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Portrait of SCP-4817, presumably commissioned prior to it gaining any anomalous properties.

Item №: SCP-4817

Anomaly Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4817 is contained in a combination stable/SHCC at Site-02, outfitted with supplies for the maintenance of equine health as well as various forms of audiovisual and textual media in French, English, and Polish. Interviews may be conducted by trained personnel during active periods.

Description: SCP-4817 is an entity composed of the headless body of King Louis XVI of France fused to a white mare (Equus ferus caballus) through the skin on the underside of the legs. The entity is sentient but docile when in an inactive state, with both portions seemingly controlled by the equine section. The horse requires normal calorific intake but does not age, while the human section does not undergo normal biological processes.

For various regular lengths of time throughout the year, SCP-4817 will enter an active period, spontaneously developing a head which detaches from the neck once fully grown (~15 minutes after initial development). The head (SCP-4817A) possesses full control over the human section of SCP-4817 and remains sapient and immortal for a set period of time before rapidly decomposing. Memories and experiences persist across developments of each SCP-4817A instance, of which there are currently eight. A list of instances is included below, along with their identities, periods of manifestation (mm-dd format), and notable traits.

  • SCP-4817A1: Male, manifests for the duration of 01-01. Speaks a largely untranslated dialect of Proto-Celtic, acts consistently aggressively towards staff. Demonstrates equestrian prowess.
  • SCP-4817A2: Female, refuses to elaborate on past. Manifests between 02-01 and 02-28. Disinterested in media, engages regularly in meditation. Requests alcohol frequently, which may be supplied by personnel in small doses.
  • SCP-4817A3: Identifies as King Henry II of England, manifests between 03-01 and 04-31. Unable or unwilling to provide concrete details of the time period they supposedly lived in. Does not visually resemble known portraits of Henry II.
  • SCP-4817A4: Identifies as Harvey Beaufort, manifests between 06-01 and 06-31. Known as a wealthy entrepreneur prior to disappearance in Paris, 1889. Body was recovered from river Seine around that time, with death ruled as an unsolved murder. Expresses requited romantic interest in Agent Robin Yalden — visitation rights between the two have been tentatively granted.
  • SCP-4817A5: Identifies as King Louis XVI of France, manifests between 07-01 and 10-01. Aware of situation, states that it "got its money's worth" before Foundation containment. Spends time consuming media; expresses continued interest in modern music.
  • SCP-4817A6: Former SCPF Researcher Woźniak, became SCP-4817A6 following an interaction with an unknown entity. Manifests between 10-29 and 11-19. Cooperative with Foundation staff, designated Class-E personnel. Reports inability to recall details of the SCP-4817A conversion process, or details of the entity he communicated with. Notably, Woźniak's personal bank account was emptied in its entirety following his conversion.
  • SCP-4817A7: Identifies as Micheal Sallow, known American serial murderer (disappeared circa 1950). Manifests between 11-20 and 11-23. Refuses to engage with Foundation personnel, apparently under the impression that the Foundation is a branch of the American government. SCP-4817 is to be restrained while SCP-4817A7 is active, with head secured separately.
  • SCP-4817A8: Unknown male, with poor dermal and dental health. Manifests for 8 seconds on 12-26. Vocalises continuously before decomposing.

Addendum | SCP-4817 Interview Log 4817.05.023:

Interviewed: SCP-4817A5

Interviewer: Doctor Alessandro Macro

Note: SCP-4817A5 had manifested five days prior. Humanoid Interaction Protocol HIP-4817A5 was observed.


Macro: Good afternoon, your majesty.

(SCP-4817 turns around, holding SCP-4817A5 in its right hand.)

SCP-4817A5: Coucou, garçon.. I was just about to play the new CD your coworkers got for me, but I do love good company.

Macro: Thank you for allowing this audience, your majesty.

SCP-4817A5: Of course. It gets lonely in here sometimes, heh. What did you want to ask from me?

(SCP-4817 turns around, its equine section approaching a wine cabinet behind the two.)

Macro: I-

SCP-4817A5: Care for a drink? You can talk by the way, you have my attention.

(Doctor Macro exhales sharply.)

Macro: I am honoured by your offer, your excellency, but I cannot drink while working.

SCP-4817A5: Ah, such is the tragedy of the common folk.

Macro: Your majesty, last time we spoke, you mentioned you had 'gotten your money's worth' before we relocated you here. What did you mean by that?

(SCP-4817 turns with a glass of wine in its left hand, which it nurses to SCP-4817A5 before speaking.)

SCP-4817A5: Ah, yes… I remember that day. I'd like to apologise for the lashing I gave you. I had had quite a bit of wine, you see.

(Doctor Macro clears his throat and looks away before continuing.)

Macro: It, uh, it is forgiven, your majesty.

SCP-4817A5: Wonderful! You are so kind. Now, I am sure you and your fellows have noticed the presence of… shall we say, one or two other notable individuals inhabiting my body, yes?

Macro: Yes.

SCP-4817A5: Well you see, each of them are charged a nominal fee to inhabit my body for a stretch, presumably returning to their own once their time is up. It allows some of my peers to experience kingship while I am away at my summer residence, you see. I do spend so much time there nowadays. I in turn was provided with a large payment up-front — to spend on wining and dining and such — and all involved found it to be an extremely satisfactory arrangement. The folks who set it up tell me I am a residence in high demand! Or at least, I was until I was… relocated.

Macro: My condolences for lowering your property values.

SCP-4817A5: It is not you who owes me an apology, garçon. And though this place is not as lovely as my dear Basilique royale de Saint-Denis, it does have its benefits.

(SCP-4817 holds up its wine glass and SCP-4817A5 winks before nursing a large portion of the present wine.)

Macro: Thank you. You know, I am curious, your majesty, who would I have to get in touch with if I wanted to set up my own body as a vacation home for others to use?

SCP-4817A5: I mean you no offense, dear garçon, but are you sure? I don't know if you'd have many clients… But if you must satisfy your curiosity, I could refer to the one who set this all up for me.

Macro: Do you have any idea how much their rates would be? I want to make sure I could afford it.

(SCP-4817A5 frowns.)

SCP-4817A5: Well… do you have any royal bloodline in you? Any amount will do, really, but the more purple your blood the more time you'll afford. If you've got that and a descendant, you're just about ready.

Macro: I… don't believe I do? Wait, is that how Woźniak got in?

SCP-4817A5: Shocking, I know! But as my aunt and father-in-law used to say, "There's a little Hapsburg in all of us!"

Macro: Thank you, your majesty, you've really been of great help to me today.

(Doctor Macro prepares to leave.)

SCP-4817A5: Yes yes, of course. Before you leave, would you press the play button on the stereo? I find my hands are rather full.

Macro: Can do.


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