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Item Tag: SCP-4816

Item Class: Pending Safe Neutralized (Provisional)

Special Containment Procedures: Several digital copies of SCP-4816 are securely stored within the Foundation database and are actively watched by embedded system bots. All other found digital copies of SCP-4816 have been erased.

Several physical copies of SCP-4816 are stored within a secure containment locker at Site-19.

Access to the digital and/or physical copies of SCP-4816 must be approved by a Level-3 Researcher.

Description: SCP-4816 is a non-anomalous photo which displays a doorway and a white text phrase. SCP-4816 was previously capable of altering its contents, and altered to its current state on July 7th, 2018. SCP-4816 previously displayed PoI-6888 "kkrule"1, known member of GoI-5869 "Gamers Against Weed". Where SCP-4816 was photographed is currently unknown, but is believed to have been in a facility or private home.

See Addendum 1 for further details.

Addendum 1: When SCP-4816 was initially discovered, it was believed to posess anomalous properties. Following extensive research, however, SCP-4816 was deemed non-anomalous and briefly reclassified to a GoI artifact, though SCP documentation was kept for reference. Following this designation, a search was initiated across the United States on July 5th, 2018, utilizing field agents and Foundation webcrawlers, in search of PoI-6888 using SCP-4816 and several copies of it.

38 hours following initiation of the search, SCP-4816's contents were altered. SCP-4816 no longer showed PoI-6888 and had a white text phrase in his place. All digital and physical copies of SCP-4816 were equally altered. The national search was subsequently cancelled, and SCP-4816 was promptly reclassified "Safe". Following further research and several months of inactivity, however, SCP-4816 was given its current object class. SCP-4816 has not exhibited anomalous behavior since, and is being considered for a second reclassification.

Addendum 2: SCP-4816 was initially discovered in a GoI-5869 chatroom by Foundation chatbots. The chat logs discussing SCP-4816 are documented below.

Below is a log from a chatroom including all GoI-5869 members.

kkrule: me irl :)

lesbian_gengar: LMAO
DonDeLillo: you fucking idiot
gaycopmp4: hot
bluntfiend: Cool, man.
jockjamsvol6: Nice pic @kkrule! Congrats on showers and clean clothes too. Is that a new phone?
kkrule: thanks! yes i won it at contest and got a shower and hair cut so i wanted show everything off yknow
bluntfiend: As long as you know what you're in for. I'm sure you'll manage, not gonna dad you.
jockjamsvol6: What Jude said. Just be careful. I wouldn't have the guts to post selfies and risk privacy, but it's sweet you wanted to do it anyways for us!
kkrule: is there a problem?
gaycopmp4: not really, its fine
kkrule: nice

Below is a log from private messages between PoI-6888 and PoI-6894 "DonDeLillo"2.

DonDeLillo: Hey listen up.
kkrule: eyy Don! sorry i was busy gaming what is it
DonDeLillo: so you clearly had no clue what jj and jude were talking about
DonDeLillo: somehow I was the only one who could tell
DonDeLillo: you do know the foundation has enough resources to pretty much watch every conversation we have, right? They have your photo now
DonDeLillo: they’re probably looking for you as we speak
DonDeLillo: Like they said its up to you, but I suggest you fix that shit you dumb fuck
kkrule: OMG YOUR RIGHT! i didnt even think about that!
kkrule: ok i fixed it. Thanks so much for looking out for me btw! i know ur always mean to me in chat but you really are a good caring person in the heart :)
DonDeLillo: oh fuck you


DonDeLillo: thanks

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