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Item #: SCP-4815

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4815's remains are to be kept in containment locker #4805 at Site 12. Testing of SCP-4815's remains are not permitted in line with current humanoid EC protocols.

Description: SCP-4815 is a 56 year old woman named Theresa Miller. SCP-4815 claims that in the future she will experience a temporal phenomenon which will allow her to telepathically communicate with herself at previous points in her life. SCP-4815 claims that the voice communicating with her is 85 years old. This voice, or the instance of SCP-4815 that exists in the future, is referred to as SCP-4815-1.

SCP-4815 is capable of predicting events that she will experience, although this accuracy is entirely dependent on information that SCP-4815-1 has chosen to relay to her. SCP-4815 states that SCP-4815-1 is not always honest regarding events that will occur.

SCP-4815 experiences behavioral and emotional difficulties relating to SCP-4815-1's influence, experiencing obsessive behaviors and thoughts stemming from severe anxiety. Information relayed to SCP-4815 from SCP-4815-1's is sometimes inaccurate or malicious. Further information and personal accounts can be found in the attached addenda.

SCP-4815 claims to have heard this voice since early adolescence. SCP-4815 has otherwise lived an unremarkable life, only coming to the Foundation's attention after checking herself in to a local mental health center, and demonstrably proving her precognitive abilities to the medical staff [After which medical records in the area were parsed and containment protocols were enacted by staff at Site-18].

SCP-4815-1 is not known. SCP-4815 claims SCP-4815-1 is in a coma, or a place where "she's not awake".

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Addendum A: SCP-4815 was considered a neutralized object as of 02/15/2017. On the morning of 12/15/2016 SCP-4815 experienced a psychotic episode and began attempting self injury. SCP-4815 was sedated up until this point, after which she passed due to natural causes.

SCP-4815 is referenced as the civilian Theresa Miller on future archival records.

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