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Item #: SCP-4803

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4803 is secured underneath a reinforced concrete building disguised as a workshop named Sandstone Carvings and Productions, located in Brushwood, Wisconsin. The block surrounding the workshop has been bought out by the Foundation, and is dedicated to the Foundation front store for developing tools and goods to maintain the facade. Guards disguised as workers are to be posted in various positions to ward off suspicious individuals. If intruders are non-compliant, use of lethal force is authorized. Only those with Level 2 Security Clearance and up are allowed access to SCP-4803.

The vault to the tunnel of SCP-4803 is under the protection of multiple failsafes. These include a six digit number that gets randomized every ██ days, a Foundation ID scanner, and a fingerprint scanner. Refer to document 1o5/gen140.rng/&lrt for the latest password update. In the event that any of the failsafes are triggered, the guards will be alerted and the site will commence Lockdown Procedure 32-Klos.

All exploration teams should include at least one guard and one Foundation Researcher.

Description: SCP-4803 is an underground tunnel leading to a stable extra-dimensional space-time anomaly. The radius of the anomaly is measured at 1.6 meters, and deviates by approximately ±0.1 meters. SCP-4803 leads to a seemingly endless flat plane composed of various types of concrete, designated SCP-4803-1. Atmospheric content is dissimilar to Earth atmosphere, containing approximately 65% O2, as opposed to 20.95% O2 on Earth. Studies revealed that the average gravity is approximately 7.85 meters/second2, 20% lower than Earth's gravity. The degree of curvature of SCP-4803-1 is anomalously zero. This, along with the average gravity, leads to the theory that SCP-4803-1 is infinitely flat. Confirmation of this theory with the use of additional technology pending approval.

SCP-4803-2 is found twenty kilometers away from the portal. SCP-4803-2 is a grey, hexapodal1 entity with three arms. The hand of the middle arm has another little finger in place of the opposable thumb. The midsection of the entity is bloated, lacking an umbilicus, and with a "head" protruding from the top. The entity is approximately three meters tall and one meter wide, and has no visible sensory organs. Despite that, it is fully capable of sight and hearing, indicated by it noticing the initial arrival of Foundation Personnel. Observations have shown that the entity does not exhibit normal biological processes, such as respiration or ingestion.

Embedded into the body of SCP-4803-2 is a standard typewriter, which is trailed by an anomalously long paper trail. How SCP-4803-2 it produces paper is currently under study. The language SCP-4803-2 types in is also indecipherable as of 8/8/18. According to SCP-4803-2, it has been typing for approximately twenty million years, at a rate of about twenty sheets of paper a day. If SCP-4803-2’s statement is true, the paper trail easily surpasses the area of Earth.

SCP-4803 came to the attention of Foundation when a business owner reported a tunnel underneath his shop to the local authorities. Investigations as to the origin of the tunnel led to the discovery of SCP-4803. A Foundation Agent relayed the information to the Foundation, and all witnesses have been given Class A Amnestics.

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