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The remains of the Evereds Buildings at Site-21 after an attempt to send a remote drone to E-9056a7, an instance of SCP-4800-A.


Acentronura tentaculata. This species did not exist prior to an SCP-4800 occurrence in 2001.

Item #: SCP-4800

Object Class: Parauniversal

Containment Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The process of SCP-4800 is not to be interfered with in any way. No effort is to be undertaken to explore instances of SCP-4800-A or communicate with them. Scranton Reality Anchors and other devices built to extract reality levels from alternate timelines are to be programmed to avoid targeting SCP-4800-A instances. These procedures have been unanimously agreed on by all instances of the SCP Foundation in the Multiversal Foundation Alliance.

In the event that a current timeline is subject to SCP-4800, all documents containing information pertinent to world history are to be migrated to a DEEPWELL server. No measures are to be undertaken to halt or reverse SCP-4800.

Efforts to contact Timeline E-2a0e8a129b are to continue.

Description: SCP-4800 is a presently unclear factor, force, or phenomenon responsible for the merging of parallel timelines. The exact cause of SCP-4800 is uncertain; however, it is hypothesized that [DATA REDACTED 5/MULTIU – SEE ADDENDUM 03]

Due to its nature, the inner process of SCP-4800 is difficult to observe. However, SCP-4800 can be observed from the outside, and proceeds as follows:

  • The affected timelines (collectively SCP-4800-A, individually SCP-4800-A1 and SCP-4800-A2) will become inaccessible, and matter will not be able to enter or exit SCP-4800-A through multiversal channels. Photons are still able to be transmitted, allowing for temporary inter-universal communication.
  • The sky on Earth will become black, and all visible stars will disappear. This is believed to be due to SCP-4800 fundamentally altering the properties of light to introduce resistance in vacuums. In addition, medium-to-long range data transmission becomes impossible for reasons that are presently uncertain. This effect has been observed on all planets during SCP-4800, and will last from two hours to five years before transitioning to the next phase.
  • At this point, communication between SCP-4800-A and other timelines becomes impossible. SCP-4800-A2 will slowly dissolve, shrinking until all of its mass has disappeared. This process has been known to take several decades to complete.
  • SCP-4800-A1 will reopen.

After SCP-4800, the resulting timeline will have elements of both instances of SCP-4800-A's histories. Events that the two timelines have in common will remain intact and not repeat1; however, individual elements2 will be included in the resulting timeline. No evidence of SCP-4800-related phenomena have been preserved; it is believed that SCP-4800 reverses the timeline to the beginning of the phenomena3.

SCP-4800 will generally target timelines with less than 43° of difference. No other common factors have been discovered in SCP-4800's choice of target universe. The current timeline has been the subject of several SCP-4800 events, which have been catalogued in Addendum 02. It is estimated that over 3000 timelines in the LTG4 are currently undergoing SCP-4800.


Meeting of representatives of the Multiversal Foundation Alliance to decide upon a consensus definition of SCP-4800. Sensitive information expunged.

Addendum 01: Discovery

SCP-4800 was first discovered after the Foundation was contacted by SCPF-7a5f7b5 in early 1986. SCPF-7a5f7b had been observing our timeline's history, and shared information that proved that several new events were present that had not existed before 1986. It was also shared that our universe had been inaccessible to them for 23 years, and that these events began to exist after this period.

However, SCP-4800 was first observed by the Foundation after the development of DEEPWELL servers6 in 1990. At this time, documents related to consensus world history were stored on DEEPWELL servers. Comparison between documents stored on DEEPWELL Server #987 and current consensus world history by AI construct ERIS.AIC revealed that several events had occurred that did not align with the past timeline. This, combined with evidence provided by SCPF-7a5f7b, lead to the direct observation of E-5b0b3a and E-904ff2, two alternate timelines that were inaccessible for reasons unknown at the time. After the dissolution of E-904ff2 and the history modifications made to E-5b0b3a, SCP-4800 was classified.

Addendum 02: List of Known Occurrences of SCP-4800 in our timeline

Mainline Date Description Involved SCPs (if any)
1986 Internal modifications to human evolution were made, resulting in increased susceptibility to image complexes and fractals for use as cognitohazards and memetic objects. N/A
1987 Invention of the transistor in 1947, greatly advancing computation technology by several decades. N/A
1989 The birth of Researcher Scranton and the invention of the Scranton Reality Anchor, Kant Counter, and other associated reality-alteration equipment. N/A
1992 Creation of a North Asian civilization known as "the Daevite Empire". In addition, this also introduced several anomalous artifacts associated with the Daevites. SCP-140, SCP-2140, SCP-3140
1994 Increased presence of a previously dead religion known as the "Church of the Broken God", as well as signs of its influence on modern religion. SCP-475, SCP-882, SCP-1139
1995 A rearrangement in the structure of the Foundation to include more focus on research, as well as the introduction of the "Thaumiel" object class. N/A
1996 Increased use of technology developed by Robert Scranton. N/A
1997 The origins of the Foundation are moved backwards from the early twentieth century to the seventeenth century, creating more Foundation influence on a global scale. SCP-2000
2001 Expansion of a Daevite cult known as Sarkicism into a global religion, as well as fallout from a past "Sarkic War". SCP-2000 is activated to reverse this damage; however, the presence of Sarkic cults and their conflict with the Church of the Broken God remain. SCP-2075, SCP-2406, SCP-2480
2004 Civilian discovery of faster-than-light technology after investigation of a crashed UFO. As per Document 001-OMEGA, information is disseminated stating that this technology is a hoax, and evidence of the technology is destroyed. SCP-3200
2006 Prolonging of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA after Joseph Stalin's death to 1990, as well as an increase in its intensity. SCP-2498, SCP-2664

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