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Item #: SCP-481

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-481 is currently contained in Sector-25, in a specially designed dormitory for the affected subjects. The dormitory is built to modified D-class specifications, with space for two (2) occupants at this point, based on the spread of the scar tissue. Besides the standard sleeping quarters, there is a living space for each accessible through an outer isolation room.

Subjects are allowed written and recorded entertainment that is available from local sources and does not violate containment procedures. No excessive funds are to be spent on this. Subjects are allowed visits to the outer facility and external walled gardens for no more than three (3) hours per day, supervised by two (2) Level 2 Security personnel. Cameras are installed in the dormitories, and are to be monitored by one (1) Level 2 Security personnel at all times. Subjects should not be prevented from self-harm, except for in cases of corresponding large scale violence in ████████. Full-body restraints are authorized in this case, under the supervision of a trained medical team.

Description: SCP-481 was originally a clustered pattern of scars, roughly corresponding to a variably partial map of ████████, India, appearing on SCP-481-1 (formerly Ms. ███████ ██-█████████) since at least 199█. SCP-481 has since spread to SCP-481-2 (formerly Agent █████, see Addendum 481-01). When SCP-481 first manifested on SCP-481-1, it appeared as a small series of criss-crossing scars that has been found to correspond to the neighborhood of ██████████████ in ████████. While it is still not readily apparent why this town is being mapped, the sympathetic effects of the scars and city are readily apparent.

The scars are a perfect recreation of the town. Streets and alleys appear as straight scars resembling lacerations made with a dull cutting instrument. Buildings are represented by scar nodes. A small canal flowing through the town is represented as a jagged scar across the abdomen of SCP-481-1.

The growth of new scars corresponds to the expansion of the already overcrowded town/city, including slums set up on unofficial roads. Described as very painful by both SCP-481-1 and -2, the effect is not limited to growth. Any demolition leads to a severely painful scouring of the corresponding scar patterns. Scars currently cover 100% of the skin, including the scalp, of SCP-481-1 and approximately 47% of the skin of SCP-481-2 from the shoulders to the lower torso, including both arms.

SCP-481-1 has shown tendencies to self-harm since her incarceration. Any scars left by this faded completely within 20 days and did not correspond to changes in the city architecture. It was therefore believed that the self-inflicted scars were merely an expression of SCP-481-1's frustration with her containment. This has since been proven inaccurate by Incident 481-1-01.

Addendum: 481-01: When SCP-481-1 ran out of skin for the scars to expand to, it was believed that the expansion events were over. Within a week, scars began appearing on SCP-481-2. He was immediately quarantined along with SCP-481-1, and has since been under observation. SCP-481-2 had a history of dealings with the [DATA EXPUNGED] before coming to the Foundation, just as SCP-481-1 did. Whether this connection is the key to SCP-481-2 becoming the new focus for the scars is currently under investigation.

Incident 481-1-01: On ██/██/20██, SCP-481-1 attempted suicide via an improvised plastic blade drawn across the wrists. At the same time, the now infamous riots in ████████, India, had reached the peak of their violence. SCP-481-1 was immediately attended to and stabilized, while the riots lasted for several days. The source of the riots was later traced to two neighborhoods, corresponding with the parts of the scar pattern covering SCP-481-1’s wrists.

Addendum: 481-02: Further investigation led to similar ongoing reports of violence and petty crime from neighborhoods mapped out on the portions of the body associated with repeated self-harm. Tests were performed to determine whether damage to the scar pattern caused corresponding violence in ████████. Surgeons made several incisions to parts of the scars corresponding with ████████'s business district. No effect was noted.

It is hypothesized that the self-inflicted damage is a compulsory response to violence and other crime in the city. Self-harm appears to be inflicted on parts of the body associated with high-crime neighborhoods. On ██/██/20██, after SCP-481-2 attempted to remove a portion of his upper arm during a string of murders in the corresponding neighborhood, current procedures involving full-body restraints were adopted.

SCP 481 Testing

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