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Item #: SCP-4832

Object Class: Safe


SCP-4832 in its unpowered state.

Special Containment Procedures: When not in use, SCP-4832 is to be held in a standard storage locker. Clearance to use item for demonstrating extrasensory phenomena to personnel is pending.

Description: SCP-4832 is a Dantax-brand AM/FM radio. When in a powered state, operating the tuning knob on the front face radically alters the appearance of SCP-4832's main body. Several of these alterations result in imagery normally incomprehensible to humans.1 All anomalous effects cease upon de-powering.

SCP-4832 was retrieved on December 27th, 2016 from the possession of POI-48321, a resident of Odense, Denmark, who personally delivered SCP-4832 to the headquarters of Dantax Radio A/S company to file a complaint. An embedded Foundation agent recognized SCP-4832's anomalous properties as POI-48321 powered the item on for demonstrative purposes.

POI-48321 was interrogated, and SCP-4832 was willingly relinquished in exchange for monetary compensation. POI-48321 revealed having received the item as a Christmas present from her husband, and believed it to be malfunctioning. No other radios of the same model as SCP-4832 have thus far produced anomalous effects; SCP-4832 is believed to be unique.

Addendum 4832-Alpha: Notes from Researcher Tardigan

Foreword: To qualify for demonstration purposes, SCP-4832 is being vetted for the possibility of extraneous or undocumented anomalies. RAISA has appointed Researcher Tardigan for this task, believing their previous uninvolvement in the project will benefit impartiality. The following are research notes from this endeavor.

Having thoroughly reviewed what we know about SCP-4832, I fail to see any physical reason for how its effects are propagated. We, as baseline humans, should not be able to perceive colours outside of the visible light spectrum2, let alone the nonsensical imagery which further tuning produces. While irregularities are to be expected when dealing with anomalies, the item's effects propagate even through digital photography, thus fulfilling the required criteria for a memetic anomaly.

This in itself is a glaring oversight in initial documentation. I cannot overstate how much damage an unchecked meme in the database can cause.

SCP-4832 likely employs some form of a perception-altering memetic effect, wherein its appearance during a powered state acts as a trigger glyph, which would explain persisting through secondary depictions. However, unlike SCP-4832, glyph-based triggers will typically only function upon being viewed in their entirety.

I'll run cursory scans on all mind-affecting anomalous triggers.

All scans for memetic triggers have returned negative. This goes wholly against my previous hypothesis. It is thus my opinion that SCP-4832 is most likely an antimeme. I'll run some further tests, and if everything returns negative, I'll have to consider developing my own research methods. Perhaps SCP-4832 employs uncategorizable anomalies?

This site has very rudimentary mnestic capabilities, so I've taken the liberty of sending the archived images of SCP-4832 to Site-41 for antimemetic analysis. Due to its low-priority status, this will take between four to five work days.

There's a sort of a nagging feeling I've got that perhaps SCP-4832 does not produce anomalous visuals per se, but rather its effects allow cognizant beings to perceive things beyond the constraints of their perception. A liminal area of the filtered remains of this reality, so to say. Perhaps SCP-4832, in its active state, unshackles our minds and escorts us out of Plato's allegorical cave into the true, wide-open world.

Perhaps we've stumbled upon something much grander than initially thought? If SCP-4832 portrays the world in its most unrestrained state, which of its appearances is closest to what we consider 'reality'? Perhaps these stages of increasing incomprehensibility are all mere morsels of truth, as seeing the full picture would rend one's mind. If SCP-4832 is our gateway into seeing through the eyes of God, why would it present itself to us in the form of a commercially produced radio? Regardless, it wouldn't be the most absurd thing I've encountered in this line of research.

I'm trying to keep a level head. After all, it might all be a fluke, and I'm overthinking things. In two to three workdays time I'll know, and if it isn't a fluke, I could be looking forward to a SCP-001 Proposal of my own.

Antimemetic scan results will be delivered tomorrow. I fear being over my head if they return negative. I've conferred with Site Command on what to do in case of an esoteric mind-affecting anomaly, and the sheer amount of bureaucracy involved outdoes anything that I have the tolerance for. Frankly I'm beginning to hope that it's 'just' an antimeme, so I can be done with this dreadful waiting.

Tomorrow I'll know for sure.

This confirms it: the testing of my colleagues at Site-41 strongly corroborates the notion that SCP-4832 is antimemetic. I'm conflicted, honestly. I foolishly thirsted for glory and academic acclaim, the likes of which feeble and comfort-seeking people like myself could ever only hope to dream of. One can dream, as they say.

For all their effort, the folks over at Site-41 couldn't even tell me what the darn thing does. I must refocus my efforts to discovering exactly what it is that SCP-4832's antimemetic properties conceal.

Addendum 4832-Beta: Image gallery

Foreword: The following is a complete list of all distinct visual alterations which SCP-4832 can produce.

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