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Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawler I/O–PRUDENCE has been tasked with finding and neutralizing any further instances of SCP-4809 and tagging all IP addresses that access any instances of SCP-4809 for further action. Existing instances of SCP-4809 are only accessible indirectly via models and renders generated by I/O-PRUDENCE.

Foundation Medical Observation Unit (MOU) 279 has been retrofitted with another 400 beds to deal with current and future SCP-4809 victims. At time of writing, 174 of those beds are filled. Given the unclear pathophysiology of SCP-4809's effects, attempts to develop countermeasures and effective treatment have not yet been forthcoming. As such, all victims of SCP-4809 are to be treated according to standard Foundation Medical Protocol 716.574.1 SCP-4809 victims declared braindead are to be repurposed for other Foundation experiments per Ethics Committee ruling 45.387. Attempts to reinitiate communication with suspected sources of SCP-4809 (see Addenda) are underway, and will focus primarily on a greater understanding of SCP-4809 so as to attempt reversal.

Families of SCP-4809 victims are to be administered amnestics and given a cover story regarding the death of their loved ones in a biological waste accident. Per communications with suspected sources of SCP-4809 (see Addendum 4809.02), each family is to receive payment for damages in the form of $19.2 million USD.2

Per current understanding of SCP-4809, this does not appear to have been a specific anomaly generated by the named celebrity in the original post. As such, further surveillance of said celebrity and future celebrities who may be targeted is no longer required. Additionally, given the self-limited nature of SCP-4809's effects and lack of further dissemination of the files, no further information suppression actions at this time are required.


The original post containing the link to SCP-4809.

Description: SCP-4809 is a series of cognitohazardous images of unclear origin which induce an immediate neurological reaction when viewed. This reaction is primarily coma, but some patients have immediately entered into a vegetative state, a state of brain death, or prolonged and invariably fatal status epilepticus3 refractory to treatment. Analysis by I/O-PRUDENCE and other constructs provided by the Cognitohazards Study Group indicates that SCP-4809 is a series of representations of a human female in various poses, composed of fractal imagery and impossible geometric structures and theorized to be a higher-dimensional representation of celebrity actress Scarlett Johannson.

SCP-4809 first appeared on the social media website Reddit on 04/01/2021 as a link within a post on the r/pics subreddit (see prior photo). I/O-PRUDENCE registered the anomalous content within several minutes and immediately disabled link access, but the link had already been accessed by 243 IP addresses. As agents deployed to assess and quarantine the affected IP address owners, a trace of the IP address having made the post, followed up with GPS triangulation, indicated the signal had originated at a point approximately 3.2 kilometers above Naples, Florida. A second trace was attempted and unable to lock onto any signal. No further instances of SCP-4809 have been noted to date.

Addendum 4809.01: Communication Related to SCP-4809 — Received 04/04/2021

On 04/04/2021, Head SCP-4809 Researcher Eltiaz received an email from a burner account:

To: pcs.noitadnuof|zaitle.i#pcs.noitadnuof|zaitle.i
From: moc.yawaworht|emwonktnoduoy#moc.yawaworht|emwonktnoduoy
Subject: I MESSED UP

OMG I AM SO SORRY. I think my [unintelligible]4 was set a dimension too low and I picked the wrong file to upload and it's all just wrong. I'll do my best to fix it! just give me a few of your days and maybe I can whip something up…

— [unintelligible]5

Addendum 4809.02: Communication Related to SCP-4809 — Received 04/05/2021

On 04/05/2021, Dr. Eltiaz received another email from an untraceable account. The body of this email read as follows:

To: pcs.noitadnuof|zaitle.i#pcs.noitadnuof|zaitle.i
From: pcs.noitadnuof|zaitle.i#pcs.noitadnuof|zaitle.i
Subject: Our Sincerest Apologies

To whom this may concern:
We apologize deeply for the recent aberration that has resulted in injury to your people. Rest assured the perpetrator has been disciplined and his recycling date has been accelerated. An account has been made available in order to pay reparations to the affected humans (please see account information attached). Per our legal code, please pay each family an amount equivalent to the lifetime worth of a citizen of your wealthiest political body. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and please convey our sincerest apologies to the affected.

— [unintelligible]6

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