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Item #: SCP-4811

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4811 is to be stored in a secure locker. SCP-4811 may only be removed from its container with prior permission from at least two Level 3 personnel. Subjects exposed to SCP-4811 must be kept within Foundation custody until expiration. Affected subjects are permitted to request termination. Such requests must be approved by site administration.

Description: SCP-4811 is a knurled aluminum cylinder measuring approximately 30 centimeters in length with a diameter of 5 centimeters, weighing approximately 1.6 kg. One end of SCP-4811 is capped with a black glass disk which rests flush within SCP-4811's aluminum housing. The other end of SCP-4811 has the words "Instant Mirror! From The Factory" etched in Monospace font one centimeter in height. Towards the center of SCP-4811 is a toggle button used to activate and deactivate SCP-4811.

There is currently no known way of examining the interior of SCP-4811 without damaging the device. SCP-4811 is sealed, preventing the use of acoustic visualization techniques. SCP-4811's aluminum housing is not invulnerable, but breaching SCP-4811 is inadvisable (see incident I-4811-01).

When active, SCP-4811 will produce a cone of darkness with no penumbra. The cone extends to a maximum distance of 100 meters before terminating in a black circle. No known light source is capable of penetrating this effect.

Materials falling within SCP-4811's cone of darkness develop a mirror-like finish capable of reflecting all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum from all angles of incidence. Reflection efficiency is 100% for all wavelengths. The means of accomplishing this effect are currently unknown.

Directing SCP-4811's cone of darkness towards a living entity results in SCP-4811's mirror effect being applied to the entity's tissue. All skin blemishes within the affected area are removed. Entities with hair, or fur will undergo extreme hair loss due to the effects of SCP-4811. Afterwards, follicle growth will not be possible.

SCP-4811's mirror effect fully penetrates living entities on both proximal and distal sides. No physical pain is induced due to exposure to SCP-4811. New cells grown within the area of effect maintain a mirrored appearance, making the effect permanent for the lifetime of the exposed subject. The biological process or processes sustaining SCP-4811's effect is unknown.

SCP-4811's mirror effect may cause vitamin D deficiency within diurnal subjects as subject's skin will no longer be capable of absorbing sunlight due to the skin's new reflective nature. Similarly, plant life requiring photosynthesis will eventually die after exposure to SCP-4811 as all sunlight is reflected. Living entities with eyes will be blinded if SCP-4811's effect envelops their eyes, as all visible light will be reflected.

The Foundation has found no way of reversing SCP-4811's effect on any material.

Research has discovered SCP-4811's cone of darkness is not a projection of energy, but instead a projection of an energy absorbing void. This void appears to act as an aperture to a dimension filled with an undetermined amount of electromagnetic radiation. The dimension has been designated SCP-4811-2.

Only energy, and energetic matter can travel from our dimension to SCP-4811-2 via SCP-4811's cone of darkness. Inorganic and organic materials exposed to SCP-4811's cone of darkness without a certain level of energy do not travel to SCP-4811-2, and are instead subject to SCP-4811's mirror effect.

Per incident I-4811-01, researchers attempting to harness energy from SCP-4811-2 are ordered to immediately halt all testing.

Discovery: SCP-4811 was discovered in a bargain bin at a small thrift store in [REDACTED]. A civilian mistook SCP-4811 for a flashlight and purchased the device. Later the civilian activated SCP-4811 while searching for his dog around his home. Believing the device was malfunctioning he attempted to peer into SCP-4811 while the device was active, and was blinded. Local authorities and emergency medical responders were called. Foundation agents in the area were notified and stepped in, taking possession of SCP-4811 and detaining the civilian at Site 19 indefinitely. All emergency responders were administered amnestics. In order to maintain secrecy, the area surrounding the civilian's home affected by SCP-4811 was destroyed to remove all traces of the effect.

Addendum A-4811-01: Test Log of SCP-4811's Effect

Interview IV-4811-01: Transcription of Audio Log discussing SCP-4811-2

Incident I-4811-01

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