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3/4802 LEVEL 3/4802
Item #: SCP-4802


An active instance of SCP-4802-1

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its already pandemic presence it is not possible to contain SCP-4802.

All Foundation sites are to be equipped with Miller-Harwell Subsonic Avian Agitator Arrays anchored near all facility entrances, shipping and receiving doors, and designated exterior employee break areas.
Members of the general population who report succumbing to the effects of SCP-4802 are to be treated with targetted Class C amnestics in order to counteract the retrograde effects of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-4802 is a cross-species auditory cognitohazard carried by nearly all birds in North America. The effect is transmitted by hearing the songs or calls of an infected bird; however, not all of the infected appear to be active transmitters of the condition. After several hours subjected to an infectious transmitter, individuals will instead interpret the songs and calls of birds as vulgarities, euphemisms, and sexual innuendos.

This effect persists through both live and pre-recorded media including documentaries, television broadcasts, and radio transmissions. Additionally, the hazardous effects of this anomaly retroactively alter human memory starting at the moment of infection and working backward, changing all memories that previously included birds to now contain vulgarity and innuendo.

SCP-4802-1 is the designation for members of SCP-4802 which are capable of spreading the anomalous effect. They are characterized by a willingness to separate from members of their species and seek out other vertebrates in order to spread the cognitohazard. An instance of SCP-4802-1 will gravitate towards population centers for animals and humans, such as farms, apartment buildings, or concourses whenever possible but is capable of spreading its effect to single individuals if given the opportunity.

The instance of SCP-4802-1 will transmit its anomalous bird call from a central location as near its target as safely possible. This behavior is repeated indefinitely until the majority of targets have been fully infected, even if efforts are made to dissuade the bird's return. While the length of time necessary for infection is highly variable, the process requires a cumulative exposure of at least several hours before initial effects begin to take hold. Evidence suggests that affected individuals do not need to be actively listening to the bird call for the anomalous properties to take hold. Passive exposure is sufficient.

Addendum 4802.1
Dateline 1994-11-20. While on approved holiday a Level 3 researcher at Site-19 reported that they had begun experiencing the anomalous effects of SCP-4802 while vacationing in Colorado. The researcher was able to secure the instance of SCP-4802-1 that was believed to have infected him and his family and the object was transported back to research facilities. This instance was identified as an immature female Cooper's Hawk.

An interview was conducted with the instance of SCP-4802-1, where a prepared list of questions was asked by an uninfected researcher. The audio was recorded and then transcribed by the researcher while they were still under the effects of the anomaly. At the conclusion of the interview, the researcher and other infected members of his family were administered amnestics and released. Dr. Morrigan has been placed under 90-day monitoring and allowed to return to his duties.

Hennessy: Hello. I am to read you a list of questions. Please respond clearly into the microphone so we can record your answers. If you are able, please acknowledge.

4802-1: <One short screech>

Hennessy: Are you aware that you are carrying an infection?

4802-1: <Unintelligible screeching>

Hennessy: Are you aware that you are infecting others?

4802-1: <Several low-tone caws>

Hennessy: Is the infection painful for you?

4802-1: <Unintelligible screeching>

Hennessy: Thank you, this interview is concluded.

Hennessy: Hello. I am to read you some more questions. Please respond clearly into the microphone and try not to yell so loud. This is an enclosed room and we are all perfectly capable of hearing you.

Hennessy: Now then…do you know who infected you?

4802-1: <Rapid cawing>

Hennessy: Are you able to tell who has already been infected?

4802-1: <One long caw accompanied by wing flapping>

Hennessy: Are you feeling any differently since you've been detained?

4802-1: <Unintelligble screeching>

Hennessy: If we were to release you, what would you do?

4802-1: <Unintelligble screeching>

Hennessy: Thank you, this interview is concluded.

Interview Log 4802.3
Dateline 1985-03-17. An audio recording was recovered from Foundation archives at Site-19. Although the specific origin of this anomaly is inconclusive, this is the earliest record within the Foundations possession. Based on models for the spread of communicable diseases, this interview is believed to have been conducted within two years of the anomaly's genesis.

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