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Item #: SCP-4824

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4824 is to be monitored for any deviations through an automated system. Civilians who are believed to have encountered SCP-4824 or SCP-4824-1 are to be contained and processed at Site-36. Should SCP-4824 be vandalized, Mobile Task Force Kappa-34 ("Freud's Impressionable Students")1 will be sent to locate and re-contain SCP-4824-1 with SCP-4824. If SCP-4824-1 becomes unwilling to continue residing near SCP-4824, SCP-4824-1 will be relocated to a temporary containment cell within Site-36, where it will be processed.

Description: SCP-4824 is a sandstone obelisk located in the Gobi, which has been inscribed with an unknown dialect of Daevic. A rotating, organized system of airborne sand particles that is precisely 10.42 meters in height and 16.78 meters in diameter is centered on SCP-4824. Within this weather phenomenon is a calm zone that is 14.67 meters in diameter. Inside this calm zone, the wind and noise generated by the weather phenomenon are not present. The weather phenomenon will only dissipate if SCP-4824 has been sufficiently vandalized2. Repairing SCP-4824 will result in the weather phenomenon's immediate manifestation.

SCP-4824-1 was first discovered in close proximity to SCP-4824. Visually, SCP-4824-1 is an adult man of good health. All attempts to retrieve biological samples from SCP-4824-1 have failed as the samples will transmute into sand when removed. For this reason, health diagnostics, such as SCP-4824-1's age, cannot be accurately determined. However, crosschecking SCP-4824's interview logs and SCP-4824-1's inscriptions with historical data suggests that it is more than two thousand years in age. Should SCP-4824-1 attempt to enter the weather phenomenon created by SCP-4824, it will transmute into sand and dissipate. SCP-4824-1 will then reform within two meters of SCP-48243.

SCP-4824-1 possesses geomancy4. While the full extent of SCP-4824-1's power and control over this ability has yet to be determined, SCP-4824-1 has been observed creating, altering, and destroying rudimentary forms of shelter and other architecture out of sand. In addition, SCP-4824-1 possesses the knowledge needed to recreate SCP-4824 from memory. While SCP-4824-1 is capable of destroying SCP-4824, it has only been observed performing this action when requested to. SCP-4824-1 has consistently declined to leave SCP-4824's zone of control, and no breach attempts have been made.

Addendum 4824.1: Interview Log

Date: December 21st, 1993
Interviewed: SCP-4824-1
Interviewer: Dr. Seth Rahal

Forward: When SCP-4824-1 was first discovered scientific analysis was greatly hindered by a language barrier. To minimize any potential anomalous events, it was deemed necessary to overcome this barrier without removing SCP-4824-1 from SCP-4824's vicinity. Over seven months, Dr. Rahal was sent regularly to the Gobi to obtain basic fluency in SCP-4824-1's language. This is Dr. Rahal's first formal interview with SCP-4824-1, which has been translated into English, with the primary motive being to obtain a basic understanding of SCP-4824-1's psychological condition, and its history.

Dr. Rahal: Is it all right if I ask you a few simple questions?

SCP-4824-1: Of course.

Dr. Rahal: You told me before that you come from The Kingdom of Ne'hra5. Can you tell me more about this place?

SCP-4824-1: Do you not know what this place is by its name alone?

Dr. Rahal: I do not.

SCP-4824-1: It was an accursed place… but there is much that I have forgotten. It is good that you have not heard of it.

Dr. Rahal: I understand. How long have you been in this desert?

SCP-4824-1: I have meditated on this. It has been a long day.

Dr. Rahal: (laughing) Yes. Yes, it has. How did you end up here?

SCP-4824-1: You keep asking me this question. Are you sure you wouldn't rather hear the tale of Nadox and the Mekhanite? Or perhaps you could tell me more about your kind's technological developments.

Dr. Rahal: I'm a curious man! You've already told me about Nadox twice, in any case.

SCP-4824-1: I know. I have known you long enough… I suppose you are owed some explanation. Some time ago, I was the only man in line for the throne. I denied the bride chosen by my kingdom… I chose a man instead.

Dr. Rahal: So you were exiled.

SCP-4824-1: I was sent to places like this often. So that the sun may wash me free of my corruption. When they killed him… it was the first and last time I went willingly. I doubt that they even bothered to record our history.

Dr. Rahal: I think I'm starting to understand you now. This must be so hard for you; To have been treated like this. I'm sorry for your loss.

SCP-4824-1: …You're not going to share this with anyone, are you?

Dr. Rahal: I merely wish to understand your situation. I believe others will want to know of your plight as well.

SCP-4824-1: You're working for someone. This is the only explanation that makes sense. Whom do you work for, and what are their plans for me?

Dr. Rahal: I work for a group that researches the mysteries of the world. Big and small. Your longevity and control over sand, for example. However-

SCP-4824-1: Is that why you're here? I was cursed with it. It is not something you want.

Dr. Rahal: You're right. It isn't something I want.

SCP-4824-1: Then what do you want from me?

Dr. Rahal: If I understand your situation correctly, you could destroy that obelisk whenever you want, and leave this place forever. What I desire above all else is to know why, in your long life, you stay in this desolate wasteland.

SCP-4824-1: Where else would I go? What kind of kingdom could accept me?

Dr. Rahal: You could come with me.

SCP-4824-1: Seth, I've dreamed about those words. Leaving this desert with you and entering untouched paradises… but such places don't exist.

Dr. Rahal: …No, there is no such place. That doesn't mean that we- That you couldn't live a better life. Society as a whole has become more accepting of those such as yourself.

SCP-4824-1: You can't expect me to believe that.

Dr. Rahal: Time changes all, my friend.

SCP-4824-1: If I were to leave this place. If I were to visit this society that you speak of. Would I truly be accepted? Or would I be thrown into yet another jail? Answer me.

Dr. Rahal: Well… I know of a few places that would be accepting of those such as yourself. They are… tight-knit communities.

SCP-4824-1: Your hesitation spills the truth to me. I have no desire to be jailed by the likes of you, or anyone else. You must leave this place now.

Closing Statement: Dr. Rahal has been reprimanded for going off script during the interview and, starting on February 28th, 1994, will be prohibited from work involving SCP-4824-1. Mobile Task Force Kappa-34 ("Freud's Impressionable Students") will take over all communication duties involving SCP-4824-1. Until Mobile Task Force Kappa-34 has obtained basic fluency in SCP-4824-1's language, requests for tests involving SCP-4824 and SCP-4824-1 will be denied.

Addendum 4824.2: Ethics Meeting Transcript

Date: February 16th, 1994
Participants: Dr. Seth Rahal and Ethics Committee Liaison Dr. Kabir Patel

Dr. Rahal: Thank you, Dr. Patel, for meeting me on such short notice. Did you get the chance to read my proposal for SCP-4824-1?

Dr. Patel: Yes, although I'm having trouble understanding the necessity of it.

Dr. Rahal: It's necessary because SCP-4824-1's environment is not conducive to his mental health and well-being.

Dr. Patel: The research is still in its infancy, is it not? There's a lot that we still need to learn about SCP-4824-1 before we can even think of moving him around.

Dr. Rahal: But surely, we ought to bring him into a more social environment. It can't be healthy for him to be alone in that sandstorm.

Dr. Patel: That may be the case, but even so, your proposal is contingent on a few factors that need to be addressed. First, we must address potential conflicts of interest. Dr. Rahal, did you at any point in time possess romantic feelings towards SCP-4824-1?

Dr. Rahal: …No.

Dr. Patel: Dr. Rahal, it would not be wise for you to lie to a member of the Ethics Committee.

Dr. Rahal: I… Fine. There was a small connection… between the two of us. But it was very brief!

Dr. Patel: That is fine. You are not in trouble for being honest. However, I cannot in good faith approve of your proposal due to this conflict of interest.

Dr. Rahal: Well that's bu- Surely this proposal or something like it ought to be enacted. You must believe this, at least?

Dr. Patel: It will always be possible for proposals similar to yours to be brought to light, but I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't enacted.

Dr. Rahal: Why wouldn't the Ethics Committee enact an ethical proposal?

Dr. Patel: Ultimately, for such a proposal to be considered ethical, SCP-4824-1 would have to agree to it out of his own volition.

Dr. Rahal: He would be more than willing to agree if I could just explain it to him! We just need time and patience with him. That's all.

Dr. Patel: If our research is correct, SCP-4824-1 has resided in those ruins for millennia. He isn't trapped there. He has chosen to live there.

Dr. Rahal: He just needs to know that the world is a safer place!

Dr. Patel: He has had an eternity to leave that place. Anyone that he once knew might, at best, reside in a history book. He could have left at any point, but instead, he chose to spend an unfathomable amount of time in squalor. I understand that you see this as a turning point, an exciting chapter in his story, but to him, you are but a blip.

Dr. Rahal: …That doesn't mean we shouldn't try to help.

Dr. Patel: Perhaps after some more research, but I see no reason as to why we should expedite this process.


Dr. Patel: Look, I know that you empathize with him, but he isn't like you. He's the only person who can get himself out of his predicament. The best thing you can do for yourself is to forget about this because, in all likelihood, he will forget about you too.

A Short Eulogy for Prince Amentiu
Born to Live.
Born to Love.

My Child Forfeited Power Eternal.
My Child Lost to a Moment's Impulse.

He Who Denied My Baby its Future.
He Who Forced Me to Suture.

His Kingdom Now Without a Pulse.
His Kingdom Soon Sempiternal.

Cursed to Love.
Cursed to Live.

So Goes the Tale of The Last Heir of Daeva.

~Queen Ne'hra, The Perfect

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