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2/4825 LEVEL 2/4825
Item #: SCP-4825

SCP-4825 upon recovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4825 is to be contained inside an anomalous object container at Storage Site-64. Individuals terminated by SCP-4825 are to be declared missing in media outlets and official searches be discontinued in 6 months.

Description:SCP-4825 is a wooden chair with leather cushions. When a subject sits on SCP-4825, they will spontaneously turn into dust, along with any objects held or worn by them. Touching SCP-4825 with other body parts such as the hands or feet do not activate its anomalous property.

SCP-4825 was discovered in Miami, Florida when Foundation agents were sent to investigate reports of an unusually high number of unexplained disappearances. After several hours of investigation,
22 missing civilians were found to have entered Muke Ripbone's1 RV and not exit. When Foundation agents confronted PoI-1412, he ran towards SCP-4825 and sat on it, terminating himself.

Addendum.SCP-4825.1: A journal filled with notes were found inside PoI-1412 RV. Contents are below:


The doctor said my anger is causing me some health issues and told me to write down all my thoughts in a journal or something.

Dumbass doctor thinking this pussy shit going to work like he knows what my issues are. He's just doing this to get me out of his office. All my life its been like this, people always been putting me down, shoving me away.


A package appeared in the middle of the night with words written on it saying "Advancing humanity one at a time", real funny. When I open it and it was a chair, now what do I need a chair for? It's not like I get any guests. Came with a note too, saying that let anyone who disheartens you sit in this chair and some more mumbo jumbo crap.

I'm not sitting in it, gives me weird vibes. Should throw it out this weekend.


Holy shit. The loan shark found me today and barged into my van. He began breaking my stuff and I should have kicked his ass, but my leg been hurting lately. So after that, he gave me a contract to sign and sat in the chair and poof he was gone!

Need to shred burn the package.

No one saw him enter here and I'm sure he didn't have a partner. I can use this get rid of all those punks who keep fucking with me, let's see if it happens again.


Well hot damn! All those fuckers fell for the same shit, "Oh sorry sir. Let me get your money right now, just sit there and wait."

That's what they get, greedy heartless bastards. Let those hogs burn up.


Just got my monthly checkup and the doctor said that a lot of my health issues are disappearing. I mean I feel calmer, I feel more motivated, it's like I can take on the whole fucking world. Should get that gym membership as well, maybe exercise could help my leg.


Just got laid off my job today. Don't know how I'm gonna make it. Why did I listen to Thomas, he knew if I did that I would have gotten fired, of course, he did. I only wanted to hear the promises of promotion and raises you weak son of a bitch. I have nothing to my name and can't ask my damn siblings for shit, selfish motherfuckers.

Gonna get Thomas in here and see how he feels getting screwed over.


Found a new job, the loan sharks aren't coming anymore, and I got another (legal)loan, gonna make sure I don't mess up this time, can't afford too. I'm doing a lot more things lately, maybe my anger was the issue.

Also, I found out that animals are unaffected by the chair. A squirrel got in through in the window and sat on it, still there eating its acorn as I write this. Need to clean that mold from the bowls to stop those annoying critters from coming in.


There was RV get together today(Can't believe they still do those things) and overheard Ms. Jenkins talking about the cars around my house and the people never came back to get them. She's got a big a mouth, old lady syndrome, I guess. I really need to call the tow truck.

Why do these things always happen to me? What did I ever do to deserve this, I'm trying to improve, I'm trying to be better, I'm even doing some charity! But no matter how much good you do in this world, it just wants to watch you fall.

Damn it all. I'm gonna have to invite her. Maybe her kid too, just to be safe.

What about her relatives, what would they say if they are missing? I just have to get rid of them if they start snooping around.


My weak leg is getting way better. I guess getting that gym membership was really worth it. Need to work on my diet though, no more frozen pizzas, it's going to be rough(Not giving up my Pepsi though). I remember when I first got some Pepsi, my brother drench me in it to impress his friends. How is my family doing? Alfred is in Australia, living the life of a millionaire(Thanks to his gullible wife). What do you we call male golddiggers?

Haddy is in California, living a decent life I assume as a dentist. When is she going to respond to my messages? It's not my fault her dumbass boyfriend(If you even call him that) took my Pepsi! He needs a good ass swopping, for pulling that shit. I really need to apologize.


How can this happen? The girl I brought sat down in the chair, that poor dumbass, dying after I got this place spotless! I should have hidden it, why didn't I, dammit!

She had several friends who knew she was coming here, they're going be snooping around soon. They were watching, they were, I saw them. All of them saw them. What about the people in the neighborhood, did they see?

I don't want any conflict, I just want to live my life, why is the world against me. I'm not a bad guy. That's right! I exercise, I do charity, I work hard, I can't lose, bad things only come to bad people, that's what mother always told me and I'm not a bad person.

I will I'll have to I must succeed.


I WIN! I finally win, this world gave me something at last! No more witnesses, no more anybody. I finally did it.

I'm going to Whataburger!


Got promoted today in my new job, hard work does prevail.

But something weird happened today, a letter signed by the "Advancing humanity one at a time" was on my table when I returned from work. I made sure I locked my door and there were no signs of forced entry. It said stuff about being free from your disease and the chair is no longer needed.

Didn't say anything about taking it, so that's good. Don't want to run from the guy who made this thing, don't want to really run from anything, I rather die.

He had one thing right, my health, my social life, financial situation, are all in order.

Never been happier.

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