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Item #: SCP-4831

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4831-1 is to be accommodated appropriately for a non-anomalous human. Access to a mobile device has been deemed acceptable by the containment team. Content posted by SCP-4831-1 is to be heavily monitored to prevent confidential information from being leaked. For more information on SCP-4831-1's needs, please see Document-315.

The house containing SCP-4831 has been secluded from the public. SCP-4831-1's family are not to be amnesticized.

Description: SCP-4831 is the bathroom of a household within Wet Money, Kansas, US. SCP-4831's anomalous properties manifested on 25/4/2018, and the Foundation was made aware of its existence on 2/5/2018. Attempting to access the interior of SCP-4831 is physically impossible.

The door and window for SCP-4831 are locked, and all attempts at unlocking both have failed. The walls, door, floor, and window inside SCP-4831 are indestructible as well, and have resisted all attempts at dismantling. This includes the use of sharp tools, explosives, high amounts of heat, and corrosion.

SCP-4831-1 is, at the time of writing, 17-year-old Tucker Miles who was inside of SCP-4831 when it gained its anomalous properties and is now trapped within. Besides this, SCP-4831-1 is physically non-anomalous. All attempts at freeing SCP-4831-1 have failed.


Shortly after this, the Foundation was alerted to SCP-4831's existence and established containment. Amnestics were applied to all witnesses of SCP-4831's anomaly with the exception of SCP-4831-1's family, by request of the Ethics Committee.

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