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Item Number: SCP-4830

Item Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4830 is to be monitored for transmission from the noosphere1 into the infosphere2.

In the case noosphere-infosphere transmission or situations requiring neutralizing SCP-4830 at any cost, Scranton Guillotines3 are to be deployed around all Foundation sites and areas (save Area-13) until SCP-4830 is neutralized.

All Foundation     displaying signs of SCP-4830 exposure are to undergo Class-Z mnestic regimen,    quarantined within a Scranton Guillotine, and have their memory dumped    compared to     earliest memory dump on file. Any deviation of over 10% in long-term memory is to      a       breach, and the infected employee reassigned to Area-13.

Select cognitohazards      injected into the noosphere to      and stem the growth of SCP-4830. Collateral damage to               is a nonissue, as any individuals        present nonanomalous, early-onset degenerative brain disorders.

Disinformation Campaign                 pandemic                     4 within scientific             .


DC-4830 is      introduce saturation of      voluntary skull rupture    cerebrophagy into horror media          copy-cat cases.





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