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3/4805 LEVEL 3/4805
Item #: SCP-4805

Special Containment Procedures: The mall containing SCP-4805 has been purchased by the Foundation and closed to the public. Provisional Site 71 has been constructed within the mall and surrounding SCP-4805.

Provisional Site 71 is intended to contain the greatest number of instances of SCP-4805-1 as safely allowed should SCP-4805 breach containment. As instances of SCP-4805-1 are not otherwise anomalous, the use of group housing and barracks-style bedding is being considered for implementation. Preliminary facility plans have been submitted and are waiting for review by Administration.

Containment Update: The Ethics Committee has assumed oversight of Provisional Site 71 and plans for expansion are pending their direct review. See Addendum.4805.5 for additional details.

Description: SCP-4805 is a temporal anomaly and associated spatial phenomenon located in the Fox River Valley of Wisconsin, USA. The effect is centered on the employee break room located in a now-defunct retail chain and does not appear to influence space-time beyond the boundaries of this room.

SCP-4805 is categorized as a Class II Temporal Anomaly, characterized as having a repeating event without any discernible cause. Despite the nature of this event, the process does not appear to require any input from external mechanisms and has yet to be altered by any external influences such that would constitute a bootstrap paradox1.

The spatial anomaly associated with SCP-4805 has so far prevented any and all matter, sound, and light from entering the internal space of SCP-4805, as well as not allowing any matter to leave the room. The lights and sounds generated within the anomaly are observable from the exterior. At this time, it is unknown how the room continues to receive power and oxygen.

The primary subject of the anomaly has been designated as SCP-4805-1. Facial recognition software was able to positively match the subject with Royce Dean Lee, a resident of Madison, Wisconsin who was reported missing on 2012-04-04. Foundation resources have been unable to locate a match for the subject outside of this anomaly, and the missing person's report is considered by police to be 'cold' at this time.

Every eight hours a new instance of SCP-4805-1 materializes in the open doorway on the north wall of the room, apparently unaware of his travel. Instances of SCP-4805-1 universally demonstrate confusion, denial, and aggression within the opening minutes and hours of their appearance as they attempt to exit the room. To date, no effective means to leave the anomaly have been discovered.

No additional anomalous activity has been observed within the boundaries of SCP-4805 other than events which generate additional instances of SCP-4805-1.

Discover Log:
Dateline: 2019-01-27 — Foundation Listening Post-21-2 intercepted police communications that a business near Appleton, Wisconsin had reported a large number of squatters in a defunct portion of the mall. Police that responded to the scene radioed back in confusion as they reported seeing "lots of identical twins" and that they were unable to communicate with the squatters or physically interact with them.

Foundation assets secured the area and administered Class A amnestics to the first responders and supplied cover stories indicating successful dispersal of the squatters.

As provisional assets secured the site, additional instances of SCP-4805-1 were observed to appear in the room over the following 48 hours. Conditions within the room continued to deteriorate physically as human waste accumulated. Subjects were also observed to deteriorate emotionally and mentally while exhibiting signs of increased aggression and other confrontational tendencies.


Dateline: 2019-1-30 — Foundation resources began the establishment of Provision Site 71 as Researchers documented and recorded the anomaly. As additional instances of SCP-4805-1 continued to appear at regular intervals, the interior of the room remained dimensionally unchanged.

By the third day, instances of SCP-4805-1 were forced to stand in extreme proximity and in near silence as they had developed a system for rotating sleeping space still available on a breakroom couch.

During the early hours of 2019-01-31, after the appearance of an additional instance of SCP-4805-1, one of the previous iterations experienced what is believed to have been a psychological break. Utilizing the recovered leg of an overturned breakroom table, the older iteration of SCP-4805-1 stabbed the latest iteration in the chest with the jagged end before being restrained.

With no medical expertise or equipment available, the new instance of SCP-4805-1 retreated into a corner until he eventually lost consciousness due to exsanguination. Shortly thereafter, the new iteration dematerialized. This was observed by both Foundation researchers as well as the surviving iterations of SCP-4805-1.

A debate regarding punishment for the transgression began among the instances of SCP-4805-1. Shortly thereafter, intense violence was observed as the survivors began to restrain, wrestle, and otherwise fight with each other. The inevitable result of their unrestrained melee was the incapacitation and deaths of progressive numbers of SCP-4805-1 until only four remained. As each instance presumably died they then dematerialized, along with all evidence of their presence including blood, dislodged teeth, and bodily waste.


Dateline: 2019-02-01 — At the genesis of another instance of SCP-4805-1, the surviving instances surrounded, restrained, and subdued the new instance utilizing a choke hold until the subject became unconscious.

Conscious instances of SCP-4805-1 were observed commenting and speculating as to whether or not the new instance would dematerialize. After prolonged observation, the new instance did not dematerialize. The collective decision was made by the conscious subjects to terminate this new instance before the arrival of the next iteration.


Dateline: 2019-02-01 — The next iteration of SCP-4805-1 was spawned and then addressed by the surviving group. As the survivors assisted the new iteration through the stages of grief, all five instances began to discuss what they had learned and alternative means of contacting the outside world. Appearing to be aware of the repeating nature of the anomaly, instances of SCP-4805-1 voted to terminate any new instance upon its genesis.

The top of the next cycle, the five survivors surrounded, restrained, and terminated the new instance of SCP-4805-1. The deceased instance then dematerialized.

This pattern repeated three additional times before the subjects began to seriously evaluate the status of their food and water, as well as the persistent accumulation of their own bodily waste.


Dateline: 2019-02-04 — After several more iterations of the above pattern one of the surviving instances of SCP-4805-1 prompted his accomplices prior to the next genesis event. He requested that he be terminated instead. A debate ensued regarding the nature of the self and 'what it means to be Royce', which was interrupted by the next genesis event.

At this time, an instance of SCP-4805-1 handed a jagged table leg to another instance and allowed himself to be terminated, whereupon he promptly demanifested.

Researcher's Note:
As of 2019-02-6 SCP-4805-1 has effectively self-regulated between three and five active instances.

Addendum.4805.5: A Letter From The Ethics Committee

At this time, it is the decision of this committee that no efforts should be made to breach or otherwise interrupt the effective self-containment of SCP-4805 without a prompting change in circumstance. While the theoretical loss of life is questionable at best there are a number of serious implications raised by a failure to contain this anomaly.

Should we successfully breach the spatial anomaly keeping the room physically contained, we would effectively be producing a theoretically limitless number of instances of SCP-4805-1. Instances for which would be ethically and morally responsible for feeding, clothing, housing, and keeping otherwise well. Without any means to prevent additional instances from generating, this burden would quickly become overwhelming to the local facility, the region, and the Foundation as a whole.

While a number of alternatives exist to deal with instances of SCP-4805-1, none of them have been cleared as ethically permissible in this situation. And due to the genetic and physical makeup of these individuals, simply releasing them into the general population with a cover story is untenable even with extreme coordination. The list of options becomes progressively more unpalatable from there.

At this time, research should be focused solely on the identification and neutralization of the anomaly responsible for generating copies of the subject. Our compassion must be tempered with logic.

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