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Due to the ongoing TEMPERANCE-PRINCIPALITY Event's impact on the Foundation's standard practices and priorities, the containment procedures for this SCP have been altered in order to allocate Foundation personnel and resources where they are most necessary.

Contact your Site Director for more information regarding the ongoing TEMPERANCE-PRINCIPALITY Event.


SCP-4819 as it leads into Lake Austin.

Item #: SCP-4819

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures (Updated 8/16/74): The water flowing into SCP-4819 has been redirected in order to temporarily neutralize its anomalous effect. Further containment has been deemed unnecessary.

Description: SCP-4819 is a swimming hole located in Austin, TX, spanning roughly 450m2 and connecting Panther Hollow Creek to Lake Austin. SCP-4819 acts as a Class II Temporal Gateway, and is able to be activated annually on the day before Austin Independent School District classes begin August 11th1. The only individuals capable of activating SCP-4819 are those who have received a high school diploma from a high school located in Travis County. SCP-4819 cannot be activated more than once per individual.

Activation of SCP-4819 occurs when an individual (hereby referred to as the subject) meeting the above criteria fully submerges themselves in its water. Once this occurs, the subject will disappear.
Subjects are then transported to a parallel timeline, temporally manifesting as they were on the day before they began final year of high school in both location2 and physicality. Timelines generated by SCP-4819 uniformly differ from baseline reality as follows:

  • Subjects retain memories of events that took place in baseline reality after the time of their arrival, though these memories appear to gradually vanish3. This memory loss can be circumvented through various methods of notation, however.
  • In all generated timelines, a spontaneous meeting with the subject is arranged by an individual (or group of individuals) considered personally important to them4, taking place at SCP-4819 on the day of their arrival. These meetings can be declined or avoided without issue, though all subjects who have attended them describe them as pleasant or otherwise positive.
  • SCP-4819 does not possess anomalous properties and is not contained by the SCP Foundation in these generated timelines.

Subjects will remain in this timeline until they reach the exact point in time that they activated SCP-4819. At this point, the subject will re-manifest in baseline reality, appearing on one of the landmasses surrounding SCP-4819 approximately three to six seconds after their disappearance. Additionally, subjects will be clothed in whatever they were wearing in the timeline prior to their return, and retain any objects they had on their person at that time. Subjects will manifest even if they have expired at any point in the timeline.

Addendum - Abridged Testing Logs: Testing was supervised by Dr. Rhodes.

Test Date: 8/20/64

Test Subject: D-493750

Note: Upon arrival in the generated timeline, D-493750 was to record any memories he deemed important. This test was conducted shortly after SCP-4819's discovery in order to confirm its anomalous effects.

Summary: When interviewed following his re-manifestation in baseline reality, the subject was able to remember many important details of his recent life, along with much of his time at the Foundation. When asked, subject claimed to have met with several of his friends on the day of his arrival in the timeline. Subject was amnesticised and re-entered into the D-Class program without issue, despite making requests to activate SCP-4819 again.

Test Date: 8/15/67

Test Subject: D-3847833

Note: When briefed on the properties of the initial meeting, the subject was unable to think of any individuals she would consider to be personally important at the time that would meet with her.

Summary: Upon arrival, subject received a message from an individual (identified as ████ ████████) she had previously sold drugs to, asking to meet at SCP-4819. Subject complied with the request. Upon meeting with the individual, the two conversed about various topics, such as their struggles with drug addiction and coping with loss. The subject could not recall specific details past those topics, though she described the meeting as "eye-opening". It is to be noted that the subject returned to baseline reality without symptoms of opioid withdrawals she had previously posessed.

Test Date: 8/11/70

Test Subject: Agent DeVarga, member of MTF-█-██ (now defunct)5

Note: DeVarga had lost his right arm in a car accident occurring twenty years prior to this test. Subject was instructed to avoid the events leading up to the accident in the generated timeline.

Summary: The subject re-manifested with no signs of dismemberment. Shortly after manifestation, however, the subject pulled a makeshift device out of his pocket, which [DATA EXPUNGED] once activated. This rendered nearby containment staff unconscious, and allowed for his escape. Subject's current whereabouts are unknown, and his capture has been deemed a low priority.

Incident Log A-811: On 8/11/2074, an individual previously employed by the Foundation was able to activate SCP-4819 despite current containment procedures. Containment staff6 made no attempt to stop this individual. An impromptu interview was held prior to activation, which was captured on nearby security cameras.

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