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4/4810 LEVEL 4/4810



Item #: SCP-4810

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment Area-49 has been constructed on-site surrounding SCP-4810-A. Direct physical access to SCP-4810-A is restricted to members of ATF Omicron-77.

Any organism belonging to an unknown and heretofore undiscovered species located within a .01 .10 .25 km radius of Containment Area-49 is to be captured and moved to long-term containment for categorization and further study.

SCP-4810-1, SCP-4810-2, and SCP-4810-3 are contained within Chamber-77 at Containment Area-49. Applied Task Force Omicron-77 ("All the King's Horses and all the King's Men") are tasked with the oversight and attempted reintegration of SCPs-4810-1, -2, and -3. No manner of flora is to be brought into Chamber-77.

SCP-4810-4 is located within the cellar of SCP-4810-A. The cellar door was found locked upon discovery, and is to remain locked until such time that ATF Omicron-77 indicates SCPs 4810-1, -2, and -3 have undergone a successful reintegration and are ready to integrate with SCP-4810-4.

Description: SCP-4810-A is a wooden hunting lodge located within the Tefé National Forest in Juruá, Brazil. The structure is in a significant state of disrepair, and portions have been overgrown with a statistically overbiodiverse array of flora.

SCP-4810-A is infested with a high concentration of non-anomalous arthropods, primarily arachnids, though a significant amount of centipedes, wasps, and many other venomous insects have been reported. Over 43% of arthropods recovered from SCP-4810-A are of multiple undiscovered species. Continued categorization of arthropods emerging from SCP-4810-A is ongoing.

Addendum 4810.1 - ATF O-77 Exploration: Upon the discovery of SCP-4810-A, ATF Omicron-77 was dispatched to the area with the intent of further investigation of possible anomalous properties. The following is the incident log transcripted by research personnel of Containment Area-49.

Addendum 4810.2 - Recovered Journals: The following is a transcript of a personal journal recovered in the main lobby of SCP-4810-A. Transcripts are in the same order as the pages within the journal.

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