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The following file is Level 4/4812 Classified
Unauthorized access is forbidden.
Item#: 4812
Containment Class:
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Pictured (L to R): Entrance to SCP-4812-S's containment area (500m checkpoint) / SCP-4812-E's containment vault at Site-80 / Early file image of SCP-4812-K being pursued by Soviet jet fighters

Designation Memorandum: Due to the unique nature of SCP-4812-S, -E, and -K’s relationship, a single object designation is used to denote the three entities as a group. However, each are considered their own individual anomalies, and are described within this file as such.

Classification Memorandum 9/2018: Due to the unique nature of of SCP-4812-S, -E, and -K, each entity has been assigned an individual containment class.

  • SCP-4812-S: Safe1
  • SCP-4812-E: Euclid2
  • SCP-4812-K: Keter3
  • ███-████-█: SEE ADDENDUM 4812.4.

Updated Containment Memorandum: Per Foundation Protocol 2513.99, the ongoing containment of SCP-4812 has been transferred to the jurisdiction of Project PARAGON. All other extant containment procedures remain in place.

Special Containment Procedures:

  • SCP-4812-S: SCP-4812-S is contained at its location of discovery. The entrance to the cave containing SCP-4812-S is to be sealed by three maximum-security vault doors. Entrance to SCP-4812-S’s site of containment is forbidden to any individuals without proper credentials. Under no circumstances should SCP-4812-S be exposed to any amount of light. SCP-4812-S is to be interacted with only by members of the fully-blind MTF Vestus-12 "Northern Star".

Under no circumstances should SCP-4812-S be exposed to either SCP-4812-E or SCP-4812-K.

  • SCP-4812-E: SCP-4812-E is contained within a thermally controlled vault at Site-80. Due to the nature of SCP-4812-E’s anomalous capabilities, its containment chamber must be kept at a constant 1,400°C. SCP-4812-E itself is contained within a tank of molten iron. Direct maintenance of SCP-4812-E’s containment chamber must take place outside of the cell due to the intense heat within. Special remote drones equipped with hafnium-carbide exteriors are to be used in maintaining the interior of SCP-4812-E’s containment cell. A drop in internal temperature of more than 50°C must be considered a breach of containment.

Under no circumstances should SCP-4812-E be exposed to either SCP-4812-S or SCP-4812-K.

  • SCP-4812-K: SCP-4812-K is currently uncontained. Due to the location and nature of SCP-4812-K, it is unlikely that its existence will be exposed, but caution must be taken in ensuring that any information pertaining to the entity is suppressed. Foundation information security assets are to monitor web traffic for any images, accounts, or recordings of SCP-4812-K. Further research into the nature of SCP-4812-K is required to prevent additional exposure should the entity present itself on Earth once again.

Under no circumstances should SCP-4812-K be exposed to SCP-4812-S and SCP-4812-E.


Victim of SCP-4812-S, recovered from within the subterranean cavern the entity was discovered in. Due to the condition of the skeleton, it is likely the victim died over three-hundred years ago.

Description: SCP-4812 is the group designation for three anomalous entities, SCP-4812-S, -E, and -K, and a series of recovered documents (SCP-4812-1) that describe them.

Addendum 4812.1: Contents of SCP-4812-1

SCP-4812-1 is a series of recovered documents and artifacts recovered from a collection of anomalous items previously held by Dutch collector Markus de Wees before his death. This collection, given the name “The Connington Set7”, contains the following items:

  • Sixteen coins of various shapes and sizes, none of which account for any known denomination of currency,
  • Five papyrus scrolls, Egyptian in origin, that appear to be ancient star maps. Analysis of these maps indicate that there were once notes written in the margins - however, these notes have been bleached out and are no longer decipherable.
  • Three large tomes bound in leather-wrapped hardwood, penned in German, full of what appear to be archaic coordinates. One of the books also marks changes in temperature. These books were seemingly written over the course of many years.
  • A brass spyglass with a cracked crystal lense. A piece of the cracked lense is missing. Looking through the spyglass, several small, ornate mechanisms are visible within. However, they appear to have been damaged in the past and are no longer functional.
  • A thick burlap sack that apparently contains at least three more consecutive burlap sacks with a thick, gelatinous mass at its center. Looking at this sack tends to make subjects feel ill and suffer from a slight burning sensation behind the eyes.
  • A pair of glasses with iron frames and solid iron lenses. One of the lenses is damaged. When worn by human subjects, a slight glow is visible through the iron lenses when looking at the burlap sack.
  • A thin circlet made of gold and platinum. Has three prongs situated around the entire ring, two of which appear to have been broken off near the base. The third contains a small glass sphere that is warm to the touch.
  • A journal written by Winston J. Connington. Contains depictions of all three SCP-4812 entities and the personal research of Dr. Connington himself.

SCP-4812-1 scrolls on display as part of a Marshall, Carter and Dark exhibition in Berlin.

Of the three tomes containing coordinates, the second has a short section written in Italian by, presumably, a different author than the rest of the tome8. The beginning of the section is a list of names and dates, with an orthodox dating system; many of the dates are written with another number beside the year, such as "1343 [89]" listed next to the name "Tornold of Yire". After the list of names comes a section where the author appears to have been listing notes to include in the longer section that comes afterwards. The translated text of the longer section is available below:

While many of the others items are generally unremarkable, of particular interest to researchers is the journal of Dr. Connington. The majority of the text in the journal is written in a cipher, with very few sections (usually small notes that are not relevant to the rest of the text) that are written in German.

A few short sections have been translated, due to a section of the cipher being inscribed on the inside of one of the larger tomes. The text contained therein has been translated and is available below:

Addendum 4812.2: Containment of SCP-4812 Entities


SCP-4812-K being engaged by Global Occult Coalition defense systems.

SCP-4812-K has been known to the Foundation since 1964, when it was confused for an experimental US air vehicle while crossing over the northern USSR. After being engaged by Soviet fighters over the Chukchi Sea, SCP-4812-K rapidly ascended to stratospheric heights and disappeared from sight entirely. Shortly thereafter, the entity re-engaged the fighters at high speeds, quickly destroying them.

Since then, SCP-4812-K has only been detected on a handful of occasions, usually while passing low enough to be detected visually due to distortions caused by light reflecting against its chitinous exterior. Notably, SCP-4812-K appears to follow a vague path, often passing over the containment sites of both SCP-4812-S and SCP-4812-E, as well as the ██████ ██████ █████████ ███████ ███████ in ██████, ███████████ [SEE ADDENDUM 4812.4]. The significance of this is not known [SEE ADDENDUM 4812.4].


SCP-4812-E's travel path shortly after discovery.

SCP-4812-E was discovered shortly after the acquisition of SCP-4812-1, when a Foundation discovery team investigating a set of coordinates noted in the third tome discovered a thermal anomaly beneath a lake near ██████-███, ███████. Further investigation of this site disturbed the earth and opened a small fissure beneath the lake, which drained lakewater into the opening. Shortly afterwards, the site experienced a significant drop in temperature as SCP-4812-E, which had previously been trapped in a thermal vent beneath the lake, ascended to the surface.

The discovery team immediately evacuated the site, and MTF Ark-11 "Light Em Up" was scrambled to the site to engage the SCP-4812-E entity. However, due to the rapidly falling temperatures and increasingly dangerous atmospheric conditions being generated at the site, MTF Ark-11 was forced to maintain distance and use long-range artillery weapons to impede the progress of SCP-4812-E as it marched towards the nearest population center.

After several hours of shelling over 8km of land, SCP-4812-E was finally contained when a controlled gas explosion was generated near the entity, followed by an immediate drop of molten slag over it by a remote carrier drone. The slag-covered SCP-4812-E was moved into a mobile electromagnetic kiln and transported to the thermal control DEEPWELL vault at Site-80.

SCP-4812-S was included in the notes of Foundation Administrator Frederick Williams as a location of interest, and has been at least vaguely understood since the formation of Foundation-precursor occult investigation groups. Prior to Foundation involvement, it was not known that SCP-4812-S was an entity at all - instead, many groups believed that the cave itself was hazardous to travelers, as none who entered were ever heard from again.

Addendum 4812.3: SCP-4812-K Hostile Activity

On June 9th, 2002, three months after the discovery and containment of SCP-4812-E, SCP-4812-K was observed diverting from its anticipated path towards an area in the North Sea. A Foundation carrier division was diverted to the area, where SCP-4812-K had engaged with a Global Occult Coalition transport ship. The entity, which was unfazed by the conventional weaponry on-board the GOC vessel, appeared to be attempting to breach the exterior of the ship. Of note - SCP-4812-K had not ever previously been observed making this sort of unprovoked hostile action, especially at such a low altitude.

The Foundation carrier group immediately engaged the entity, and after a short skirmish drove it away from the transport ship. The Foundation carrier group offered assistance to the GOC vessel, but this assistance was denied and the vessel continued on its course north. Satellite imagery showed the vessel docking in a previously undisclosed port in northern Norway.

This incident corresponded with two other events involving SCP-4812-E and SCP-4812-S. Throughout the skirmish with SCP-4812-K, SCP-4812-E became increasingly active within its containment vessel, at one point necessitating the activation of previously untested technology to further increase the temperature within the DEEPWELL vault to stabilize the entity. At the same time, several tremors were felt near the SCP-4812-S site, and seismographs of the area revealed that a large portion of the cave system had collapsed.

Later observation of the site indicates that SCP-4812-S has since moved upwards no less than 70m.

Addendum 4812.4: Secure Correspondence


Addendum 4812.5: Internal Memo

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