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NOTICE: This document describes a recently discovered anomaly and is subject to revision.


SCP-4829 prior to 9/19/2072, in false color spectroscopy (left) and real color (right).

Item #: SCP-4829

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures [UPDATED 9/20/2072]: Standard Class 4 (Nearby Celestial Object) disinformation protocols and image doctoring protocols apply. Containment personnel are to remain in Uranus' orbit and monitor SCP-4829's state.

In the event that SCP-4829's containment staff deem neutralization necessary, one instance of SCP-2501-EX will be immediately delivered to them from orbital storage by MTF Mu-119 ("Red Squadron").

Description: SCP-4829 is Uranus' moon Umbriel.

SCP-4829 repeatedly generates large, flower-like structures made of ice or rock along its surface; each of these structures measures up to 40 km tall and moves rhythmically for several months before sinking back below the surface. Routine probes determined that beneath the ice lies a gelatinous layer of dissolved hydrocarbons, proteins and enzymes.

On 9/19/2072, Foundation astronauts Chad Roland, Vanessa Marquez, and Monica Lorenz descended from Umbriel's orbit in a lander to investigate SCP-4829’s surface.

[The following log is transcribed from Monica Lorenz's bodycam.]

(The camera jolts as the lander touches down on Umbriel's surface.)

Roland: Mission Control, this is Skywalker. We've landed half a kilometer from one of the structures.

Mission Control: Roger, Skywalker, we copy. Excellent job.

Roland: Stepping out.

(Roland opens the airlock and climbs onto the ladder.)

Marquez: Performing thruster diagnostics, stand by.

(Roland descends the ladder and steps onto the surface, with Lorenz following on the ladder.)

Roland: Surface appears- what the fuck?!

Lorenz: Are you alright?

(Roland sinks into the regolith up to his knees, and his space suit dissolves. His body balloons and stretches into an ellipsoid shape as his skin becomes translucent white.)

Lorenz: Oh shit! Vanessa, get us out of here!

(Lorenz climbs back into the lander and disconnects Roland's tether, throwing the remaining length out of the lander.)

(Roland sinks further into the surface and bursts, spreading white liquid across several square meters of ice. The liquid is pulled into the surface and the ground shakes.)

(Lorenz closes the lander door.)

Marquez: Fuck! 3, 2, 1, ignition!

(The camera feed shakes as the lander takes off.)

Postscript: As Lorenz and Marquez returned to orbit, the surface of SCP-4829 cracked along the equator, causing vast amounts of lunar material to fall into the widening chasm. SCP-4829 continued to crack until it fully split into two identical, smaller instances of itself.

UPDATE 9/21/2072: SCP-4829 is currently thousands of small moons attached to each other in a spherical arrangement, dividing roughly every 13 hours. Orbital data shows SCP-4829's constituent objects to be composed of cytoplasm, surrounded by shells of ice and rock.

UPDATE 9/23/2072: Individual lunar structures now number beyond 20,000. SCP-4829 remains roughly the same size.

UPDATE 10/11/2072: SCP-4829’s orbit decays further; causing it to fall into the ε ring (Uranus' brightest ring). The ring material rearranges, sheathing SCP-4829 in a diffuse cloud while a stream of ice particles extends down to connect SCP-4829 with Uranus' atmosphere. Gas from the atmosphere flows up the ice stream, covering SCP-4829 further.

UPDATE 11/14/2072: SCP-4829 has deformed and is no longer spherical. Sensors indicate a rhythmic, repeating vibration generated by SCP-4829’s core at a rate of 110-120 beats per minute.

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