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4/4813 LEVEL 4/4813
Item #: SCP-4813

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4813 is serving as an experimental field use weapon, used in engagements where standard combat procedures fail. Agents are only permitted to wield SCP-4813 if they possess therapeutic training, heightened mental hazard resistance thresholds, and abnormally low emphatic responses. Psychological profiles on Researcher ███████ █████ will be provided if these requirements are met.

Researcher ███████ █████ has been relieved of all Metaphysics Department and Foundation duties, and is currently residing in an on-site residential suite. No explanation for these actions has been provided.1 Interaction with Researcher ███████ █████ is to be kept to a minimum by all personnel. Automated systems are to provide all necessary medical assistance.

Under no circumstances is Researcher ███████ █████ to be made aware of SCP-4813.

Description: SCP-4813 is the weaponized self-worth of Researcher ███████ █████. The conceptualization of SCP-4813 by a sapient subject results in the anomaly manifesting in the subject's immediate vicinity, taking the form of a metaphysical semi-corporeal construct. This is visualized as a human hand in a finger gun gesture, translucent with images of a clear sky suspended inside. Despite its structure, the construct can still be wielded as a normal handheld pistol.

Firing the construct releases a luminescent projectile resembling flower petals; the projectile dissipates on contact with any solid material. Targets impacted by the projectile have a copy of Researcher ███████ █████'s self-worth implanted into them. The copy is non-weaponized.

Events thereafter proceed as would be expected from the possession of Researcher ███████ █████'s self-worth.

Subjects wielding SCP-4813 report periodically hearing an androgynous voice, speaking from an indeterminate source around them. All speech consists of brief statements, separated by pauses that typically last for several hours. Transcripts of select statements are provided below.

It could be warmer today.

Don't bring it up.

Did they get the letter yet? It's been a while.

What's the trick to repairs again? Can't remember. Have I lost my edge?

I've lost my edge.

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to what you were saying. I know. Sorry.

Letter was too incoherent. Hope it didn't get there. Probably did get there, though. I can deal.

Sky was pretty today.

This week was fine. It wasn't. I was.

Seeing so many flowers this time of year is always pleasant.

Don't make me think about this.

I could ask about going outside again, but no. No point in being a bother.

Don't make me think about it.

Make me think about it.

Think about it.

What's the point in thinking if I loop regardless?

I wasn't thinking.

Don't think about it.

If the world was recorded I'd be the one person who fails to stand still when the pause button is pressed.

It could be colder today.

Since the establishment of current containment procedures regarding Researcher ███████ █████, the efficacy of SCP-4813 has continually increased.

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