contain any potential anomalies.

Following Incident 4833-8C, the nature of SCP-4833 is considered to be radically altered. SCP-4833 will be reclassified and its file altered as soon as Agent O'Hara's debriefing has concluded.

Description: SCP-4833 is an organised group of reality-benders, ordinarily going by the name "Syncope Symphony". SCP-4833 is believed to contain between 10 and 29 individuals, all of whom exhibit similar abilities and properties.

Beginning in the late 1940s, the group's primary activity has been experimentation on youths between 15 and 18 in age, with the intention of anomalously altering them for unknown purposes. SCP-4833 was once a significant player in anomalous affairs, being particularly feared within the anomalous underworld for the kidnap and forcible alteration of numerous individuals since the late 1940s. However, their presence has significantly decreased in recent years.

Beyond this, very little is known of SCP-4833's purpose, modus operandi, or fundamental nature. They have only been encountered indirectly by Foundation agents through events SCP-4833 has orchestrated. Testimonies from several survivors indicate that SCP-4833's ultimate goal is the institution of a "state of harmony"; what this entails is unknown.

SCP-4833's anomalous properties seem to centre around memory and music. In most of the forms in which the Foundation have encountered them, they appear either as a performing orchestra or as a musical supply shop. Sightings of SCP-4833 members invariably mention that they are "masked". However, due to the amnestic effects all such individuals have suffered, further details are unclear.

SCP-4833 was first brought to the Foundation's attention in the mid-1970s. A dedicated Foundation taskforce was established shortly after with the express purpose of investigating and tracking down SCP-4833. Although this taskforce has not succeeded in tracking down any member of SCP-4833 to date, they have provided a great deal of information which has aided in containing SCP-4833 activity on a wider scale.

Timeline of SCP-4833

1947: Believed to be the beginning of SCP-4833's activities. Subjects begin to be kidnapped worldwide, with a particular concentration in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park.

1964: First mass-experimentation, taking place in Boise, Idaho. Due to pressure from the GOC and various other organisations, SCP-4833 is believed to have relocated its primary base of operations to ████████ County, ███████.

1969: SCP-4833 opens a musical supply shop known as "Syncope Symphony" in the town of [REDACTED]. No anomalous activity initially present.

Autumn 1975: Mass cognitohazardous event taking place at Lake ███████████. Although no conclusive evidence linking this to SCP-4833 has been found, the nature of the anomaly fits SCP-4833's modus operandi.

1976: Series of experiments performed by SCP-4833 at Kirk Lonwood High School and ███████ High School. The schools and towns in question were swiftly evacuated and Foundation control was enforced. The "Syncope Symphony" musical supply shop was found abandoned upon a Foundation raid.

1977: The number of subjects kidnapped by SCP-4833 sharply decreases when compared to 1976, beginning a trend which has continued to the present. Figures in the anomalous underground have speculated that this is due to SCP-4833 achieving its goals at some point in 1976, with further kidnappings simply being a way of "fine-tuning".

1988: Last known encounter between Foundation personnel and an individual altered by SCP-4833 prior to 2019.

2019: Incident 4833-8C (see below).

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