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Item #: SCP-4828


Junior Researcher Allera displaying the correct hand gesture and body posture, specified by the instructions of the top most spell found on page 35 of SCP-4828.

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4828 is to be stored in a High-Security Object Locker in Site-23. Direct access to SCP-4828 is limited to Level 4 and select Level 3 Personnel. Unauthorized access to SCP-4828 is grounds for severe disciplinary action.

Execution of the following instructions must be carried out with utmost precision and within the designated time. Any personnel that obstructs the performance of the steps will be severely reprimanded.

Description: SCP-4828 refers to a black hardbound book that has an inconsistent number of pages. In golden letters and Garamond font, the book is entitled “The Big Book Of Achievable Spells, made easy”. No clue or details that can be used to recognize the creator and origin of SCP-4828 has been found. A handwritten text by an unknown individual saying “There can be order in chaos.” is located in its first page.

The exact origins and age of SCP-4828 remain unknown. The exact composition of SCP-4828 remains unknown as any form of damage inflicted on SCP-4828, be it directly or indirectly, will cause the immediate death by separation of the bilateral sides of the personnel. The “spells” mentioned in SCP-4828 refer to a set of instructions preceded by a bolded text that clearly or vaguely describes the purpose of the instructions.

Said "spells" have a particular anomalous effect ranging from causing mundane outcomes to possibly creating a ZK-Destruction-of-Reality event. The instructions are composed of short but specific steps, written in the language that the reader is most familiar with, that, when executed perfectly, will immediately cause the activation of the "spell". After a "spell" has been activated, the instructions of that "spell" will disappear from the book and will reappear letter by letter after a random period of time has passed. This is generally referred to as its “cooldown period”.

Activation of the "spells" will require the specific placements of seemingly random objects, specific hand and body movements and gestures, or a combination of both in a duration ranging from three seconds to two years.

Research of SCP-4828 revealed that any human, regardless of the level of mental capacity and knowledge of SCP-4828, will be capable of activating the spells. The randomness and difficulty of the instruction will increase relative to the level of (potential) destructive force or degree of influence posed by a particular spell (with a few exceptions). For this reason, accidental activation of dangerous "spells" is minuscule but is still possible.

A "spell" with the title “To Please, to Conserve and to Serve Me” is found on the second page of SCP-4828. The exact purpose or effect of this "spell" is currently unknown but the failure to perform the instructions will result in a 4828-Event. A 4828-Event is a series of anomalous events that will affect the closest person(s) to SCP-4828 regardless of current distance. Successful performance of the spell will immediately cease a 4828-Event, but the damages inflicted will remain permanent.

The table below describes the specific anomalous event that will occur after failing to perform an instruction.

Discovery: SCP-4828 was discovered when agents successfully captured POI-4828, a suspected reality bender who had been utilizing SCP-4828. Interrogation of POI-4828 revealed that he bought SCP-4828 from a small shop called "The Multistore from Nowhere and Everywhere" that appeared near his town, which was confirmed to be true by using SCP-████.

His ignorance and negligence of the instructions of the spell located in the second page, where the containment procedures are based upon, may have caused the series of anomalous events that have caused the death of multiple civilians over the last three months. POI-4828, after being deemed completely non-anomalous and of no further use, was amnesticed and reintegrated within the society. The store described by POI-4828 was never found.


Addendum/ Incident 3/04/19 :

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