SCP-481 Test Log
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Research Personnel: Dr. █████, Research Assistant Hayden, Mobile Task Force – 481 (MTF-481), D-5999 (recruited locally)

These tests take place between 11/03/20██ and 11/07/20██. MTF-481 "Rabble Rousers", specifically assembled for these tests based on skills in causing public unrest, traveled to ████████, India to better understand what SCP-481-1 is reacting to when she self-harms. A total of five (5) escalating tests are scheduled. SCP-481-1 is to be observed via CC to gauge her response.

Test Log Format:

SCP-481 Test Log

Test 1
ACTION: An elaborate and carefully choreographed fight was staged between 12 locally hired stuntmen.
TEST RESULT: SCP-481-1 did not deviate in any way from her normal routine.
NOTES: As suspected, mere overtures of violence are not sufficient to trigger a response. - Dr. █████

Test 2
ACTION: Actual fights were instigated between researchers and locals in a very close area, leading to violence among at least 23 people. While there were no fatalities, several locals were injured due to their lack of formal training in hand-to-hand combat.
TEST RESULT: SCP-481-1 began to scratch vigorously at her lower back in the area of scars corresponding to the location of the fight, drawing a small amount of blood.
NOTES: OK, I see no reason to instigate a full-scale riot. I think we get the picture. - Dr. █████.

Test 3
PRECONDITIONS: SCP-481-1 was fully restrained to determine what effect denying her compulsions had.
ACTION: After arming a small group of local malcontents, MTF-481 obtained permission from the local authorities to deal with them. MTF-481 made quick work of the poorly trained force.
TEST RESULT: SCP-481-1 became visibly uncomfortable, and demanded several times to be allowed out of her restraints. Blood pressure was recorded as elevated and EEGs showed a sharp increase in the amount of electrical activity in the brain.
NOTES: Is it the stress causing those reactions, or the violence? - Dr. █████.

Test 4
PRECONDITIONS: SCP-481-1 was fully restrained to determine what effect denying her compulsions had.
ACTION: Mobile Researcher ████ proceeded to torture D-5999 with various implements, finishing with him after 3 hours.
TEST RESULT: SCP-481-1 shook violently for the entire 3 hours before appearing to have a tonic-clonic seizure, followed by a cessation of her vitals. She was successfully revived.
NOTES: Very interesting. Her blood pressure was way up, her heart was arrhythmic, and her brain’s electrical activity was still spiking after that. It appears that the scale of the violence is not so important as, to some degree, the brutality. Still, until we better understand what’s so damn important about this city, we’re not going to lose our only clue to heart failure. Testing is suspended. - Dr. █████

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