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Item#: SCP-4818
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4818 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment unit in the low-security wing of Site 17 with standard privileges and amenities, contingent on its continued cooperation and good behaviour. SCP-4818 is permitted to retain the graphic novel collection it accumulated prior to containment, and is allowed up to twelve active graphic novel subscriptions.

In the event that SCP-4818 becomes hostile, it is to be subdued with the use of a four square meter sheet coated in commercially available vantablack paint, modified to be fired from a net launcher, and held within a completely dark containment cell after being searched for any light generating objects. SCP-4818's release may be authorized by Site 17's Head of Anomalous Humanoid Psychology, should their assessment deem the risk of further violence to be minimal. Multiple or severe hostile incidents will result in SCP-4818 being transferred to a more secure facility.

SCP-4818 is to be regularly assessed by an attache from Mobile Task Force Alpha-9 "Last Hope", and is permitted to engage in its training assignments in designated areas.

Description: SCP-4818 is an adolescent female of mixed European and Middle-Eastern descent. Any photons which make contact with SCP-4818's skin can be induced to form photonic molecules1. SCP-4818 can form and dissolve photonic matter at will, so long as it is exposed to light. Objects composed of this photonic matter possess a crystalline lattice structure and an appearance similar to luminescent faceted gems.

The photonic matter SCP-4818 produces does not break, scratch, tear, or deform under stress like regular matter, however it does gradually shed photons until it has entirely dissipated. Physical shocks have been demonstrated to accelerate this deterioration. Photonic constructs typically fade at a rate of 100 lumens per hour, and dissipate completely upon reaching zero lumens. Applying approximately 1000 newtons of force to a photonic construct will also cause it to lose 100 lumens.

SCP-4818 is capable of restoring, maintaining, or increasing the luminosity of photonic constructs by maintaining skin contact.

At the time of recovery, SCP-4818 was only capable of generating small photonic jewels and figurines, as well as inflexible photonic armour over exposed skin.

Selected Interviews:

Lead Researcher's Update: SCP-4818's enrollment in Alpha-9 has notably improved her morale and loyalty to the Foundation. Her skills with her own anomalous abilities have also been greatly enhanced by the training she's received. She can now generate filaments of photonic matter and weave them into flexible clothing, as well as extend photonic matter generated on exposed skin over clothed areas.

She has successfully created statues of photonic matter nearly two meters tall and ten thousand lumens in luminosity. For combat training, she most frequently generates swords, whips, shields, and throwing stars. She aspires to create more complex constructs, and hopes to one day create photonic machines.

Alpha-9's commander tells me that they are also testing to see if she can learn to focus light into laser beams or re-release it at ionizing frequencies, but nothing has come of this so far.

Outside of her Alpha-9 activities, SCP-4818 is a model site resident. She has never used her newly developed skills to harm staff or residents, is extremely cordial and often volunteers to assist others in any way she can. Overall, her presence has greatly brightened up the site, both literally and figuratively.

~ Researcher Luna Valdez

Addendum: SCP-4818 has demonstrated the ability to produce a pair of photonic wings, which computer simulations indicate are capable of sustaining powered flight. It has requested that it be allowed to test these under safe conditions, and receive flight training should they prove effective.

Permission from Alpha-9 commander is pending.

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