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Item #: SCP-4814

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area around SCP-4814-1 through SCP-4814-9 has been surrounded with vegetation and tall trees for the purposes of low-maintenance and inconspicuous concealment. A two-meter-tall electrified fence has been erected around the orchard and farmhouse (designated as Provisional Site-309), to deter unwanted entry from civilians and wild animals. Trespassers that bypass this measure are to be subdued non-lethally and questioned before routine release procedures are enacted. A patrol team of four are to be stationed at Provisional Site-309 to aid in these tasks.

SCP-4814 are to be fed a 4000kcal diet daily. They are to be given basic amenities and care, such as warm dressing during cold outdoor temperatures and weekly wellness evaluations.1 A medical and personal health team of six are to be stationed at Provisional Site-309 to aid in these tasks.

Description: SCP-4814 is the collective designation for nine trees, designated as SCP-4814-1 through SCP-4814-9, that are biologically similar to standard human women in all manners except form. Each is approximately two meters in diameter and six meters tall. Radiography confirms the presence of functioning human organs, some instances possessing multiples of each.

Each instance has varying skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors. Orifices can be found in excess and on different parts of the body: mouths and anuses tend to be along the trunk while nostrils, ear canals, and genitalia are found along the branches. SCP-4814 are unable to speak, despite possessing the necessary organs.

SCP-4814 respond to outside stimulus and are capable of slight movement. They are able to twist their trunks and stretch their branches with little stress, though they cannot uproot themselves or swing their limbs. Testing has shown that attempts to do so are incredibly painful, as exhibited by groaning, bruising, and hyperventilation.

Discovery: On September 1st, 2019, Foundation agents tailed a cargo van that had acted as a delivery vehicle for an Ambrose Restaurants steakhouse in Chicago, Illinois, for the dual-purpose of tracking the supplier and inhibiting the business location's ability to serve. In doing so, five locations were discovered to be involved in distribution of anomalous goods, including the farm housing SCP-4814. All suppliers were detained and their facilities seized by the Foundation.

Investigation of the premise revealed that Owen Makson2 supplied several foodstuffs to the Ambrose location. After a brief background check, it became clear that Mr. Makson is a certified butcher.

A letter was found within Mr. Makson's P.O. box, sent from an Ambrose staff member, the contents of which has been documented below.


To put it frankly, we are putting an end to this partnership. Needless to say, the quality of your supply has been degrading. It is not because of its physical quality, per se; the meat is firm and juicy and by all means edible. It is much deeper than that.

The problem lies within what's left after the butchering. Our Chicago location prides itself on its "flavors of the soul" selections, and the residual soul of this meat is tainted and dark and malicious, likely an attribute of the father (no offense). Killing them was the best choice. Putting them in the mouths of patrons should not have been an option.

I recommend seeking professional help, Owen. This was a mistake and a line that shouldn't have been crossed; those women have it hard enough.


Seidrew Jameson

Addendum December 9th, 2019: SCP-4814-1, -3, -5, and -6 have recently become visibly engorged in their lowest branches. Similarly, SCP-4814-2 and -4 have formed large lumps along their trunks. These newfound abnormalities, in addition to previous symptoms of nausea and menstrual spotting, confirms that SCP-4814-1 through SCP-4814-6 are pregnant.

Care for the objects is to be adjusted until all instances have given birth. Any further action is to be left to the discretion of the medical team stationed at Provisional Site-309.

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