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Item#: 4823
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SCP-4823 in containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4823 is kept in a standard containment chamber at Site-77. In case of entry from U-3567, an armed guard is positioned in the room at all times.

In order to maintain diplomatic relations, Foundation diplomats are scheduled to visit U-3567 once a month. Due to the effects that ionizing radiation has on the human body, Foundation personnel are to consume pills containing potassium iodide daily while remaining in U-3567, and individuals who have returned from U-3567 cannot enter again until at least 3 months have passed.

Edit as of 20.12.2019: Diplomatic relations have been halted. No contact with U-3567 is to be made. Responding to attempts at contact from U-3567 may be allowed if and when such a situation arises.

Description: SCP-4823 is a ripe specimen of Musa acuminata, more commonly known as a Cavendish banana. It is indestructible and does not suffer from normal biological degradation. It appears to be ancient, with thermoluminescence placing it as at least 20,000 years old.

The main anomaly of SCP-4823 is a localized trans-dimensional two-way gateway in place of fruit flesh. The gateway becomes exposed when the banana is peeled, which can only be done halfway. Upon exposure, the gateway will draw the peeler in, exposing them to a noodle effect caused by a strong non-homogenous gravitational field, in order for them to fit through. Following entry, SCP-4823 will unpeel itself.

The other end of the gateway is an identical object in U-3567. It was under the control of the U-3567 version of the SCP Foundation, and located in their version of Paris, France in the arrondisement of Butte-Montmartre. U-3567 is devoid of all animal life, instead inhabited by mobile and sentient plants, most notable of which is a species of sapient humanoid entities, collectively referred to here as SCP-4823-1, who refer to themselves as bananans, or Musa sapiens. The external morphology of SCP-4823-1 greatly resemble humans aside from having a substance identical to a banana peel in place of skin, lacking all bodily hair and having an extended cranium, similar to the shape of a baseline banana. SCP-4823-1 lack all internal organs commonly found in humans, and their flesh is identical to that of a banana. Their internal support structure more closely resembles wood than bone, their joints and tendons are made of plant fiber and their esophagus leads to an acid-filled vat similar to the trap of a pitcher plant.

Due to the lack of animals and animal by-products, as well as different evolutionary paths resulting in the lack of several baseline plants1, many cultural and economic aspects of the societies on U-3567 vary greatly from baseline reality. This includes religion, trade and geography. Despite this, social structures are largely unaffected.

Following the containment of SCP-4823, diplomatic relations with U-3567's version of the SCP Foundation were established for the purposes of sharing information and researching U-3567. However, due to the repercussions of Incident 4823-39, the state of U-3567 and its inhabitants have been affected to such an extent that diplomatic relations are no longer possible. See Addendum 4823.1.

The origins of SCP-4823 or why U-3567 is connected to baseline reality through SCP-4823 is unknown.

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