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Item#: 4801
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A keycard activated door is installed on the staircase leading towards SCP‑4801. Only Foundation employees with Level 2 clearance are allowed entry. The basement containing SCP‑4801 is retrofitted to a standard Caution-Class Containment Chamber with constant remote surveillance.

Testing of SCP‑4801 is approved to any employees with Level 3 clearance following a protocol review from SCP‑4801 Lead Researcher, Dr. Gary Lark.

When testing is not in progress, two Scranton Reality Anchors (SRA) are placed within five meters of SCP-4801's doors.

SCP‑4801 in its "welcoming" state.

SCP‑4801 is a freight elevator of unknown make and model within the storage basement of the Lewis Apartment Buildings in New York City, NY. In comparison to the state of the Lewis Apartment Buildings, SCP‑4801 is in an advanced state of disrepair and shows extensive use. Additionally, SCP‑4801 is not included in any known blueprints for the building.

Under all known current standards for cognizance, SCP‑4801 is considered sentient, capable of reasoning and thought. This property is not apparent from the exterior of SCP‑4801 and can only be observed from its interior.

When a human subject enters SCP‑4801, it will often engage in conversation. If more than one individual enters, it will converse with only one subject while the others will not observe the anomalous behavior at all.1With the exception of the chosen individual appearing to speak to themselves. This is not believed to be due to SCP‑4801 using any degree of mental manipulation as recordings can still detect SCP‑4801's voice if attached to the chosen individual. Though not fully understood, it's believed that this occurs via use of focused, directional audio using manipulation of SCP-4801's four speakers contained within its walls at each corner of its interior.

In addition to SCP‑4801's perceived sentience, it also displays some degree of reality altering ability, often conveying information that appears to be related to future events. However, multiple measurements of Hume levels surrounding SCP‑4801 have shown a lowering in Hume levels when these precognitive statements occur. As such, it is understood that SCP‑4801 is likely altering reality to its words rather than predicting future events. Further testing is still needed to confirm this.

While under Foundation observation, SCP‑4801 has only been shown to function as an elevator four times. Despite being within the Lewis Apartment Building, subjects within SCP‑4801 during these events are taken to an unknown location where an unknown being resides [SCP-4801-β.] [[See Test Log #29]]

SCP‑4801 refers to itself as "A.J. Tah." Additionally, it has described itself as being in the following "states," shifting indiscriminately from one to other:

  • Welcoming State: Both doors open, fully lit interior, jovial attitude
  • Questioning State: Single open door2Generally the left-most door when facing SCP‑4801, partially lit interior, startled attitude
  • Curious State: Both doors open, partially lit interior, inquisitive attitude
  • Disappointed State: Both doors closed3Possible to force the doors open, unlit interior, dismissive attitude
  • Aggressive State: Both doors open, unlit interior, hostile attitude
  • Testing State: Doors partially open, yellow-lit interior, playful attitude

SCP‑4801 has been observed to be in other unknown states, however, SCP‑4801 itself has not given them a name. These states with Foundation given names are as follows:

  • Red State: Both doors closed4Not possible to force open doors., presumed red-lit interior5Red hued light can be observed between the closed doors., attitude unknown
  • Empty State: Both doors open, unlit interior, attitude unknown6SCP‑4801 is unresponsive in this state.
  • Threatening State: Doors partially open, yellow-lit interior, furious attitude7This state appears to be identical to the "Testing State." However, if any subject attempts to enter through the partially open doors, they will close instantly, terminating the subject.

On March 13, 2019 Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") detected the possibility of an anomalous object being discussed within a private chat shared between four tenants of The Lewis apartment building. The Anomalous Object Spider (AOS) sent an alert when the tenants displayed an unusual degree of "obsessive behavior" towards SCP‑4801.

Tenants had discovered SCP‑4801 three months prior to detection and had begun to utilize its apparent precognitive abilities. It is unknown to what degree the three tenants have gained advantages using these abilities.

Soon after detection, Gamma-5 was activated and sent to contain the spread of SCP‑4801's anomalous behavior. Class B Amnetics were administered to all known affected individuals and containment procedures were put in to effect.

Relevant SCP-4801 Testing Logs Collection

Early Testing: SCP-4801 states have been retroactively added to these early test logs as states were initially unknown. Research Notes and Video Surveillance were used as confirmation.

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